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Wednesday 27 February 2013

Chanel | Mystic Eyes Les 4 Ombres Quadra #14

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well :D I'm in a great mood right now, all my deadlines have been handed in for February, our Cheerleading Competition went amazing at the weekend and i've had lots of exciting emails, it's all really lifted my mood! :)

So, as you've probably noticed from a few of my last posts, i've gone a bit Urban Decay crazy, i do have tones more products to review for you guys but i though i'd change it up a bit and review something else, as your probably getting a little bored of all my Urban Decay posts :D sorry guys, can't help it, the brand is totes amaze!! ;)

Anyways, so a few posts ago, on one o my Haul posts i posted that i purchased a Chanel quad in Mystic Eyes. This palette is truly stunning and i thought i'd review it for you today :) It is part of their permanent line, it was released in 2009 with Chanels 'Bohemian Fantasy Collection' which was a beautiful collection in its self :D

When i saw this palette on display i instantly fell in love with it! It was a total impulse purchase as i just went in to get the new limited edition highlighter but ended up walking out with a few other Chanel goodies. 

First of all i'd have to say that yet again Chanel have not disappointed on the packaging front, i think it's so classy, luxurious, compact and easy to use. This little beauty comes with four beautiful eyeshadows all in a smudge-proof formula that you can apply as they are or dampened, for example, with Fix+ for a more intense nightime look.

Shades from L - R

Neutral Charcole Chocolate Brown with Golden Flecks

This is such a beautiful charcole chocolate shade which is very pigmented. It has slight golden sparkles within it's velvelty formula and looks absolutely stunning swiped over the lid alone or used within a smokey eye look in your crease. 

Light Shimmery Milky Vanilla Pink

This is a beautiful natural shade which is very similar to 'Naked Lunch' by MAC. It's very sheer and works great as a wash colour for you rlid and a subtle highlight for a smokey eye. This also has a lovely velventy texture and applies like a dream.

Silvery Sparkly Taupe

This is the shade which drew me to this palette the most! It's very similar to Chanel - Illusion D'Ombres Eyeshadow in Epatant, which i also picked up when purchasing this beautiful palette and i think they will look beautiful layered on together. Swatched it is very sheer, you see a hint of it's beautiful silvery taupe shade with just the right amount of sparkle. This will be the perfect shade to wash over your lid if your in a hurry. 

Milk Chocolate Shimmery Brown

This shade reminds me of 'Mulch' by MAC and that's one of my all time favorite eyeshadows! Like the rest of the eyeshadows it also has a velvety texture which makes it smooth and easy to apply. It has an almost bronzed pearl undertone which is beautiful on the eyes!

All of the shade come out true to the colour in the pans which is something that i love with Chanel as your getting exactly what your paying for. The quality is absolutely amazing and i can't wait to experiment more with outher shades :D I love how they could be used on a daily basis for natural looks but also darkened up for an edgy sexy night look. 

Have you tried this palette before? Have you tried any other Chanel eyeshadows? What would you reccomend?

Hope you liked this post, if you have any requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact me via my social media or leave me a comment below :D love hearing from you all!

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Lots Of Love

Thursday 21 February 2013

Urban Decay | Naked Flushed Palette

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well. I have another Urban Decay review post for you today, i've been obsessed with their products so much lately, after going to a few events i've gotten hooked to a load of their new released which are all amazing! 

The entire NAKED range by Urban Decay is amazing, and i cannot help myself when something new is realease, i have to purchase it and give it a go. I did have my makeup done by and UD artist on the counter and she used this palette on me and it looks so stunning on the skin. After seeing the way all three products looked, felt and applied to my skin it sold me even more :)

I was super excited when Urban Decay sneaked peek a photo of this beauty on their Instagram and i love how they're ventured out into more face products. The highlighter in this palette is one of their first powder highlighters, they tend to stock a few of the creme ones. 

