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Friday 4 May 2012

Roadtrip, Mini Haul, Sophia With Love & Naming Products; ♥

Hello My Lovelies,

So sorry i havent been posting lately, been a little busy finished Uni and also getting everything going for my 'Sophia With Love' website. I've been getting all stock ready and everything.
I went out today on a little road trip with my cousin and ended up at one of our local shopping centers so we decided to have a little browse around and see what we could pick up.

I have my Cousins 18th coming up and she's having a party so i'll be sure to post about that, my dress, make-up, shoes and so on :) eeeeeep i'm sooo excited. I love a good ol' excuse to dress up more extravagant. 

So i have a two piece haul from MAC which i will be posting in the next few days, i know i still need to post part 2 of a previous haul. I will catch up i promise :D

I have a long weekend ahead, i'm going to a 'Dayz In May' event at my University which will be awesome, i got tops for my Cheerleading squad made and we're going to play Volleyball against the other sports teams, like the rugby lads ;) ot oi haha Then i'm off to the 'Harry Potter Studio Tours' sooo excited for this, i may have to do a cheeky post on that ;) and then Sunday i'm off to a 'We The Kings' concert. Thank goodness monday is a bank holiday and i dont have to go into Uni :L 

I thought i'd post a quick post about some of 'Sophia With Love' new products and see what you guys though and also if you had any interesting names for them :)

Hope you like :3

These are our 'Daisy Stud Earrings', they come in 8 different colours and below are only 4 of them :D

Classic Daisy's

Coral Daisy's

Mint Daisy's

Pastel Green Daisy's

These are our new 'YSL Inspired Knuckle Rings'

We also have some 'Rose Rings', 'Vintage Tibet Rings' & 'Vintage Style Rings' along side a wide range of Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & Much More :3

Let me know what you think :)

Lots of Love



  1. Those earrings are so cute!
    And i wanted to get myself one of those knuckle rings winter time but never got round to it :( Really want one tho.
    Your shop sounds great cant wait for it to be up ! :) xxx

    1. Aww thank you :) I know sameee, i've wanted one for ages so i was determined to get some in for my website haha xxx

  2. oh my gosh,I've wanted a ring that turquoise colour for so long,I'll go take a look at the site now!

    1. The website is under construction :( but should be up and running within a week or so. Yay i'm sooo excited lol
      When it's up it'll be

  3. Those earrings are just too cute, may have to purchase some when your website is up and running :) daisy jewellery is just so summery, cheers me up on these dull days xx

  4. Oh my goodness Sophia your blog is SO cute! Thank you for following me, I'm now following you back :))

    Miss Katie K
    Belle De Jour

  5. Sophia!! I'm home :D
    and I LOVE THESE EARRINGS !!! omg :)
    so proud of you xxxx

    1. Awww YAY!! Hope you had the most amazing time every! Aww thank you sooo much, everything is slowly coming together :) We need a good ol' catch up sweetie! <3 XXXX


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