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Thursday 31 May 2012

Guest OOTN - My Cousin Rossana

Hello My Lovelies,

I have another guest OOTN for you, this time round it is my cousin Rossana :) she always dresses so nice so i couldn't resist not sharing this outfit with you! :)

Leather Bralet - Missguided
Blouse - Select
Skinny Jeans - Ark Clothing
Shoes - Doc Martins ;) 

Lipstick - MAC's M.A.C Red 

Absolutely LOVE her striped skinny jeans, so tempted to go buy a cheeky pair for myself, what do you guys think?

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Tuesday 29 May 2012

What's In The Bag? A Birthday Present I Put Together :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I always love putting present together, it's such great fun and i love looking around for little sentimental things for the person that i know they'll love :) It was recently one of my bosses birthdays and i always love buying for her because she has great taste in fashion, makeup and style in general :)

One of the first things i got was this 'Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Birthday Box'. I got my first ever piece of Soap & Glory for my Birthday last November and ever since i have been totally hooked on the whole line. I got my mum a huge bag full of every single product from 'Soap & Glory' as part of her Christmas present last year and she absolutely loved receiving it also. 

I then decided to get some cute 'Underwear' from Accessorize, because i spent a certain amount i got a 'Jubilee Scratch Card' and won 10% off my next purchase. I mean i used my student card whenever i can but i always love getting coupons :D

I then saw the new Soap & Glory Quad Palettes and i had to get one of them, the colours are stunning and i'm so tempted to go back in and get myself one haha The palette is called 'What's Nude' and the shades are - 
Top Left = Vanilla
Top Right = Pink T
Bottom Left = Mudhoney
Bottom Right = Aubersheen
The i got one of the 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Lip Glosses in 'Candy Gloss' it's a beautiful pearlised pink shade which looks very natural and candy like :)

Then lastly i stopped by 'Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop' and got some cute little mints which came in a pretty tub as you can see from the picture :)

I hope she likes everything i got :) left me know what you guys think!
If you tried any of the products let me know your experiences, i love hearing them :)

Lots of Love


Friday 25 May 2012

OOTD - Pretty Pastels

Hello My Lovelies,

I have an OOTD post for you as well today. This is my second post of the day, the sun is shining, overall i'm in a happy mood, i've officially finished my first year of University today, so let the Summer commence haha :) I am in a really happy writer / blogger mood today so i'll probably write up a whole load and time them all or something :) I'm working all weekend :( but i'll make sure their are posts!!

Sunglasses - Chanel
Blouse - Tesco
Mint Skinny Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Double Tounge Aztec Converse
Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage 

I have to say i am absolutely LOVING anything pastel at the moment :) my skinny years are my first ever pair from Topshop and i have to say they are super duper comfortable :) I've been online choosing a few other colours to buy haha

Hope the sun is shining where you are and your having a lovely day!

Lots of Love


WINNER: The Impulse Diairies Trip To Paris

Hello My Lovelies,

I have some exciting news for you :) eeeep!!

I've Won A Trip To PARIS!!

On monday i entered this competition of 'The Impulse Diaries' Facebook page. You had to upload a phot of yourself looking glamourous to win a trip to Paris. I don't even know how i came across it but some how it was on my news feed and they had posted some of their favorite entries so far. So i was like, ahh this looks good, might as well try and enter. I uploaded a photo of myself from my cousins 18th birthday last friday night. I got an email yesterday mid day saying that i'd won :O i was literally reading my email in super shock, because i haven't won anything before, anything! 

This is the picture i uploaded :)

This is what they said on 'The Impulse Diaries' Facebook page...

"We loved all your glamorous pics in this weeks competition!! It was very tricky picking a winner but we couldn't resist Sophia Meola's gorgeous dress. 
Congratulations to Sophia who has won a trip to Paris for her glam look!"

I still cannot believe i've actually won, i just went out on a whim and entered the competition kind of last minute! Just proves anything is possible haha 

I contacted Impulse yesterday with all my contact details and so on and i'm just waiting on a reply with details about everything! As soon as i know anything i will keep you all informed! 

I've literally just got home from my Marketing exam and i couldn't resist not writing a short post about it to you all, i'm super excited :D

Speak to you all soon!

Lots of Love



Wednesday 23 May 2012

Hand Candy Of The Day

Hello My Lovelies,

I thought i'd start a new series, showing you all the jewelry i wear on a day to day basis. So as you can see from above, today is 'Handy Candy' as in the jewelry i wore on my hands today. I always wear my Tag Watch and a friendship bracelet i've had on since i went to Mexico 5 years ago :3 so that doesn't really count haha So Bracelets will be - Arm Candy and so on ;)

Hand Candy Today...

