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Saturday 25 May 2013

My First Illamasqua Haul

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! How lovely is this weather we are having today?! I litterally came home from work and ran into my garden to catch a few rays! I'm hoping this weather will last and the weather is lovely where you are also :) I'm hoping to catch a little glow!!

The haul posts are starting to appear again haha, expect a few the upcoming weeks as i have a load of exciting events coming up, including two super exciting Chanel ones, MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay :P literally counting down the days haha, can't wait to share the new product releases with you all. 

As you can let by the title of this post, this was my first ever Illamasqua haul. Last week Illamasqua hit 50,000 followers on Twitter and to celebrate they were offering 50% off EVERYTHING on their website!! The brand had always interested me but i never got round to purchasing anything. However, i'm super looking forward to checking out the counter at Sephora in LA in September so i can see all the shades and products in real life. As i had never tried anything from the brand before i decided to purchase kind of enough products for an entire Illamasqua face of makeup (minus mascara haha) and with the 50% discount i got such a good deal i couldn't stop adding to my basket. I would have purchased more except the website kept freezing and a lot of the lipsticks were sold out, however i am extremely happy with all my purchases :D

Nymph Blush

If you read my blog then you'll know my obsession with pink in general haha this beautiful Nymph blush is a super yummy warm candy pink which leaves a matte finish to the skin, so is pretty much perfect for me. It instantly stood out to me on the website and i can't wait to start using it. It reminds me almost to MAC Well Dressed which is also one of my all time favorite blushers. 

Aurora Highlighting Cream

I'm a sucker for a beautiful highlighter and i was instantly drawn to this shade on the website. I am absolutely loving the dewy glow to the skin look for the summer time and i can't wait to start using this little beauty. It is a cream based product which is a little different to what i have previously used as i religiously use my MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralised Powder, however, i'm sure this will be a dream to apply to the skin. Quick little fact, Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess so how perfect is this little combination haha. 

Lipstick - Over

I seriously wanted to pile in the lipstick into my basket but most of them were sold out :( boo! Even thought that was the case i stumbled across this beautiful bright coral pink shade which leaves a matte finish to the lips. I am really enjoying wearing coral lips for the summer time and i have now accumulated a few beautiful shades from different brands. I think i see a coral lipstick post coming your way soon. I'm a strong believe in you can never have too many lipsticks so pretty please leave any lipstick recommendations in the comments below :D

Skin Base Foundation - Shade 5.5

I have constantly been seeing tones of reviews of this little treasure floating around the bbloggersphere and it is a fave at the weekly bbloggers chats. The Pixiwoo sisters religiously use this foundation in their tutorials also so i was instantly sold and have been coveting this foundation for a while now. I do love a flawless base for my makeup. Purchasing this online was a little gamble as i totally had to guess my shade. Even though i was looking at swatches online the shades looked different in each picture so it was a total guess. Surprisingly though when i opened the packaged yesterday and quickly swatched it, it looks like a perfect match!! I have yet to try it on  my fave properly but i think i made some pretty awesome guessing skills right there haha. 

I will be doing individual reviews on each of these products so pretty please let me know which ones you would like to see first :) I hope you enjoyed this little haul post, if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

The #CosmoBlogAwards have launched and after much deliberation i have decided to enter this year. So if you like and enjoy reading my blog and would like to nominate me for 'Best New Beauty Blog' I would really appreciate it and will love you forever haha. You can do so by clicking HERE :D Thank You!

Lots of Love

Thursday 23 May 2013

Summer Prep Series | Hair Removal

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well :) I'm sitting here writing up a Summery post and this weather we are having is anything from summery haha. I've got a different type of post here for you all today, i've decided to start a new summer series on prepping for the summer. I've started with 'Hair Removal' which can be a tough subject to talk about but heyyy we all have to do it haha

There are a few different methods that can be used to remove hair, it's about finding the right method thats suits you, which you feel most comfortable with and how long lasting it is. 


Shaving has become one of my preferred methods, which needs minimal effort, it's easy to maintain and is cost efficient. To be honest i don't have a specific brand of razor i use religiously, i kind of use whatever is in the house or what is on offer in good ol' Tesco haha I'm currently using some cute pink Venus ones. Many razors now-a-days cut very close to the skin so you're more likely to have smoother skin for much longer. You don't have to wait for the hair to grow back a significant length for you to re-shave, you can do it whenever you feel like it haha. 