This little compact feautures three powders and each segment has their own amount of product. It would have been nice to have an equal amount of them all maybe? I'm a sucker for a good highlighter and the highlighter in this palette has the least amount in the pan. 


This bronzer is a medium-tan with warm undertones with a slight sheen. When i applied this to my cheeks it looked like the perfect shade for me. It doesn't come out too dark on the skin making you look like an Umpa Lumpa haha but you do need a few layers to see it on the skin. I love applying this all of my face for a bronzed glow. 


The highlighter is a light pink champagne shade with a beautiful frosted finish which shows up perfectly on the skin. It's a very versatile shade which would look perfect on all skin tones. I love applying this on my cheek bones, cupids bow, down my nose and on my brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. Even though i mentioned erlier than it would have been nice to have a little more product, a little does go a long way with this highlighter, it's very pigmented and is very similar to one of my favorite shades in my Nude bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. 


The blush is a beautiful natural pink with a slight hint of coral coming through when applied. It is very pigmented and gives you the 'Naked Flushed' look on the skin when applied lightly and blended in with the other two shades in the palette. It' a very universal shade that will suit many skin tones. I loved applying this palette with either my MAC 109 brush or the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush which was released especially for the NAKED range :D

This beautiful little palette is perfect for throwing in your makeup bag on daily basis as it has 3 products in one! It's perfect for traveling and the shades are perfect to use all year round. I love that it has a handy mirror perfect for when you need to re-apply throughout the day. I love how you have a choice with this palette, you can use all the shades individually or blended together for a 'Flushed' look. Urban Decay did a great job formulating these powders, they are all very smooth and apply like a dream, which is what you want with face products like these. I can't wait to get more use out of this palette, especially now the summer months are slowly coming upon us!!

I'd love to know what you all think, have you tried this palette before? 

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a read through, if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me via Twitter or Email or leave a comment below!

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Lots Of Love


Monday 18 February 2013

❤ 1000 Follower Chanel & Beauty Goodie Giveaway ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

I can't believe i am actually writing this but...I hit 1000 followers on my little ol' blog! I literally still can't believe it, i remember the day i got my very 1st follower and everytime i get a new follower my face still lights up with excitment. I couldn't believe someone wanted tor ead my blog let alone over 1000 now, it's truly amazing! Blogging has been a great escape for me from the stresses of real life, University work and everything else in between, it's just my little place on the internet where i love to chat with you all :D

I wanted to host a giveaway to celebrate, say thank you and give something back for the constant support i'm getting from the bbloggers community! I've literally made so many amazing friends, discovered so many other bloggers, new products and excaped the stressed of reality throught writing on my blog. Thank You!!

I wanted to make this giveaway a little personal so i've decided on a few prizes, the first part being a Chanel Rouge Coco in a shade of your choice, #20 in Rouge Comete is an ultimate favorite of mine and the Chanel lipsticks are truely incredible and i'd love to give one of my readers the chance to win one in a shade that they love also :D
The second part of the prize is some of my all time favorite beauty goodies, these are going to be a surprise but they will be from a few of my favorite brands like LUSH, Soap and Glory and so on :D

Rule: You MUST be following my blog through GFC to be qualify for this giveaway

This Giveaway will run for around 4 weeks until the 18th March 2013

I am using 'Rafflecopter' for this giveaway so please follow the instruction on the widget about how you can enter this Giveaway! :) Also, the more you enter the better the chance you are of winning this Giveaway :)

Good Luck Everyone!

Lots Of Love

Sunday 17 February 2013

Urban Decay | Naked Foundation, Naked BB Cream & Optical Blurring Brush

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well :) so todays post is a kind of triple review of some of my favorite face products of the moment. The Urban Decay Naked Foundation, Naked BB Cream and Optical Blurring Brush. As long as my complexion looks good i feel more confident and this product really does help do just that. I love using them together for the perfect 'Hollywood' natural looking flawless complexion. 

