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Thursday 28 November 2013

Lifestyle | Cinderella: An Inspirational Fair-Retail

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well? To keep within my Christmas Gift Guide theme i thought i would share with you something i was recently introduced to…eBay are presenting the worlds first shoppable pantomime - 'Cinderella: An Inspirational Fair-Retail' which is the only pantomime which will deliver festive gifting inspiration for the audience in a unique, fun and creative way. The pantomime is a full 50 minute public show running across two days - Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November 2013 and you can book seats from eBay by clicking here. Seats for the public performance will cost £6 with all of the proceeds being donated to the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, which is dedicated to young people undergoing treatment for Cancer. 

Research that was released today apparently reveals that we are a nation longing for present inspiration with 60% of Brits browsing endlessly without buying and 48% just asking family and friends what they want, meaning there's no such thing as a thoughtful surprise at Christmas anymore. Thats why this Christmas eBay presents, 'Cinderella: An Inspirational Fair-Retail', the worlds first shoppable pantomime, to help inspire shoppers who might need that little extra hand to find that perfect gift. 

Combined festive fun and entertaining shopping, eBay have created a traditional pantomime with a twist. As the classic story of Cinderella unfolds on stage; events, characters and state of the art technology trigger gift inspiration for all the family to the palm of the audience's hand. The pantomime, set to illuminate the stage at the Charing Cross Theatre in London, will see the entire audience guide through the experience by the much-loved Fairy Godmother. In addition to providing inspiration for shoppers, she will ask the audience to help her solve her own gifting quandaries. Each theatre goer will have their own tablet and gifting inspiration will unfold throughout the show. Sounds pretty fun right?!

There's so much going on in the run up to Christmas we are all literally running off out feet. Whether it is Christmas card writing (66% of us), present buying for all the family (77%) to decorating the house (61%) and turkey stuffing (43%). The pantomime will inspire shoppers and put Brits in the festive spirit across two performances on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November at the Charing Cross Theatre in central London. Tickets will cost £6, with all of the proceeds donated to the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust.

Stephen Fry, patron of the trust said: “I am so proud to support the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust and all that they do for young people, their families and friends through trying and upsetting times. I am delighted that eBay have selected to support the fight against cancer in young people through this innovative, interactive pantomime. I hope the shows are a huge success and raise lots of money and awareness for this important cause.”

Sarah Calcott, senior marketing director at eBay said, “This year we’ve combined the fun of the British panto with the ability to nail your Christmas gift shopping. Our goal is to inspire Brits to make more thoughtful gift purchases this Christmas – so prepare for a pantomime with a twist, and a hugely entertaining way to shop!”
eBay have been working with critically acclaimed actors, producers and playwrights for this world-first experience starring all the classic Cinderella characters, each representing a member of the family that needs to be treated this Christmas. Its something really unique, fun and creative to help inspire us for gifts for all the special people in our lives. Not only that, but it would be a great day out with the family and to see a much loved fairytale with a twist. I also love the fact that all proceeds go towards the fight for Cancer as it is something that directly or indirectly affects us all. 

Hope you all enjoyed this fun and different lifestyle post. I would love to know what you think and any Christmas gift ideas you have this year! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I loveee hearing from you all i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love
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Monday 25 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide | Fragrance Direct

Hello My Lovelies,

Long time no speak ey, hope you are all doing really well? I have had a hectic few weeks with turning 21 and having the last few weekends away celebrating…I've decided the celebrations will not stop until November is officially over. I have a load of Birthday related posts which i cannot wait to share with you all as they have been really requested. I thought i would kick off my long departure with the start of my Christmas Gift Guide series.

I am a huge lover of perfume and have quite a large collection as i feel you can never have too many. My perfume preference will change daily depending on how i am feeling, what the weather is like and the overall season at the time. A couple of weeks ago Fragrance Direct got in touch with me and wanted to see if i would be interested in collaborating with them…I absolutely jumped at the chance and feel i picked two beautiful perfume sets that any girl would love to find at the bottom of her tree this Christmas! 

Prada Candy is a playful and seductive scent that Prada launched in 2011 and it is one i have been longing to try from the Prada fragrance family. Featuring warn signature notes of Italian citruses, sweet pea, white musk and caramel, Prada Candy L'Eau is an elegant and timeless fragrance, perfect for everyday wear and for those extra special occasions. The bottle is very simple and stylish and screams Prada. I adore the contrast of the pastel pink / peach against the caramel perfume liquid - Prada also have the shocking pink edition which is also stunning! The gold hardware detailing on the classic bottles make it look even more luxurious, eye catching and would look lovely on display.