I was introduced to threading around two years ago now and is the method i prefer whilst maintaing my eyebrows. In threading a thin cotton thread specially designed for threading is doubled and then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair and removing them at the follicle level which means it will keeps unwanted hair away for longer. It can be a little uncomfortable as several hairs are being removed all at once but it is pretty quick and you do get used to the feeling. This method can vary in costs depending where you go, however it is still an extremely cost efficient methods. Where i go i pay between £3 - £5 depending on my eyebrows state. 

Hair Removal Creams / Strips

When you think of hair removal cream the first brand that springs to mind is 'Veet' and they have sooo many different types available to purchase now with different variations depending on your skin type. When i use the creams i tend to have a love hate relationship with it as it's not my favorite. On one occasion i was left extremely sore and it has totally put me off. However, it is always a 'back-up' method just in case yours in a rush as it is a quick and easy method to use. You simply apply the cream in the desired areas, wait a few minutes and then simply wash it off...easy peasy :) The strips are super handy though and can be chopped up to use on different areas like you eyebrows and legs!


In comparison to the other three methods above, waxing is a little more painful. It removes the hair from the root which means re-growth is going to be a lot slower. Waxing is a method i also personally use and have found works great, however, it can be a more costly method depending if you go to a beauty salon or do in at home. However, waxing is a method i try to stay clear from when i've either fake tanned or have a natural tan as it tends to take dead skin off when removing the hair and i'd hate to have my tan removed in the process haha. 


To be honest, i have never used an epilator and not sure if i will haha. After my mum warning me that they are not that great and can be quite painful i looked at other methods like the ones above to use instead. Even though i don't want to try it out, it doesn't mean it won't be a method you'd like to try out, so it could be something to consider. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal has become a more popular method of hair removal and i am extremely interested in it. A clinic i have been researching into that offers this method is the Sk:n Clinic*. Laser hair removal is a safe and virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair and i know sooo many people who have loved going through this experience. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle and halting their growth. It can be used on any part of the body and is used by a wide range of celebrities! I was surprised when i found that the Sk:n Clinic* was local to my area, they have clinics dotted every where which means they are extremely accessible. 

Hope you all enjoyed this post, it was a little different but heyyy it's all in the name of beauty right haha. I would love to know your thoughts on the methods and which one you prefer. If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D

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Lots of Love
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Monday 20 May 2013

Good Things | Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well! I had my last exam today so i have now officially finished my 2nd year of University! YAY! I have the next four months to relax and not have to worry about anything, then when i go back the end of September early October time it gets serious, im in my dissertation year ahh!

Anyways, so todays post is going to be a review of the Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser. This product was very kindly sent to me and i have been loving using it so far. I have really loved experimenting with skincare and finding the right products that are best suited for me. I totally feel more confident when my skin is clear, do any of you ever feel like that? 
Like always i usually test out new products for around a few weeks to make sure i can give you a detailed review and i have to say this has been a lovely cleanser to use in my current skincare routine. It smells absolutely incredible!

The Good Things Skincare range was developed by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis. With Super-fruit beauty boosters in gentle and super-effective formulations, specially designed to make the most of your skin. 

"Young skin needs gentle, regular cleansing and moisturising to keep it looking its best, and our products are designed to do just that. They are packed with wonderful super-fruit extracts - such as goji berry and papaya - to give your skin an extra beauty boost too"
 Alice Hart-Davis

According to 'Good Things' regular cleansing is the first step towards fabulous looking skin and that is exactly what we want. This gentle creamy cleanser is enriched with moisturising mango-seed oil to clean delicate young skin thoroughly without drying it out. Calming cactus extract and skin-boosting antioxidants from grapes and pomegranates all help give your skin a 'Fresh Start' every day, hence the name haha :)

The Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser is very light weight to the touch but feels thicker once applied to the skin. It feels silky smooth when applied and is packed full of beneficial goodness!
I really enjoy applying a generous amount and massaging it well into my face for a minute or so just to loosen the excess makeup left behind after removing it, excess oils and dirt. Then you can either use a muslin cloth or simply wash it off with a splash of water. Did you know that if you massage your face for a minute a day you can help improve your skins overall health by boosting the blood circulation in the tiny capillaries beneath the skin - thats your interesting fact of the day haha :)
This is also the perfect cleanser which could be used with a 'Clairsonic' or similar skincare gadget. I have yet to invest in one but i definitely feel these would be a match made in heaven in a skincare routine. Once I have used the cleanser my skin feels extremely clean and quite moisturised. It leaves a lovely light scent behind which has been lifting my mood and reminding me of summer! 

