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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Ring Finger Polish Trend = LOVE

Hello my lovelies,
I have a super quick post for you guys :) now i don't know about you but this has been my 'Go-To' trend for my nails most of the year so far haha 
I am absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE-ING this trend :)
Their are so many ways to let your imagination run wild with this trend. You could stay within the same colour schemes for a subtle contrast or use a totaly different accent colour or even glitter. I am loving anything glitter at the moment and i have tried this a few times.
One of my favorite combinations has been a bubblegum pink polish with silver glitter on my ring finger :) i always get compliments when i wear this out. I absolutely love the combination in the photo and it has really inspired me to give turquoise glitter a go. I just need to pop out and purchase one :)
Another great combination would be grey all over the nails and perhaps a bright neon colour

 on the ring finger. I absolutely love 'China Glaze - Pink Voltage'. I saw this grey and neon pink clutch in New Look a few weeks ago and it really inspired me for this combination :)
What do you guys think about this trend?
Have you tried it out?
**The Image Is Not Mine - I Just Added The Word :3**


  1. ahhh,that looks amazing! once my shellac's been taken off, I'm definitely going to do this!

  2. Gorgeous nail colour! Love this trend too :) x

  3. Adore having odd nails hehe, such an easy way to jazz up a look. And you are bang on the underwater trend with these beauties too! Thanks again for the award, will do a blogpost tomorrow :) xxx

  4. Love this trend and the colour is so lush xxx

  5. This is a fun trend, my sisters wear this often. I think bubblegum pink with a silver glitter accent is a pretty combo.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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