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Sunday 8 April 2012


Hello my lovelies :)


I thought i'd do a quick little post for you, considering i have posted in a few days :( I wasn't entirely sure what to post about so i thought, why not show you a few of my Easter Eggs that i got this year haha 

This is just a quick and fun post haha If you enjoyed this kind of post then i'd love to see what Easter Eggs you got this year :)

Also, i'm thinking i may post a few pictures from my Cheerleading competition Friday?? Hmm we'll see, Haha we'll see where that post takes us :) 

Speak Soon!!



  1. YUM !
    You have some seriously nice eggs ;)
    I tried to reply on my blog, but it wouldn't work. I have started getting the pains again today, so I'm pretty nervous. Hope you are well
    Love India
    "The Jewel Beauty"

  2. Greate blog:) and sweet;) invite to me:) we follow each other?:)

  3. They all look so delicious, im jealous :P
    BTW I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, come check out my blog to see :)


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