The packaging is very simply but is uber cute! It looks quite pretty sitting in my beauty room alongside my other skincare products. I love how the white, pink and purple all compliment each other and that black detailing is very chic! It is different to other brands so you will be able to spot it out. 

Overall i feel this is a lovely cleanser and i can't wait to branch out and try out a few other goodies within the collection. For an extremely reasonable price of £4.99 i think this is a perfect purse friendly product which i feel actually works and will not cause any damage to the skin. If you would like to try out any of the products from the range yourself you can purchase them from Boots, Superdrug or Sainsbury's - you can also visit the website by clicking HERE and view all of their other ranges. 

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Hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek! If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment below!

Lots of Love


Saturday 11 May 2013

The Body Shop | All-In-One BB Cream #2

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and having a fabulous weekend so far! Before i get started into this post i would just like to add that the #CosmoBlogAwards have launched and after much deliberation i have decided to enter this year. So if you like and enjoy reading my blog and would like to nominate me for 'Best New Beauty Blog' I would really appreciate it and will love you forever haha. You can do so by clicking HERE :D Thank You!

So a few weeks ago i was very kindly sent some goodies from The Body Shop to try out and one of the products was this All-In-One BB Cream. I am a huge fan of BB Creams as i love wearing them on their own and also underneath foundation as a primer for a more flawless complexion. 

I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop in general, their body butters smell incredible and their lip balms are super yummy and moisturising. It's definitely a brand that i have grown up with and i love the fact that they are a cruelty free brand. A few of their face products that i religiously use are the Vitamin E Tinted Moisturiser and the All-In-One Face Base. 

The Body Shop state that this All-In-One BB Cream adapts to your skin tone and give a natural light to medium coverage on the skin. They also state it has a non-clogging formula which gives an even finish and 24-hour hydration. 

This formula itself is very similar to the L'Oreal Magique BB Cream where it initially comes out white like you can see in the swatch and then when blended out the little micro-beads in the formula burst and magically transform into a shade which will adapt to your skin tone. I have been using this BB Cream in a numerous of ways, i have enjoyed applying it with a Real Techniques Stippling brush and also simply applying it using my hands, one of the best beauty tools you can have :D just always make sure your hands are clean. The application was super easy, smooth and extremely blendable and the colour was a perfect match on my skin tone as the formula adapts to your perfect shade. 

I have a combination skin type and this product lasts all day on my skin with and without a primer underneath. I love using this over the L'Oreal Lumi Primer for an extra dewy glow to the skin. As you can see the packaging is a metallic plastic tube with a screw-top which makes it really easy to control how much product you are actually using so i personally feel a product like this will go a long way, especially as you need the smallest amount to cover your whole face. As the packaging is super compact and light weight it is extremely travel friendly. 

Unlike most BB Creams this product comes without Sun protection in the formula so you would have to apply that separately. I should pay more attention to sun protection when i apply my makeup so i have to say i am quite lazy and in most cases forget to apply it, thats why i do prefer a product where it is included as it's an all in one step. 

Also, this little beauty is available in 3 shades - 01, 02 and 03, however i kind of feel that 3 shades is not enough to match all skin tones. So i would suggest testing this out in store or asking for a sample to try out first to make sure you are matched to your right shade. 

Overall i am really enjoying using this product on a daily basis. As we have been experiencing some sunshine lately i have preferred wearing a lighter coverage formula on my skin like a BB Cream so i feel more refreshed than wearing a heavy coverage foundation. I feel that it leaves a very dewy and natural glow to my skin which i am loving for the summer months and is extremely long lasting. However, depending on how my skin is i find that this can be a little sheer on blemishes so a concealer will be needed to cover pesky areas.

I hope you enjoyed this post, i would love to know your thoughts on this product and whether you have tried it before. If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave me a comment below :D

Lots of Love

Thursday 9 May 2013

Lifestyle | Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! YAY that the weather is still pretty lovely, i do love waking up in the morning with the sun shining and the birds singing :D I was up super early today I went to work with my Dad this morning which usually involved waking up at the crack of dawn haha. 

