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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Primark Pastel Nail Polishes

Hello my lovelies,

I hope your week has been super awesome :) i'm currently still on Easter break until monday but i know a lot of people have gone back to school, college and University already. I should be doing my 'Pebble Pad' which is a kind of blog for FOBM which is part of my Business Management course but i think i'll leave it till later haha. I also have to get a presentation and case study ready for next thursday, once thats done i think my whole course is pretty much finished, except for one last Marketing exam in May :) YAY then i have 5 months off to do whatever i want. I have a few amazing holidays lined up for the Summer which i cannot wait for!! Eeeep Excitement haha 

Anyways, enough of my rambling and back to the review :D

A good few posts ago i posted about my March Primark Haul where i picked up loads of lovely bits and bobs. I picked up a few nail polish sets from the Primark Beauty range, they were near the tills and i thought i'd try them out and see how good they are. The one i will be reviewing today was £2 which is very reasonable for any nail polish, it comes with four beautiful colours, which works out at 50p each which is incredibly cheap. 

I'd never tried any Primark Beauty products before, as they're so incredibly cheap i am a bit cautious because you just don't know whats in them and if your body will react to them in any way. I know this sounds a bit OCD but it's true haha 

As you can see the pack comes with four lovely shades, they bottles themselves don't have names on so we'll just be creative and make our own haha. So we have like a 'Hot Pink' colour, 'Powder Sky Blue' colour, 'Pastel Pink' colour and also a lovely 'Mint Green' colour. I know their not that original by heyyy :D

Please excuse the little bubble on the 'Pastel Pink' shade, it's like staring back at me whilst i'm writing this post and it's annoying me haha
The swatches above are all two coats with a top coat :D

Hot Pink

This is a very unique shade, it's not as much as a pastel shade compared to the others. It's some where between a super hot pink and magenta pink with red undertones. As it's quite dark one coat near enough was more than efficient however i decided to do two coats of each colour to keep it fair. This is a perfect hot pink shade for when your on holiday and when you have a tan. As you can see it is very true to it's colour from the bottle. 

Powder Sky Blue

I decided to call this colour 'Powder Sky Blue' as it is a very sky blue pastel colour however it is very powdery, if that makes any sense haha. It is a very unique colour which i havent seen around a lot, i'm sure OPI, China Glaze or Essie will have something similar though. Yet again it is still very true to it's colour from the bottle. It applied very well and looks lovely on :)

Pastel Pink

I decided to call this one 'Pastel Pink' because it is a very true pastely pink colour, it reminds me of Barbie :D it's a lovely true pale pink colour, however, it has bright undertones which helps make this colour so unique. Yet again it is very true to the shade in the bottle and like all of the other shades it also applied very nicely. 

Mint Green

I decided to call this 'Mint Green' because yet again it is a very true mint colour which i am absolutely loving at the moment! It reminds me of mint or Pistachio ice-creammm haha even though i don't like pistachio ice-cream, which is crazy because i'm Italian, it just brings back memories of Italy in the Spring time :) 

All of the shades applied very nicely and dried relatively quickly which was a very  nice surprise :) Considering of how cheap they have a very thick consistency, as as you can see from the swatches it took two coats to get it extremely opaque and shiney :) 

Overall i would definitely recommend this product, i'm sooo glad that his impulse purchase turned out to be a great buy!

Let me know what you think :)




  1. Colours look awesome! Talk about value for money, defo need to see if I can find these kicking about

  2. I am the same I avoid all cosmetics in Primark but your review has changed my mind, I will definitely be buying this next time I am in Primark.


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