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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Technic Nail Polish - Carnival = OPI Rainbow Connection DUPE

Hello My Lovelies :)

Who would have thought it?! 3 posts in one day, looks like i'm on a roll here guys haha

So a good few months back i was in town and stopped by my local Bodycare. I don't usually shop there a lot but i wanted to get hold of some 'St Moritz' tanning lotion which everyones been going crazy about haha It's a super duper dupe for the St Tropez tanning solutions. A whole load of my friends and family members swear by it :)

Anyways, that'll be a review for another day :) what i want to talk to you about is this 'Technic Nail Polish' in the shade 'Carnival' it's an amazing dupe for the OPI Rainbow Connection from their 'Muppets Collection' :)

Price wise this was an ABSOLUTE steal haha OPI polishes range around £12 and this Technic Polish was only 99p <--- :O

I only got one polish because i wanted to determine the quality of it before i purchased a whole load but after trying it out i have to say it is really great quality. I'm not going to lie, i had to layer up about 5 coats of this polish to get an opaque background. You also have to wait for it to nearly dry in between each coat other wise the glitter moves everywhere haha but i think thats the case with all glitter polishes. Glitter polishes like this look lovely on their own but layering it over a coloured base would look stunning too :)

I do have a swatch to show you, because my nail wheels arrived this morning, yay! But the photo has turned out super blury and you can't see it's true colour. I think it's because of my lighting. I will try and post one asap :)

I did apply a top coat to the polish, but i've worn glitter polish with and without a top coat and it like it either way :) My trusty top coat is this 'Nail Life Speed Demon'. I found this on my travels in Sally Wholesale :) i was just browsing and BAM their it was waiting for me haha It was around £3 - £4 and i've been using it for a good 6 months or so and it's hardly indented. It's also a speed drying top coat which i love :) it dries super fast and leaves a nice glossy coat!

I hope you enjoyed this post :) 
Let me know what you think



  1. 99p! so impressed haha! It's so pretty. Sam xx

  2. Only 99p?! wow! This looks lovely :) x


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