I know it's only just turned May you can never be too prepared for upcoming events. Before you know it it'll be June and Fathers Day! June is a busy month for me and gift for my Dad, it's his Birthday the 12th, St Antonio Day the 13th, Fathers Day the 16th and then my parents 24th Wedding Anniversary the 17th! So as you can tell i have quite a few presents to purchase, so i thought i'd put together a 'Gift Ideas' post to help me decided on what to get this year.

1. Lunch at a Luxury Hotel

This is something a little more special, plus you can spend some quality time with your Dad! Who wouldn't love to be wined and dined at a Luxury Hotel?!

2. Game Console Controller

Boys and their toys right?! Even though i must say these Gioteck game console controllers look pretty nifty. My Dad loves sneaking off and playing with all his games on the Wii, PS3 and XBOX, he is a big kid at heart haha. Getting a special gaming controller would make the gaming experience more fun, plus they are wireless which means less wires and less mess :D

3. Chanel Bleu Cologne

This is something i am going to be getting my Dad this year so i thought i would include it in this post. Obviously, you could choose a different brand and smell depending on your preferences. Chanel is a favoured brand in the Meola household and when i went to my latest Chanel event i got a few samples of this and thought it smelt pretty amazing so decided it would be a nice little treat for my Daddy :)


Watching TV has become a huge part of all of our lives now a days. My Dad included is a total TV buff and loves watching all of his shows from Football, QI, Mock the Week, Only Fools and Horses and so on. The list could literally go on and on forever haha. The linked website has a huge variety of LED TV's to choose from at such reasonable prices. A TV would be such an unexpected surprise.

5. Jack Daniels

Right, i am in no way trying to promote drinking at all by including this product in this particular post. It just so happens that Jack Daniels is one of my Dads favorite drinks. Getting a bottle of something is always an easy option (if their over 18) for a stocking filler when your stuck on something to get.

6. Ferrari Experience - Silverstone

All guys like fast cars so what better way to gove a special gift than a Experience Day at Silverstone. I have chosen Ferrari for this post as my Dad abslutely adores Ferrari, Italian Family and all haha but Silverstone have tones of different experience days to choose from.If your unsure on which experience packages to go for you can simply purchase vouchers for your Dad to choose himself, they'll be like children in a sweetie shop haha :D

7. Personalised Posters 

I love the fact that personalised gifts can be treasured forever! These super cute posters are the perfect little gift which are extremely meaningful and super affordable. This would be just right for my Dad to hang up in his office at work along side all of the other goodies i have made him throughout the years.

I hope you all enjoyed this gift post and hopefully picked up a few helpful ideas. I'd love to know your thoughts on the goodies and what you might be purchasing this year :) If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below! Love hearing from you all :D

Lots of Love

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Product Launch Alert | Bourjois Cream Blushers

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know about a fabulous new product which will be hitting the stores really soon. 

Bourjois is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands which i personally think has amazing products with an affordable price tag, how perfect is that?! I could spend ages browsing their products in Boots, everything is always so unique and cute. You could say that Bourjois is the Chanel drugstore equivalent as word on the great vine is that they are very closely linked brands. So by using a Bourjois product you could be using something that is the perfect dupe of a Chanel product. Pretty nifty!

Bourjois Cream Blushers*

In 1863 Bourjois created their first baked powder blush and now nearly 150 years on they are celebrating by creating a brand new generation of blush, their new Cream Blusher range. 
As soon as i heard that Bourjois were launching a line of Cream Blushers all i could think about it how perfect they would be for the upcoming summer months. Cream Blushers are some of my favorite blushers to wear especially during the summer time as they give you a beautiful healthy glow which still looks super natural. Plus, not only are Cream Blushers beautiful on the cheeks but also looks pretty amazing on your lips too! I do love a product which is super versatile :D

The Cream Blushers will be available in 4 beautiful shades - 01 Nude Velvet, 02 Healthy Glow, 03 Rose Tender and 04 Sweet Cherry. How adorable and yummy are the names?!

So when and where you can pick up these little beauties...well you can pick them up online and from Selfridges as they launched on the 3rd May, however, they will be officially launching the 15th May nationwide in all Boots stores!

Hope you enjoyed this little product launch post, please let me know if you like these types of posts. Also i would love to know your thoughts on these beautiful Cream Blushers, will you be picking one or two up?

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all and i read every single comment!