Naked BB Cream - Universal Shade

I havent tried many BB Creams but as soon as i heard Urban Decay were releasing one i had to know more about it :D The Urban Decay Naked BB Cream is not your typical Beauty balm, it has a multitasking formula perfect to use on its own, or my personal favorite use as a primer underneath your foundation. Urban Decay say that 'It's light weight, velvety, oil free formula will make your skin feel and look better within 8 weeks' and i really believe this is true, after using the product for over a week now i have seen a definite improvement in my skin. 

It doesn't give a lot of coverage on the skin by itself, it comes out a peachy orange shade but them blends into your skin tone to look 'Naked' on the skin and very sheer. It does aid with evening out your skin tones, minimising your pores, disguises fine lines and illiminates redness. It has an extrmely fresh scent which i personally love, it also feels extremely smooth and light weight, as if i'm not wearing anthing at all. 

Naked Foundation - Shades #4 and #5.5

This foundation is truly amazing, it comes in a wide range of different shades and different tones to suit all skin types. The full number shades have warm undertones whilst the .5 shades have neutral and cool undertones. 

I absolutely adore the packaging, it looks very luxurious and i love that it has a handy pump for easy usage, one pump gives you just the right amount of product for your entire face. It's a traditional liquid consistency and can be applied using your fingers or a brush. Like i said, one pump gives you a medium coverage, however it is very buildable, depending on how my skin is i prefer two layers if i'm going somewhere when i need my foundation to look more flawless and last that little bit longer. 

The finish is not matte nor dewey but exactly what it says on the bottle 'naked', it looks as if your not wearing anything at all, it's extremely light weight and natural. When i use this over the BB Cream i find i do not need to re-apply throughout the day, my skin looks flawless for hours which is exactly what i want from a foundation. Its great for all skin types and age groups, my mum also picked up a shade for herself and is absolutely loving it. The formula also contains Matrixyl 3000 which is a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide, protective and brightening litchiderm, antioxidant green tea and vitamins which nourishes and protects your skin. 

You are definitely getting your money's worth with this foundation as the design of the bottle alows you to use up every last drop. The clear packaging is also handy so you know how much you have left and when you need to pick up another on ;)

Overall, i'm really loving this foundation, i'm enjoying using it everyday and layered up a little more when i'm off out for the day or night. If your not sure about the foundation, head on over to your local counter and they will match you up and give you a demo of this little beauty :)

Urban Decay - Optical Blurring Brush

Urban Decay also launched a new brush to apply their new Naked Foundation, their 'Optical Blurring Brush'. It's extremely soft, quite dense, rounded and has synthetic bristles so it's perfect for all types of formulations. I have been using this when applying the BB Cream and Foundation and i love the finish it gives to my skin. I've also been loving applying the 'Flushed Palette' with this brush, it pickes up just the right amount of product. 

I would love to know what you all think? Have you tried any of these products?

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me via Twitter or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all. 

Lots Of Love

Thursday 14 February 2013

Urban Decay | Naked Basics Palette

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well? :D So i am slowly but surely getting through and review all of the lovely new goodies i've picked up over the last few weeks. It's deadline time at Uni the next few weeks so i've been really into getting my work finished so i can stay up to date with my blogging posts :) Todays post is going to review on the new-ish NAKED Basics Palette. This little beauty has been out for a while now and i picked this up last week. I couldn't not add it to my Urban Decay NAKED collection in my makeup stash :D I have them all now and it's like the evolution of the NAKED palettes :P When purchasing this palette the MUA on the counter offered to do my makeup and she gave me a mini master clase on how to use it and some cute little tricks. One being using the Urband Decay Primer Potion in Greed, it's a beautiful golden shimmer shade and it really showed through after the eyshadows were applied.

The NAKED Basics palette has 5 true matte shades and 1 light shimmery shade. Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Cave. The colours are very true to what they look like in the pans. 

