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Saturday 28 April 2012

Haul - Longchamp, MAC & Sophia With Love

Hello My Lovelies,

I know i've been a tad MIA lately but i'm back haha. I had a few deadlines at University so i totally had to devote myself to them! I only have 3 days left at University including 1 exam and then i'm done YAY! Then i'll have an amazing 5 month summer holiday <-- Ahh-Mazinggg <3

Right, my last post what telling you all about a Haul is was going to post and also some OOTD's, so i'm here to give you the first half of that sed haul :D It's about time right?! haha

Rightiooo, so the first item i got was....

My Longchamp Le Pliage in Navy, I opted to get the largest one with the larger handle because i love big bags haha plus i'll be able to hold the bag on my shoulder too :D

I have had my eye on the Longchamp Le Pliage range for a good few months now and i kept looking online for them and putting them in my shopping bag but never actually purchasing them for some reason :/ haha. So when i was walking through 'John Lewis' and i saw them just sitting their i was like 'Yeah, That's A Sign, I Need To Buy One' haha. 

The bag itself cost me £72, it does seem a little much considering the material of the bag but i have to say that it is great quality and i will definitely get my wear out of it :) So look out for an OOTD with it in soon :3

Right, the second place i stopped by was...

My Local MAC Counter :D

I absolutely love stopping by my local MAC counter, i always have an amazing experience and a goo ol' laugh. They girls their know me know and we always chat away for agesss haha. I had a good ol' shop this time as i had a load of voucher from Christmas, so naturally i was like a kid in a candy shop :D

So i got...

So in more detail...

MAC Brush Cleanser: £8.50

I decided to get the MAC Brush Cleanser for a few reasons. I've heard such great things about it and wanted to give it a go :) I also thought it would come in handy, seeing as i have a whole load of MAC brushed i'd probably prefer to use a MAC brush cleaners on them, even though up till now i havent haha I havent actually used it yet but i'm thinking i may do some kind of brush cleaning tutorial, i know their are millions around but i'd like to give a little spin on it haha :D

MAC 217: £16 
MAC 239: £19

I laready have both of these brushes but opted to get them both again before the MAC 217 & MAC 239 are iconic and amazing brushes! I decided to get them again because i forever have dirty brushes and i could do with some spare ones haha especially if i want to use different colours to what i use everyday!

MAC Constructivist Paint Pot: £14.50

I regularly use MAC Painterly Paint Pot and i'd heard so many good things about the 'Constructivist' so i'd been lusting over it for a while. I do love these kind of colours and i have used it since purchasing it and it's lovely :) especially with MAC 'Mulch' Eyeshadow on top :D

MAC Designer Purple Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner: £14 

I initially went into MAC wanting to get their 'Smoulder' Black Eye Khol but i totally forgot haha so that's something i definitely need to go back for :D
I got this purple eyeliner instead called 'Designer Purple' and it's absolutely stunning! It's very creamy and works as a great base for the next product i got ...

MAC Mineralized Eye Shadow in Young Punk: £16.50

The sales assistant showed us the 'Designer Purple' eyeliner smudged into her hand with the 'Young Punk' Mineralized Eyeshadow on top and it looks ahhh-mazinggg :) like a proper dramatic night out look. I tried it on my mum a few days ago and it looks lovely on!

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NW25: £13.50

This is my 2nd ever MAC Concealer, i already have the 'Select Cover Up' Concealer which i love but i decided to get another one because i've heard great things about this one on blogger and youtube :) Plus you can never have enough Concealer haha <3

MAC M.A.C Red Lipstick: £13.50

The only other Red Lipstick i have from MAC is 'Russian Red' and i got it in the MAC 'Wonder Woman' Collection, it's not really a true Red like this one so i had a chat with the girls and they recommended this one. I've never really been into Red lips, maybe if i have more of a tan i'd be able to pull it off haha. This was really for my my as she loves wearing her Red lipstick! She has a darker skin tone to me so she pulls it off lovely!

So that is part 1 of my Haul :D Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any thoughts or personal experiences with anything! Or feel free to recommend you most loved products to me!

Right, i have a little sneak peek preview for you of a new range coming out soon for 'Sophia With Love' it's my 'Daisy Stud Earring' Collection!

They come in 8 different colours and i will do a more detailed post on them really soon! :)

Hope you liked this post!

Lots of Love




  1. I have still yet to delve into the mac craze, what do you think is their best product? Also, those earrings are lovely, I have quite a bit of daisy themed jewellery, but not any earrings!xx

    1. Aww thank you :) Hmmm, their best products?! One of my Holy Grail products from them is my 'Viva Glam Gaga' in the bright pink shade, because it was limited edition i totally had to stock up and have 4 spares lol. Their lipsticks are really nice and they aren't drying, i hate it when i wear a lipstick and it dries out my lips and leaves white bits haha
      One of my cousins favorites lipsticks from MAC was the 'Viva Glam Gaga' Nude Shade, she said she can dress it up and down and like the pink shade it is very hydrating and has a lovely shine :) xxx

  2. oh my gosh,everything you bought is so lovely! I really want to try out that concealer. But MAC is so expensive and I could never buy that much in one go!

    1. Aww thank you :) I know it can be quite pricey, i tend to try and hunt things down at a local 'CCO' Cosmetic Company Outlet and i've found some treasures their in the past at like half the price. I only go to my local counter more when i have vouchers to spend, because i always find something at my outlet haha
      I'm thinking of starting a Dupe series for like MAC and other branded products but depends how good i am at hunting down dupes lol xx

  3. so many MAC goodies, love it x

  4. Love this post!
    I love my Le Pliage ! <3 I hope you enjoy yours gorgeous, and I need to try that MAC concealer

    1. Aww thank you :D Yay Le Pliage buddies <3 I've used the concealer a few times now and it's really nice :D Hope you have an amazing holiday sweetie! Catch up when your back! xxxx


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