Lots of Love

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadhow Primer Potions | Original, Eden, Greed & Sin

Hello My Lovelies

Hope you are all well! The weather today was absolutely beautiful and i'm not getting tiered of it one bit, fingers crossed it'll last. I feel so much happier when the sun is shining and i totally took advantage of the sun when i came home from work, had lots to do but still caught a few rays when walking my little Bella down the local marina :)

So todays post is going to be on the Urban Decay Primer Potions, these are some of my favorite eye primers and i have used them for a good few years now even before they changed to the new squeeze packaging and they still had the wands. The Urban Decay Primer Potions are possibly one of the most well known eyeshadow primers around and is one of Urban Decays best sellers. I love the fact that Urban Decay offer four different shades to accommodate to everyones preferences. The Primer Potions come in four variations - Original, Eden, Greed and Sin and i love using them all. They are designed to make your eyeshadows last 24 hours crease free, as well as creating a base to enhance eyeshadow vibrancy. However, not only can you use these little beauties as eyeshadow primers, but as eyeshadows, highlighters and even a primer for your lips. 

The Original Primer Potion is a Nude shade which dries invisible on the lid so is extremely versatile and could be used with a wide range of different eyeshadows and different finished. Original is not only amazing as an eyeshadow base but i have used this a few times as a lip primer for my more vibrant lipsticks which need a base to enhance the colour and it has done a great job of making the lipstick budge proof and last a lot longer than it would on it's own. 


Eden is a yellow-toned opaque nude shade which has a matte finish. Eden is completely matte and is a good base if you want to keep matte or satin eyeshadows soft with minimal amounts of shimmer. Not saying you couldn't use shimmery eyeshadows with this primer also, however it would mattify them down slightly for a more everyday natural look. As this primer is yellow-toned it works amazingly at colour correcting the eyelids and surrounding areas of the eyes to create a flawless and highlighted base. 


Greed is a shimmering yellow gold shade which can be used on it's own or accompanied with a wide range eyeshadows. I personally love using Greed under black eyeshadow, as the shimmering gold particles show slightly through the black to create a beautiful Kardashian Smokey eye with hints of golden sparkles. Greed has a beautiful metallic finished which reflects lots of light to the eyes which is perfect is your wanting to create a more dramatic eye look.


Sin is a beautiful Champagne Shimmer shade that can be used on its own as it is highly pigmented and as a primer under shimmery eyeshadows. It also has the ability to transform more matte and natural eyeshadows into more shimmery shades. This is one of my favorites as i do love creating neutral smokey eye looks and this creates the perfect base. Sin and the Original primer potion are very similar in texture where as they are slightly thinner in consistency compared to Eden and Greed, even though this is the case Sin is still extremely shimmery and pigmented. Not only is Sin an amazing eyeshadow primer but also works beautifully as a cream highlighter, i have personally used this as a highlighter and can say it looks stunning on the cheek bones. The sin range throughout Urban Decay is one of my favorites and i enjoy using them together to create the ultimate sultry bronzed smokey look. 

Overall these eyshadows primers are amazing at making your eyeshadows last longer, prevent creasing and makes blending much smoother. Even more so now that the packaging is now a squeeze tube with a more precise needle nose make the primer potions even more better value for money as you are in control of the amounts you are applying. The staying power of these primer potions are absolutely astonishing. After I swatched them on my arm  i simply waited a few minutes and then rubbed them to determine the staying power of the formulas and  they did not budge one bit. To remove the swatches off my arm was a pretty intense process haha 

I hope you enjoyed this post, i'd love to know your thoughts on the Urban Decay Primer Potions, if you have used them yourself and which is your favorite :) If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i loveee hearing from you all and i read every single comment and i will try to answer any questions the best that i can. 

Lots of Love

Monday 6 May 2013

Lifestyle | Meet Bella & Activities To Do With Your Pet

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and had a fabulous bank holiday weekend! 

So todays post is going to be a little different to all the beauty and fashion posts i've been doing lately. I decided to break away into the 'Lifestyle' part of my blog and introduce to you my Yorkshire Terrier Bella and all the fun stuff we get up to and will be getting up to now the summer is finally here. 

This is my little Bella :) well, i say little but she's not so little anymore as she just turned 6! She's got the cheekiest personality and is such a diva it is unreal haha. She enjoys dressing up, posing for the camera and long naps in the sunshine. Bella lovesss her food and has been put on diet by the vets around 3 times now, she yo yo diets all the time ;) Unfortunately she had a little accident last year and she had to have a pretty serious operation on her back leg which left her with a metal plate with 6 screws. Now, Bella is only a little thing and after this little accident we had to get her back into a routine to make sure she was getting all the physical and metal activities she needed to walk again. A year on and she has recovered amazingly and she's back to her old self again, so i thought i'd show you guys some of the stuff we get up to. 