Venus is a beautiful light shimmer shade which could be used for the perfect highl light on the brow bown and inner corners of the eyes. After having my mini master class i discovered that this little beauty can be mixed with all the other shades to transforms them. 

Foxy is a yellow toned nude shade, which i'm pretty sure was also in the NAKED 2 Palette?! It's the perfect shade for a wash of colour all of the lid. 

W.O.S also know as Walk Of Shame is a pinky nude shade which in a way is similar to Naked Lunch by MAC. 

Naked 2 is very similar to Naked from the first palette, however it's a tiny weeny bit darker. It's the perfect base colour for a beautiful neutral smokey eye, which is my favorite smokey eye to rock ;)

Faint is a darker brown shade which is the perfect crease colour for a smokey eye look. It's also a stunning shade to apply all over the lid blended out. Mixed with Venus would be a beautiful natural shade on the lid. 

Crave is the final shade in the palette, it's a matte black but when swatched comes up slightly grey tones. Perfect to be applied to the outter V for a defined sultry eye look. It's a handy black shade which could also be used as an eyeliner. 

I have always been a fan of the Urban Decay NAKED range and this palette is no different. It's the perfect size, you can create lots of lovely looks with it and the eyeshadows and super pigmented. It's a great little palette and a lovely change to the other two palette as they contain more shimmer shadows. If you love matte shadows then this is perfect for you. However, price wise i'd have to say it is a litte up their considering the size, although the eyshadows pans still hold the same amount of shadow to the other two palettes.

Here is an image from my Instagram from a few weeks ago (@SophiaMeola) it my little Evolution picture of the NAKED palettes :D

What do you think to the Naked Basics palette? Have you snatched one up yet? 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post :) if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all!

Lots Of Love

Sunday 10 February 2013

❤ Enrapture Encode Totem Styler - The Way To Get Victorias Secret Curls ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and you had a great weekend! 

I have a really exciting post for you today, i was very kindly sent an amazing 'Enrapture Totem Styler'. As i have very long and thick hair i havent had much luck with curling wands previously, as the curls seem to drop quite quickly. The only thing that actually curls my hair to how i like it are my 'Babyliss Heated Rollers'. So, after recieving these i couldn't wait to experiment with them and give my hair some  Enrapture Loving!

The Encode Totem Styler is essentially a curling wand but it comes with a few genius specifications. It has 3 heat settings for you to choose from, 1 is for natural everyday waves, 2 is for loose natural curls and 3 for big bouncy glamorous curls, the amazing part is that you can switch up the combinations to create the perfect curl for you! Pretty amazing huh :D When creating my Victorias Secret waves for this review i used the setting '322' and i absolutely love how they turned out. 

As i have long and thick hair it can take me a while to actually curl it, thats why i usually go towards quickly using my heated rollers as i can throw them in and do my makeup, however, as the Totem Styler heated up extremely quickly i didn't waste anytime waiting around and every curl was created in record timing! Also, by having the Swival Cord made it so much more efficient for me to rotate and move the wand just where i needed it to create these amazing curls.

I love how the Totem Styler comes with a stand for cooling or placing down whilst you are curling your hair. In the past i have had to be so cautious when using Curling Wands without stands, ensuring i place it down appropriately so i don't burn anything in sight haha. The packaging is very luxurious, i love how the Totem Styler came with a handy magnetic box and heat proof bag. When i've used previous Curling Wands it has always been a hassle trying to store them away as the wires get all tangled and can never fit back into the box! You simply slip the Totem Styler into the heat proof bag after it's cooled, wrap up the cord and place in back into it's magnetic box, it's as easy and quick as that. 

Overall, i am extremely pleased with the Totem Styler and i can't wait to use it more and experiment with all the other settings, i'm really fussy when it comes to my hair and i loved so my curles had volume and glamour. After my great experience with the Enrapture Encode Totem Styler i cannot wait to get my hands on their Heated Rollers and see what amazing curls they can create also. I'd definitely reccommend this curling wand, it has done wanders for my super thick and long hair and my curls have stayed in place all day which i amazing, as they would have dropped considerably by now!