Fragrance Direct are offering this gorgeous sweet and youthful scent as part of a 50ml gift set which features a 50ml bottle of the Eau de Parfum along with a 75ml body lotion and a very stylish pouch, perfect for storing your everyday beauty essentials. 

Vera Wang Be Jewelled was designed to leave a long lasting impression and add that little bit of luxury to your life. Ignite your senses with the rich blend of pomegranate, red-current and champagne which elegantly flow into a heart of passion fruit and peony. A romantic and unusual base of pink sugar crystals, musk and woods make Vera Wang Be Jewelled an exotic and sparkling scent that you can take with you everyday. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the perfume bottle itself is simply stunning and would look so stylish out on display. The added 'Jewel' detailing on the rim of the bottle is so fun and i love how the colours are keeping within the lilac purple palette. Every time i read the name it instantly reminds me of my friend India from the Jewel Beauty Blog!

Fragrance Direct are offering this delectable scent as part of a 30ml gift set. Included is a 30ml Eau de Parfume, a 75ml lightly scented body lotion and a 75ml shower gel which you can layer up and make this beautiful scent last that little bit longer. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe found something to add to your Christmas wish list. I have been browsing through all of the fabulous perfume collections Fragrance Direct have to offer and i am planning on picking up a few for stocking fillers. I would absolutely love to know what your favourite scents are and what you have on your wish list? Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I loveee hearing from you all i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love


Sunday 10 November 2013

La Roche - Posay Effaclar Duo

Hello My Lovelies!

Hope you are all doing well and you all had a fabulous weekend! This was officially my last weekend as a 20 year old…OMG i seriously cannot believe i am 21 on Tuesday! If you would like a Birthday related post then pretty please let me know :) So, a few weeks ago i popped into one of my local Boots stores and picked up a few beauty goodies that i had on my wish list. I was planning on writing up my little Boots haul this evening but after doing my Sunday skincare pampering session i thought i would talk about a new skincare favourite of mine that i intact picked up in the haul…the La Roche - Posay Effaclar Duo. 

The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is something that is regularly spoken about throughout the bbloggersphere and after seeing countless Youtube Guru's such as Tanya Burr rave about this product i thought i would bite the bullet and finally give it a go. I have been using it now for a good 10 days and i have noticed a difference in my skin. When i started to use it i had a few imperfections on my face and now they are hardly visible and the product has helped them disappear. Naturally at first i was a little clueless and i was not 100% sure what it's purpose was and where to place it within my skincare routine…i mean no one is perfect right haha?! The formulation packs a punch and offers 'Niacinaminde and Piroctone Olamine to fight against bacterial proliferation and eliminates imperfections. Pores clogged with sebum: the combination of LHA and Linleic Acid unclogs pores while eliminating the accumulated dead cells responsible for the blockage'. Effaclar Duo claims 'The pres are purifies. Even the most sever imperfections disappear. The skin is smoother and cleaner. Lasting balance-replenishment to restore all the qualities of healthy skin.' Ever since using it i can personaly see a difference in my skin and it is fascinating to see the science behind it haha. 

You have the option to use the Effaclar Duo is a spot treatment or all over face treatment / moisturiser. I have been using it morning and evening without fail because i want it to have the most possible impact on my skin and i think consistency is key with any skincare routine and i have been known to fall out of routine with it haha. It is specifically produced for those with 'oily skin with imperfections', although i have a true combination skin which is prone to the occasional breakout and it is working fine with my skin so far…fingers crossed. La Roche - Posay follows strict formulations standards and ensures all products are paraben free, 100% hypoallergenic, non comedgenic, have high concentrations of selected active ingredients with soothing thermal spring water, minimal ingredients and fragrance, tested on sensitive skin and that the product packaging minimises all forms of mice-bacterial contamination so you know you are using something without all of those added nasties which cause more harm than good. 

Not only is Effaclar Duo an affective skincare product but i am also really enjoying using it as a primer type product for under my makeup. I feel like the product can create a barrier between my face and the makeup and work it's magic throughout the day. Appearance wise it has quite a generic appearance but it is much lighter and has a really refreshing scent which when applied to the skin feels like you are at a spa having a facial treatment. It errs more on the side of a light moisturiser with  slight gel like consistency and it blends into the skin effortlessly without leaving any residue, flaky bits or white residue behind. 