Daily exercise is an essential component for dogs to ensure they keep healthy and mentally and physically stimulated. Bella is only a little thing but since her operation she needs to be out walking 1 - 2 times a day to keep her leg strong. Since the weather has been much nicer and now i'm near enough finished for the summer we enjoy walking Bella up to the local Marina where we can feed the ducks! :D Last year when we went we saw some baby swans grow up and they are still there now. I doubt they remember us but when they were babies you could feed them directly from your hand, was so cute! Not only are walks great for your dog but for you also, i know by doing all this walking i am getting fresh air and exercise everyday. 


Bella used to go to agility and obedience classes and she done pretty well and enjoyed them. She can't do super amazing tricks but she tries bless her. She can sit, lay down and stay but a trick i can kind of do with her is the one where you rest a treat on a dogs nose and you tell them to wait for a while and then have it and they flick it up in the air and catch it in their mouth, i think it's amazing haha. Bella is also learning how to do 'paw' but she hasn't quite understood the concept as yet as she tends to just lay down when you ask her haha. 

Playing with Toys

We are always out in the garden, especially at the weekends and Bella and our cat Cookie love playing around together in the sunshine. Whilst i'm catching a few rays Bella will come over until i give her attention and then we end up running around the garden usually throwing her toys around for her to chase haha. Bella must have over 50 toys, no joke, she loves all types especially if they have a squeak inside, she things she has to play with it until it stops squeaking, odd i know but thats Bella for you. 


Bella has got a passport and we have traveled to a few places with her and this is something we always consider now when we go away as we would love to bring her along with us. We would absolutely love to bring Bella to LA in September but we personally feel the flight might be a little too long and traumatic for her and she is getting older now. 

Watching TV

It's not the healthiest thing to do but we do love lazy days and Bella loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa and watching television with us, yup thats right television! She seriously sits down and watches everything that is going on.

Play Dates

Bella loves going round to my cousins house and playing with their Yorkshire Terrier Rolo. We joke around and call them girlfriend and boyfriend, they have such a cute relationships! It's like Bellas second home when we go round there :D

The activities you can do with your pet are endless, these are just a few of the ones we like to do :D A super helpful website is the 'Pet Health Info' which we have found tones of helpful information on. 
Hope you enjoyed this post! It's a little different but i was in the mood to write something a little different and seeing Bella running around in the sunshine in the garden the last few days really inspired me to write up a post about her haha. I'd love to know your thoughts and anything you and your pet do for fun :D

Lots Of Love

Saturday 4 May 2013

Top Lipsticks For Summer 2013

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! Today has been a great day so far, went to work and now i'm sorting out bits and bobs that need to be done and spending the day with my little Bella, which i have a post coming up on soon. Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine and have a fabulous bank holiday weekend!!
Also, the #CosmoBlogAwards launched yesterday and after much deliberation i have decided to enter this year. So if you enjoy reading my blog and would like to nominate me for 'Best New Beauty Blog' I would really appreciate it and will love you forever haha. 

So back to the post, this beautiful sunshine combined with taking pictures for my Instagram (@sophiameola) inspired me for todays post, which is on a selection of my favorite lipsticks for Summer 2013. It was really hard to narrow it down to 5 lipsticks for this post as i do have others which i would use during the Summer too and adore, but i love the little selection i've included. I wanted to choose a lipstick from different brands just to make it a little more interesting for you :D 
Laura Mercier - 60's Pink

This is a recent purchase of mine after finally giving in and finally purchasing some Laura Mercier goodies, i have a total of 2 lipsticks from Laura Mercier and this particular shade was my first ever one. I have a full review of this little gem on my blog already if you want to take a peek at that then CLICK HERE :) The shade of the lipstick is absolutely stunning, as you can see from the swatch it is a beautiful light rose shade with a slight hint of shimmer. It is a very versatile shade and I think it would be the perfect shade to wear everyday but also on a night out. 