I'd love to know what you all think, have you tried the Totem Styler?

A few handy links...

Lots Of Love

Saturday 9 February 2013

Haul | Ft Chanel, MAC, Urban Decay, Jimmy Choo & Michael Kors

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well :D so glad it's finally the weekend! This morning i hit 900 followers!! Ahh i'm so overwhelmed, thankful and excited :D Thank you so much for the support, your lovely comments and for following my little ol' blog :D

So i have another Haul post for you, it's the third week on the trot now and my bank account is seriously hurting. I've been going to a few events and it's been a seriously bad influence on my shopaholic-ism :P

Urban Decay - Flushed Palette

One of the first items i picked up is the new 'Urban Decay Flushed Palette' this was released in store last week i believe and i couldn't resist not adding it to my Naked collection. I had my makeup done using this palette and it's absolutely stunning, the bronzer is not orange when applied so you won't look tangoed, the blush is very subtle and natural and lastly the highlighter, this is Urban Decays first ever powdered highlighter and i'm absolutely in love with it. I'm a sucker for a good highlighter and this one is very pigmented and such a stunning shade. 

Urban Decay - Naked Beauty Balm

I then had this new Beauty Balm applied under my foundation as a primer. On it's own it's very natural but underneath a foundation it gives you such a flawless base. I'd had my eye on this for a while now, after watching countless 'Shaanxo' videos and how she swears by using a BB cream under her makeup i wanted to try it out also. 

Urban Decay - Naked Skin Foundation #4

I did purchase one of these in last weeks haul, however, after having my makeup done again and saw how amazing this shade looked on my skin i was sold instantly. This is the perfect shade for me for my natural skin tone but i could also mix this with the darker shade i picked up last week for when i have more of a tan. It's such a lovely foundation, very light and natural on the skin and i don't mind have two bottles in my collection haha

Urban Decay - Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour - Adrenaline

This is something i purchased for my mum but i though i'd throw it in here also. It's such a stunning shade on the lips, it has tones of amazing sparkle and glitter in it but applied ont he lips is very subtle and beautiful. It's very similar to the shade which came in the 'OZ Theadora Palette'. Some shades of Red share me but i will be brave and start to use them, especially after purchasing this beautiful shade.

MAC Lipstick - St Garmain
MAC Lipstick - Candy Yum Yum

I've purchased a total of 4 new lipsticks for my MAC Collection this week, 2 from the new Archies Girls Collection which i will be reviewing soon. I've always had my eye on these and thought i'd just go for it and purchase them. St Garmain is very similar to the Viva Glam Gaga 1 which is one of my all time favorite MAC lipsticks, even though i have 4 back ups of that i thought i'd purchase this as they are slightly different, also becasue this is in fact Lady Gagas favorite MAC lipstick which inspired her to create Viva Glam Gaga 1 :D I missed out on purchasing Candy Yum Yum the first time it was released in the 'Quite Cute' Collection a few years ago, so as soon as i found out it was being released again i just had to snatch it up!

I've had a slight addiciton to Chanel Makeup recently and can't resist going to my local counter without picking something up. I've falled in love with the 'Illusion D'Ombre' Cream Eyeshadows and i eventually want them all :D I originally wanted to pick 2 up but they were sold out in one particular shade so i decided to go for a new a girl can never have too many lipsticks ;)

Chanel - Illusion D'Ombre - Fantasme

I originally wanted to pick this shade up and also Mirifique but they were temporarily out of stock. This shade is so stunning on the eyes and can also be used as a highlighter on the cheek bones and down the nose. It is very sparkly and beautiful which i absolutely love, i can't wait to use all of my new Illusion D'Ombres and create a beautiful eye look. 