Peach Rose Ring - Sophia With Love - £2
Yellow Floral Cameo Ring - Sophia With Love - £2

Both rings are from my Boutique 'Sophia With Love', i've been testing out a lot of my jewelry lately and these have been my favorites for months now :) i love wearing them together!

Currently whilst writing this i am snacking on some yummy 'Butterkist - Cinema Sweet Popcorn' :P

Hope you enjoyed this super quick post!

Lots of Love


Guest OOTD - My Cousin Carmela :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I have a guest OOTD for your today, i really want to get back into them but the last few days i havent been wearing any makeup what so ever, i've been trying to let my skin breath and get some colour in this lovely sunny weather :D So my lovely cousin Carmela offered to step in and so a quick OOTD for you all!

Sunglasses - Topshop
Vest Top - New Look
Maxi Skirt - River Island
Jewel Waist Belt - River Island
Shoes - Limited Edition Aztec Espadrille Vans 

Hope you guys enjoy!

Lots of Love


Sunday 20 May 2012

Sophia With Love

Hello My Lovelies,

I have a little up date for you, the Sophia With Love website is still under construction as i want it to be perfect as i'm super OCD and a perfectionist haha However, after high demand on all of the products i will be starting to sell them on the Sophia With Love Facebook Page (HERE) :) Which i am really excited about because it is still such a big leap for my little boutique :)

I will post below some of the products that are available but please stop by our Facebook Page to have a browse :)

Please 'LIKE' us on Facebook :3 Thank Youuuu 

Howlite Multicoloured Skull Bracelet; ❤
£4 Each

Religious Bracelets; ❤
£2.50 Each
2 For £4.00

'Sophia With Love' Knuckle Rings (Sizes Vary)
£5.95 Each

Black Rose Ring

Pastel Blue Rose Ring

Peach Rose Ring

Pink Rose Ring

Sky Blue Rose Ring

All Rose Rings Are £2.00 Each

Lots More Are Currently Being Added To Our Facebook Page :)


Saturday 19 May 2012

My Cousins 18th Birthday Party

Hello My Lovelies,

So as i stated in my last post, i promised i'd so a post on my cousins 18th Birthday Party which was last night. I still feel exhausted but i'm still buzzing haha Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Dress - Lipsy VIP
Booties- Amazon

The Cake :)

The Birthday Girl (Rossana) & Her Beautiful Cake 

Me & My Nonna :)

Me With Gabriella Who Is One Of My Cousins :)

Me & Daddy :)

Mummy :)

Me, The Birthday Girl Rossana & My Other Cousin Carmela Who Is Rossana's Sister :)


Friday 18 May 2012

Ramble + OOTD - 16/05/12

Hello My Lovelies,

I have an OOTD for you from a few days ago. It was a sad but happy day as i will explain in a moment. I will be posting a post of my cousins 18th Birthday hopefully tomorrow, the parties tonight and we're all getting really dressed up and i can't wait :D

So, the 16th May 2012 was my Cousins (actual) birthday, her party is today. So we had a family get together, ate loads and had a good ol' time :) 

Also, one of my mum's good friends had sadly passed away and it was also the day of her funeral, so i went with my mum for support because it had really hit her hard. They had only know each other for about a year, they got close at out local gym. They used to texted each other all the time and it had been a few days without hearing anything and my mum knew something was up. We found out the news on my Nonna's birthday last week and we were so shocked. I never met her but from what my mum said about her she was an incredible and beautiful woman who had a passion for her animals. 

Then, i don't know how the heck it happened but i dropped my beloved iPhone down the toilet :O I wasn't even using the toilet so i still don't even know how it happened :( i am phone less at the moment and i feel so lost, my phone is my life!! haha My dads been trying to sort it all out for me today and hopefully we'll go get a new one tomorrow.  My contract finished in January but i'm waiting for the iPhone 5 which should be out September / October time, according to my Dad's friend at Apple. I will keep you posted on that!

My hair looks soooo flat :(

Blazer - Zara
Blouse - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Boots - UGG Australia

Hope you liked this short little post! Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday 17 May 2012


Hello My Lovelies :)
If you have been reading my blog entries for a while now you will know that i am on my Universities Cheerleading Team. I have absolutely loved every second of it so far, everyone is really lovely, friendly and welcoming which is great! We are the 'UOB EXTREME' Cheerleading Squad.

"UOB EXTREME We're Heading To The Top 
Red, White & Black
We Will Not Be Stopped"

Well, a few days ago we voted in new committee members and guess what?! I got voted as Treasurer YAY!