Chanel Rouge Coco - Rose Comete

I'm surprised i haven't done a full review of this lipstick yet as it is one of rave about all the time. Compared to the shade in the tube the lipstick transforms on your lips into a beautiful a light baby pink shade with just the right amount of shimmer. It has a super creamy and smooth formula so even with one swipe of this lipstick and your good to go for a quick flush of colour. Yet again this is a versatile shade which would look amazing with an array of different makeup looks. It's one of my all time favorite so i thought it was only appropriate i included it in this post haha :)

YSL Rouge Volupte - #30 Fabourgh Peach

This lipstick looks absolutely amazing with or without a tan so i thought it would be a perfect shade to include in this post. I picked this up last year on my way back from Barcelona in Duty Free and it has become a favorite coral / peach shade of mine. The formula is super creamy and luxurious and i love how it looks and lasts throughout the day. The only thing about this lipstick is i think it is a discontinued or Limited Edition shade which you cannot purchase anymore, however, YSL have a wide selection of lovely lipsticks and i'm sure you could pick up something similar. 

Make Up For Ever - N41 Watermelon

I recently did a post on this lipstick if you would like to take a peek at the review you can CLICK HERE :) After looking at the swatches it comes out quite similar to YSL Fabourgh Peach, however, it has a slightly brighter orange undertone. This lipstick does come out quite shocking in the tube as it looks quite neon and super bright, however, it is a beautiful coral / peach shade which is very on trend for Summer 2013. The formulation is quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters, however, the Make Up For Ever lipstick comes up slightly more pigmented when applied. 

MAC - Candy Yum Yum

I think this lipstick speaks for itself haha i remember desperately wanting to get this lipstick from the MAC's Quite Cute Collection but it sold out almost instantly! Boo! Then i think it was last year MAC brought it back after much demand and it is now part of the permanent collection, YAY! This is a very bright shocking pink and i have nothing like it in my lipstick collection but it is absolutely stunning. I though Summer, bright colours, sunshine, being daring and thought this lipstick would be a perfect shade to include. The only thing i have to be careful about when using this lipstick is the fact it's a 'Matte' shade and they tend to try out the lips quite quickly, so when i do wear it i will need to make sure my lips are super moisturised. 

Hope you all enjoyed this summer inspired post! I'd love to know your thoughts on these lipsticks and what your favorite lipsticks are going to be this Summer!
If you have any questions or request please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. I read every single comment and i loveeee hearing from you all. 

Lots Of Love

Thursday 2 May 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O & Sebium Pore Refiner

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying this wonderful sunshine we are having right now, fingers crossed it lasts, i'm planning on doing a spot of sunbathing this weekend as i am in desperate need of a summer glow asap!

So a few months ago i was very kindly sent some Bioderma products to try out, I absolutely jumped at the chance of trying them out as Bioderma is a brand i had been coveting for a while and their products were quite hard to get hold of in the UK. However, that has all changed now, you can purchase them online from and i believe Boots is also a stockist.

Bioderma Sensibio H20*

Bioderma Sebsibio H20 is a gentle makeup removing solution which is safe to use on the eyes and faced. It is designed to gently cleanse the skin without the need of rinsing and is an ultra-mild micellar water which is alcohol free which soothes and cools as it cleanses the skin. Sensibio H20 huarantees cutaneous and ocular tolerance for the skin and the eyes with it's physiological PH and soap free formula. The cleanser removes impurities using micelles, which are micro-emulsifying impurities while mainitaing the skins full balance, pretty nifty huh?! Added decongesting active ingredients prevent irriatation thus making the skin feel instantly refreshed, perfectly clean and free from all makeup including water proof mascara. 

I wanted to use this product a good few times before revieing it because i wanted to make sure it actually worked for my skin as everyone is different. After seeing all the rave reviews throughout the bloggersphere i now understand what all the fudd was about, this stuff is absolutely amazing! 

How i prefer to use the solution - I soak a cotton pad with the Sensibio solution and i will start with removing my eye makeup. I will hold the cotton pad on each of my eyes for a few seconds to let the solution work into the mascara and eyeshadow and then I simply swipe once outwards and that will near enough have taken all of my eye makeup off. Seems pretty impossible but it is true lovelies! Then depending on how much makeup was on the pads i will usualy fold them in half and use the clean sides to removing the remanding makeup around my eyes, i usually look like a Panda at this stage :P I will then take a few more cotton pads and repeat the process, however, this time to remove the makeup on my face, this is an important step as i want to make sure all my pores are clean otherwise i will get a lovely break out :P #girlprobs

What i love about this product is how gentle it is on the skin but how strong it is at the same time when removing the makeup. It literally feels and looks just like water and leaves no residue behind after usage and it had no visible scent to the solution. After i have used the solutions my skin feels refreshed and clean which is just perfect for the summer months heading our way. 