Chanel Rouge Allure - #88 Evanescente 

As you are probably all aware by now my favorite type of lipsticks are pink shades. I wanted to pick one up in the Rouge Allure line as the packaging is just so fun. This particular shade is quite nude, however when swatched it has pink undertones, so perfecto for a pink lips kind of girl like me ;)

Jimmy Choo - Flash

Myself and my mum are complete Jimmy Choo lovers. We have two bottles of the original perfume and after finding out this perfume was released we couldn't not go check it out and see what it was like. Luckily, when we purchased this on Thursday John Lewis were having a 10% discount on perfumes so that was also somthing else which definitely influenced th purchase. There are so many new perfumes we want to try :D

Michael Kors - Essential Zippy Wallet

This is something that we purchased specifically for my mum but yet again i thought i'd throw it in here. It's a stunning Michael Kors Essential Zippy Wallet which is designed to hold your iPhone. This is perfect for my mum when shes off to the gym in the week, she cn quickly grab this and go. I also absolutely adore the Classic 'MK' print on the wallet.

I think thats everything i picked up last Thursday. I have a few review posts coming your way on the new items i have purchased. I also have a 'Victoria Secret' sexy waves looks coming your way hopefully tomorrow featuring the Enrapture Totem Styler :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you have any questions, requests or reccommendations please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all :D

Lots Of Love

Wednesday 6 February 2013

❤ Benefit Fine One One ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well! Todays post is going to be a review on the fabulous new creation from Benefit, the Fine One One! I picked up this little beauty last week as you saw in my latest haul post and i absolutely love it!

When i first heard that Benefit were launching this newest products i was really intregued to know more. A creamy peachy pink cheek colour and highlighter stick all in one sounds like the perfect product. I can't wait to experiment and use it more when the summer arrives. I only have a few creme blushers and highlighter in my collection but i already know this is going to be an ultimate favorite of mine.

I stopped by my local counter last week to pick one up and the MUA on the counter offered to demonstrate the product on me. I couldn't resist, who doesn't love having their makeup done by a professional? haha ;) She simply swiped it along my upper cheek bones, blended it out and then applied some to my lips. So quick, super easy and the outcome is truly stunning on the skin. Depending on your skin type or skin tone you may need one swipe or you may need a couple, it all depends how you like it looking on you skin. Personally, i like a few swipes so you can really see the beautiful peachy pink sheen and the goddess like highlighter come through. If you'd like to re-apply throughout the day, the Fine One One is so compact and beautiful you can simply throw it in your bag and your good to go!

You can blend it out however you like, some days i simply use my fingers, make sure they are clean though, but you beauties know the drill ;) or you could use a brush. A few favorite brushes of mine to blend it out is either the Real Techniques Stippling Brush or the Expert Face Brush.

The highlighter is very multi-functional, it could be used as a cream base on your eyes, a highlighter on your brow bone and down your nose. You can also apply this little beauty to your lips, you could even mix up the shades to create the perfect pinky peach shade for your lips, then simply apply the highlighter on your cupids bow for added pop and for fuller looking lips.

Overall, i'm absolutely loving Benefit's Fine One One! It's extremely easy to use, it's very pigmented and would be perfect to use throughout the whole year.

What do you all think? Have you tried Benefits Fine One One?

Hope you enjoyed this post :) if you have any request or questions please do not hesitate to conact me or leave a comment below.

Lots Of Love

Monday 4 February 2013

❀☮★ How I Store My Lush Cosmetics ★☮❀

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and your week has been great so far :)

Since uploading a few pictures of my Lush storage on my Instagram (@SophiaMeola) i've had loads of lovely comments on them and have been requested to write a post about them, so here it is :D I've been purchasing a load of new storage lately, from acrylic storage for my makeup collection, to these cute jars for my lush and too heart shaped bowls for little goodies. Once my Beauty Closet has been completed i'm hoping to do a tour video as thats also been requested :D

