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Sunday 1 April 2012

Favorite Lip Combination #1

Hello My Lovelies :)

Hope your weekend has been absolutely amazing and the sun has been shining for you :)

I've had an eventful weekend, i went to a Christening yesterday which was absolutely lovely and i also went to watch Jimmy Carr, he was absolutely hilarious :L Whenever we have a celebration or and event to go to i was love the fact that i can go shopping for new outfits :) don't we all haha ;) 
I tried out the new trend of the 'High-Low Skirt' with a laced top and some shoe boots. I must admit i was a little out of my comfort zone but overall i though it looked quite nice :) I may just have to post you guys some photos :)

I then worked all day today so i decided what better way to wind down and keep me sane than to write you all a nice little blog post haha

So obviously on on special occasions i love playing around with my make-up and when it came to my lipstick i decided to opt for my new trusty Jewel By India R Honey Bea Lip Balm, YSL lipstick and MAC Superglass :)

Right, so my New trusty lip balm at the moment is this luxurious one from 'Jewel By India R' Cosmetics :) This company is owned and run by my good friend India :) I purchased this lip balm around a week or so ago and i've been using it everyday since :) it's absolutely amazing, my lips have never felt so good haha. It works amazingly as a base for lipstick or lipgloss :) I will be doing a full review on this so watch out for that, you won;t want to miss it :) 

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Shade 7 - Lingerie Pink
I am an absolute sucker for Pink lipsticks, my ultimate favorite is Viva Glam Gaga, i wear it almost everywhere i go, i have 4 backups in my makeup collection haha I decided to opt for a change yesterday though. A close family friends works at a YSl counter and i went in one day and we were literally trying to find the perfect pink lipstick for me, we had swatches going all the way up our arms, it was a god ol' day :D We then came across Shade 7, which is a beautiful bright pink with nude undertones. It can be layered on for a dramatic effect or blended in for a subtle tint. I absolutely love wearing it both ways :) also i have to say the quality of these lipsticks are absolutely incredible and smell amazing :)

Then if i'm feeling even more daring, i will apply my MAC Superglass in Sugar Overload, this was Limited Edition and i'm absolutely gutted because it's absolutely stunning on, even the name sounds so yummy :). I need to try and hunt down a dupe for this, let me know if you've seen anything close to it, i'd really appreciate it :) 
I only applied the Superglass before i went out, i didn't reapply it throughout the night because i wanted to keep it simple :) Applying this Superglass on top gave it that extra subtle sparkle. The texture of the Superglass itself was really nice, considering their are super chunks of glitter in it :) 

So yeah :),  this is one of my favorite lip combinations of the moment and i have worn it a few times now and i have received many compliments about it :) 

Let me know what you think, i always love reading your comments :D



  1. Hey Doll <3
    OMG I love the YSL lipsticks! my fave is #19 Frivolous Pink!, and I can't wait to see your review on the Jewel balm YAY - I will have to mail you about a new one I have ! <3
    Lots of love ! xxxx

  2. This is a fabulous post. I love YSL lippies, my fave is #19 Frivolous Pink, I can't wait to see your review for Jewel. You are such a great friend <3

  3. I'm sorry about my double post haha, It said it hadn't posted the first ! <3

  4. Aww yay, don't be silly i always love it when i get comments :D Blogger has been acting a little weird lately, it keeps telling me some pages are unavailable but when i reload them they work :/ haha random!
    Yeahh these YSL lipsticks are amazing :)
    Ohh can't wait to hear about your new lip balms :) <3 xxx

  5. i always wanted to try ysl lipstick :)
    i just discovered your blog :) and guess what? you got ur self a new follower :) i also followed you on twitter ;)

  6. Hey dear,
    I just found your blog, your blog looks so sweet and I like your posts!
    If you want, you can follow me too on my blog
    Xoxo, Maddeline <3


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