Sebium Pore Refiner*

Sebium Pore Refiner aids with refining the texture of the skin which is prone to excessive oiliness, the formula is rich in dermatological active agents that as a daily treatment works at tightening the pores, preventing imperfections and mattifies the skin both immediately and over time. This correcting concentrate improves the skins appearance and making pores less visible. This sounds like a perfect primer type product to put on under makeup. Bioderma's patented Fluidactive® ensures that the quantity of sebum production is reduces which unblocks pores and will reduce breakouts on the skin. Antioxidants in the formula boost the skins radiance and overall protected. 

The formulation of this product is absolutely devine, it has a light liquid formula which instantly melts into the skin which leaves a velvety finish, which is much like Benefits POREfessional. Personally, i have combination skin, i usualy sway between dry to normal to oily t-zone which can be a pain. I have loved using this product in replacement to my normal daily primers and i have noticed a difference in my skin. As i don't have oily skin i only focus the product into my t-zone, i wait for it to set into my skin a little and then i will apply my moisturiser and then my face products, this is the combination it suggests to use on the back of the box, however, i would usually apply this type of product after my moisturiser but i thought i'd play it by the rules this time ;) It leaves a matte ready to use flawless base for my makeup which i love, it aids with applying makeup even more eaily and it has beenficial aspects to it also which are helping througout the day, fabo!

Even though my pores previously were not that noticable i have noticed that this product has smoothed them out and made them even more noticeable! It is not classed as a primer per say, however, personally i think it works great as a primer type product. The sebium range is more targeted at combination skin so i would love to try the Sebium H20 also to see how it compares to the Sensibio range. 

I hope you all enjoyed this duo Bioderma review, i'd love to know your thoughts on the products too!
If you have any questiosn or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all and i read every single comment!

Lots Of Love

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Make Up For Ever | Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N41 Watermelon

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! So, as the weather has been quite nice and sunny lately i thought i'd do quite a summery post for you all today. 

Also, today is the 1st May (Pinch Punch First Day Of The Month) and also my bestie Indias 21st Birthday 'The Jewel Beauty' so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to her! Hope you have an amazing day, love you lots!!

The Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick in N41 is a lipstick i picked up last year from Sephora in Barcelona. The makeup artist who was serving me had this particular shade on at the counter and i couldn't resist purchasing one for myself, plus the lipstick is called 'Watermelon' which sounded uber yummy and tempted me even more haha. It looks so beautiful on and for a bright orange shade it is very wearable for everyday and can even be glammed up for a more dramatic evening look. If you read my blog regularly then you'll know that i have an obsession with pink lip combos and by looking at the photos you can tell this is not a pink lipstick, i know major shocker haha. 

The Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks have an ultra-creamy formula with a soft and ultra shiny finish which are quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. This is the first lipstick i have tried from them and i have to say i think they are absolutely devine and i can't wait to stock up on more when i head over to the USA in September. 

The lipstick does look shocking neon orange in the tube but when swiped and applied to the lips the colour pay off is more of a fun peachy coral shade which i am personally loving for summer. 

The formula is rich and creamy with amazing pigmentation, once applied the lipstick will not budge which i think it amazing. I wore it out recently and had loads of lovely compliments on it, i was really suprised that i only really had to re-apply once throughout the day, how fabo :D It has a fresh smelling scent which kind of resembles summer if that makes any sense at all haha. So not only will it make your lips look fantastic but will makes them smell pretty amazing too. The 'Cupuacu Butter' in the formula works to improve the moisture levels in your lips and also is also a natural plumper!
This lip shade would flatter a wide range of skin tones, because it's not fully opaque and lets your natural lip colour shine through, which will alter the way this particular shade looks on your natural lip colour. If you were after a more opaque formula then the Make Up For Ever Rough Artist Intense lipsticks might be something to take a looksy at :) 

Hope you enjoyed this summery inspired post, Id love to know what your thoughts are on this lipstick and whether you've tried anything similar that you would reccommend me :)

Also if you have any requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my links on the right hand side under my picture or leave a comment below :) i read every single comment and i love hearing from you all!

Lots of Love
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