I've had my eye on something to put my Lush in for a while, i kind of knew what i wanted but never saw anything that i instantly fell in love with or thought would be perfect. Then last week, Mum came home from shopping and said she had a few goodies for me, one being this jar!! I actually squeeled a little when she handed it to me, sad i know :P but it was exactly what i was looking for! The best part is that they were only are £2.50 per jar <-- bargain="">

I instantly ran upstars and raided my Lush drawer to add to my new jars, some of the items were a bit of  a squeeze, especially the humoungous bath bombs haha but everything slotted in nicely. I still have a few items that don't fit in the jar, but it gives me the excuse to use them first :D I loved how it looked as it was but i wanted to add a little added girly touch to them.  

I then stopped by a local scraft sore and picked up some pastel pink and glittery silver ribbon, i thought this would look adorable tied in a bow around the top of the jars. It's very simple but i absolutely love how it turned out :D

How do you store your Lush lovelies? :)

Hope you enjoyed this quick post :D if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D

Lots Of Love

Sunday 3 February 2013

❀☆ Dancing On Ice - Ashley Roberts Faux Bob Look Feautiring OSIS+ Products ☆❀

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well and have had a great weekend :D 

I was kindly sent these amazing Schwarzkopf OSIS+ products to try out and try to re-create Ashley Roberts Faux Bob from last Sunday nights Dancing On Ice episode. I have been using the products throughout the week so i could get more of an understanding of them and how well they worked with my hair. Overall i absolutely love them. I have a lot of hair which is thick and heavy and these products really helped get some body and life back into my hair. 

Especially when i striaghten my hair, as it's long and thick it can get really heavy and look really flat and unflatering on my face shape. When i applied the 'Body Me Serum' onto my damp hair and started to dry it i could already see a difference in the amount of body my hair had. 

I was sent to try out -

OSIS+ Freeze Pump Finish 

I'm really picky when it comes to hairspray because if it's not strong enough my hair will not hold it's style. This product was amazing, the spray is really fine so i didn't get any crunchy parts after spraying it on my hair and it had a very firm hold. I used this also throughout the week and it held my natural curly waves really well also. 

OSIS+ Body Me Serum

This is one of my favorite products that i was sent, it actually does work! Like i said earlier, my hair is very thick and heavy and can seriously lack volume at the roots. I applied this product to damp hair and when drying it i could instantly see a difference, more life and body in my roots which was amazing! 

OSIS+ Dust It

I have used a similar powder before and i found it didn't do anything for my hair, it left it feeling a weird tecture and my freshly washed hair looked dirty again :( sad times! 
However, this product done the complete oposite, you do need to be carful how much you apply as a little definitely goes a long way. Sometimes freshly washed hair can look a little lifeless so i loved how when i applied this i isnatly had volume and my hair looked amazing! It didn't leave a cakey feel and my hair didn't look dirty at all which is definitely a plus :D

OSIS+ Flatliner

As i have natural wavey / curly hair this product definitely came in handy when blowdrying my hair straight. It helped make my hair smooth, shiney and it also protected my ahir from heat, this little beauty does it all! After using this product i didn't even need to use my straightners on my hair as it was perfectly straight already, so it definitely helped with the time process. 

As you can see i have a lot of hair so i did struggle a little :P

Here's a little collage with some of the steps i took to create the Faux Bob. I blew dry my hair straight and then plaited it loosley. I then rolled it up under and pinned it up as securely as i could get it. The hair at the front came out naturally after i played around with it to get it to sit how i wanted. I am perfectly aware that this is not the best looking 'Faux Bob' ever haha but my hair is super long and super thick so considering i think it looks pretty darn good :D this style does work better if you have more layers cut into your hair. I definitely think the products helped me with creating the overall look. I would love to try out a curly version to this style and see how that would work also :)

One thing i've learnt from doing this post is that...I definitely do not suit a bob hair cut haha so i won't be chopping off my hair any time soon ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading through this post, If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D i love hearing from you all!

Lots Of Love
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