Overall, i am really enjoying using this new skincare discovery within my skincare routine and it is working as a fabulous primer for my makeup throughout the day, i do love multi-functional products, don't you? :D I would love to know what your skincare saviours have been lately? Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I loveee hearing from you all i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love

Thursday 7 November 2013

Elemis | Soothing Apricot Toner & Online Exclusive

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well? Since i have been loving experimenting and really getting to grips with a skincare routine that suits my skins and works for me I have another skincare related post for you all today. I was recently sent the Elemis Apricot Toner to try out and i really have been loving using it and incorporating it within my current routine. I have been taking extra care lately and sticking to my routine, woohoo, so i thought i would share with you this discovery and also an online exclusive which Debenhams are currently providing that i think you might all like.

Just like in the name, the Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner has extracts of fragrant Apricot which soothe and harmonise which leave your skin feeling extremely fresh and radiant in appearance - i absolutely adore skincare products that leave my skin looking glowy and radiant. Elemis state that it is ideally suited to extra sensitive, delicate and hormonal skin, so this sounds perfect for that time of the month when mother nature calls. This alcohol-free toner is so gentle it can also be applied to cotton pads and can be used as a soothing eye treatment. Ever since incorporating the Apricot Toner within my skincare routine i have really noticed a difference, especially with the overall appearance of my skin. Using this product alongside the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo have definitely been a match made in heaven, I have really been enjoying using it after using a facial wash or exfoliant and before applying serums and moisturisers. According to Elemis it helps maintain the PH levels in your skin by not using harsh detergents or alcohol ingredients which strip the skin of overproducing oil which causes the breakouts and imperfections...instead the formulation has extracts of Apricot, Quillaja Wood and Sweet Betty Flower that have a soothing effect which feels so soothing and refreshing on the skin.  

The packaging is really simple and classic and fits in with the rest of the Elemis line which i really like. I also really love the fact that the bottle comes with a spray application rather than a pour or squeeze options as for some reason it makes it feel even more luxurious and spa like spraying it onto a cotton pad...crazy i know haha. It could also be used as a refreshing facial spray which is great for those days when your skins needs a little more tender loving care. A little does go a long way which is the case with all of the Elemis products i have tried so far and the sent is extremely scrummy and reminds me of the summer time which is fabulous for these cold winter nights we are currently enduring. 
Now for the online exclusive i briefly mentioned above. Winter might be just around the corner but don't let the plummeting temperature and dark evenings play havoc with your skin. The ultimate radiance collection is an online exclusive on the Debenhams website and contains all of your beauty essentials, ensuring you achieve the most from your complexion every day. Encased in an Elemis travel bag, this is the perfect collection to ensure your skin stays beautiful on the go without breaking the bank. The luxurious collection is an online exclusive to Debenhams and is a purse-pleasing £39.50 with products worth over £70 making it a great collection with an incredible saving, the perfect excuse to treat yourself or a loved one now the Christmas season is looming. I am seriously considering purchasing a few of these as stocking fillers this year and i love the fact the set contains full sized products also, rather than all mini variations. Also, Debenhams are also offering a free gift with any two Elemis purchases at the moment...which i just saw in the website and it is extremely tempting haha. 

I hope you all enjoyed this Elemis Skincare post, i would love to know what you think and any skincare product recommendations you might have? If you would like to purchase Elemis online you can do so at & Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and i make sure to read every single comment...they really make my day!

Lots of Love


Sunday 3 November 2013

Sleek Celestial Palette | Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and had a fabulous weekend! I had a super lovely lazy Sunday and made sure to relax as i have a few stressful weeks at University. Other than that the count down to my 21st Birthday has officially begun haha, it is something to look forward to amongst all of the Uni stress. 

I was recently sent some beautiful Sleek goodies and i had to share them with you all. As Christmas is just around the corner, these would make such cute gifts and stocking fillers as well as be perfect for any makeup collection. Sleek is a brand i really do love and provide some cult beauty items in my makeup collection - one being the ever so amazing 'Face Form Palette'. Even though i really like the brand i have never tried out one of their famous Eyeshadow Palettes - slap on the wrist i know! After trying out this beautiful palette i can really say that i want to add every single palette to my makeup collection. Also, attention to detail is everything and how beautiful are these little diamonds that came with the package?! I do love diamonds and how they reflect on the 'Celestial' theme. I have a huge diamond room decor so i thought i would include that also :D

Sleek | I-Divine Limited Edition Celestial Palette | £7.99*

As soon as i set my eyes on this beautiful Sleek Limited Edition Celestial Palette i knew it would soon become a favourite of mine. The shades are seriously stunning and they all are perfect for the upcoming party season for Christmas and New Years coming up. I am a sucker for sparkle so this palette is right up my street and i cannot wait to dive in and use it throughout the party season and for some Birthday makeup looks also! All of the shades have amazing colour pay off, are extremely pigmented, sparkly and have great wearing time. There are 12 shades that are pretty true to the pan colour and they all keep within the palettes celestial space theme -

Solar - As soon as i saw Solar i instantly thought it would make a perfect dupe for MAC Cranberry, obviously minus the fast it is packed full of beautiful sparkly flecks of glitter. Its a perfect autumnal shade which is going to be perfect for the autumn / winter time. 

Astral Blue - Astral Blue is a really beautiful blue shade which looks like a mix between MAC Nile and Moons Reflection. I have a few blue shades in my collection but i don't really wear them as much so i am looking forward to being more creative and using shades i don't typically use. 

Aurora - Instantly this reminds me of my favourite Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty minus the fact the green shade has no reference to her haha. It is a pretty mid toned green. 

Galactic - Galactic is a beautiful metallic silver shade which is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Earth Shine - They do say that navy is the new black and this beautiful navy based sparkly shade is truly stunning. As this is a little darker than some of the other shades the glitter can really be seen as more striking when swatched and worn on the eye.

Dark Matter - As soon as i saw Dark Matter it instantly reminded me of MAC's Black Tied which is one of my favourite eyeshadows in my MAC palettes. Just like Earth Shine the glitter can be seen more as it is a darker shade. This is the perfect dark smokey eye shade. 

Stargaze - Stargaze is such a pretty name for such a pretty eyeshadow. It is a really soft almost slightly pastel lilac shade which i really like. It almost reminds me of a shade Barbie would wear. 

Saturn's Ring - Saturn's Ring is almost a more darkened version of Astral Blue except this shade is more duo chrome and has a more purple tone to it. I really love duo chrome shades and this one reflects beautiful shades of purple, pink and blue when it is hit by the light. 

Meteoric - This copper shade is perfect for the autumnal season, it is a mix between a red, pink and brown shade which creates a lovely coppery shade. This is a true matte shade and has no glitter in the formulation. 

Terrestrial - Just like Meteoric this is another true matte shade without shimmer. This is a soft minty apple shade which has a little less colour pay off that some of the other shades within the palette, however, even thought that is the case never the less it is still a pretty shade. I am still experimenting with this shade but i feel if it was used with MAC's Fix+ it would have a true colour pay off. 

Lunar - Lunar is another super pretty name which is keeping in the theme of the palette and it slightly reminds me of Lunar from Harry Potter haha. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette and appears to reflect more light that some of the others. It is a stunning light silvery shade with a slight lilacy undertone. It reminds me ever so slightly of MAC's Smoke n Diamonds except it is a lot lighter. 

Eclipse - Eclipse is a soft textured metallic shade which reminds me of a mix between MAC Mulch and MAC Club, both favourite shades of mine. Another duo chrome shade which has a gorgeous green reflective undertones. 

Mascara is one of my favourite beauty products as it can really transform your eyes and your whole makeup look. You can really build your lashes to new heights with this Lethal Length mascara. I like to curl my lashes and then apply a few generous couts of this lovely mascara to get my lashes looking long, curled, defines and volumous. The formula is really great and provides a long wearing time that does not smudge throughout the day. I feel the brush is really similar to Benefit They're Real which i really like as they work great on my lashes. I have really been enjoying this mascara and i have been using it on a daily basis ever since i received it. For £6.99 i think it is a great steal and you cannot go wrong. 

Hope you all enjoyed this fun Sleek post featuring some great products. I would love to know what you think and what your favourite shades in the palette are? If you would like to get your hands on the new Limited Edition Celestial Palette I believe it is being released on the 6th November in all Boots and Superdrug stores and also online. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and i make sure to read every single comment...they really make my day!

Lots of Love
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