Club Captain: Annabelle
Vice Club Captain: Robyn
Dance Captain: Megan
Treasurer: Sophia Meola <-- Me ;)
Social Sec: Jess & Jake 

We had out first ever meeting today as a committee and we have so much planned, it's going to be an 'Extreme-ly' exciting year! <--- See what i did their ;)

One of the things we want to do is promote ourselves a little more and so we created our 'Facebook Like Page'  :) the Squad has only been around for a few years and so we thought it would be good idea to promote ourselves a little more so our community know more about us, also it'll be fun to keep in contact with past team members and a great way to let you all know what we're up to and what we have planned ;)

So pretty please could you 'LIKE' our page and spread some 'Blogger' love :) 

Thank You Sooooo Much <3


Tuesday 15 May 2012

Primark & Boots Haul :)

Hello My Lovelies :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and your week has been great so far!

I have another quite large Primark Haul for you today, with a purchase from Boots and also a little ramble inbetween. Who doesn't love a good ol' ramble?! 

Haha i was just thinking that all i seem to be doing is posting Primark Hauls, i think i shop their way too much :L I went in their today to exchange 1 item and i ended up walking out with 2 bags full :O i think i need help :L every time i walk through their i always leave with something!! Eeeep Shopaholic Issues ;)

Sorry if the pictues are not 100% the weather where i am has taken a turn for the worst and decided to rain and thunder :/ which sucks! 

I have been planning some upcoming posts on my 'Primark Blouse Collection' & i'm also thinking a 'Bikini Collection / Summer Bikini' post but we'll he how create i get haha

This is everything i got today :) I will start of with Boots because it's only 2 items, then we can head into the juicy part of the post the 'Primark Haul'. 

I got a cheeky magazine, eyey because we all go to Boots to get magazines :S i was queueing up to pay and i saw it and it was only £1 and i couldn't resist :)

I then decided to get a new concealer, one that i could use more everyday. I initially wanted the 'Collection 2000' one but when i got to the section they were all mucky and a right mess so i didn't even bother lol. I then went to my next option which was good ol '17' which also ended up £1 cheaper at £3.99 and i got the shade 'Fair' so it's lighter under my eyes :) I have 2 MAC concealers which i use all the time but i decided to get a more 'Everyday' one which doesn't hurt the bank account as much :) i have yet to try it but i'm using it tonight so i will let you now how it goes :)

Right, now onto the Primark goodies :) I also got a few girly bits like Bra's and Pants but i don't think you guys want to see them haha

The first blouse i got was this Pink Short Sleeve one with Black detailing. I thought it looked really classy, something i could wear everyday for a casual look but also on a night out dressed up :) This was £8

Then i decided to get this really cute Cream Short Sleeve Blouse with Leopard Detailing. I'm a bit iffy with Leopard print because i think worn the wrong way can look a little chavvy and not to my liking. However, when i saw this i absolutely loved it :) I'd been meaning to get my hands on something like this for a while because 'Missguided' had a few blouses like this and i was sooo close to buying them. Glad i didn't because i saved write a but with this one which was only £10. 

To get to the shoe section you walk through the 'Mens Department' which i usually just walk throught without a care in the world :L However, the last few times walking through i have picked up some lovely jumpers :) so when i saw this Aztec print top i had to have it! I don't care that it's in the mens section :L it'll be a great top for my up coming holidays :D this was £6

Words cannot describe how much i LOVE these Jean Jeggings, i bought 2 pairs today and i now have a total of 4 pairs :) they are super duper comfortable and feel great on. The sizing is great and i love how i can throw them on whenever i want without worrying about the 'Newly Wash Jeans' issue haha. Do any of you get that? When i wash other jeans i find that they shrink up and then when i wear them they fit again :S weird i know. Well these Jean Jeggings do not have that problemo! I say their Jeggings only because they are elasticated, however, they feel exactly like jeans! These were £8 each and i think you cannot go wrong with that :)

I'm not sure if you can see from the picture but their is an Aztec print on both tops, I got the same top in both White & Black, these are the type of jersey tops i love wearing for Cheerleading practice, so when i saw them i had to get them :) they were £4 each which is nothing for a nice quality top like this.

I then got a new bikini, i have a few from Primark and they are great quality and are very cute :) the top was £5 and the bottoms were £3 which is absolutely amazing compared to places like River Island. I have a similar bikini to this except its navy and white stripes with red frills, it's very nautical :3 so keep an eye out if i decide to do a Bikini Summer Holiday post :D

I then headed over to the Shoe Department and got a few pairs :)

These are for my Mummy :) however, i definitely WILL be borrowing them! :D We decided to get these because where we go in Spain their is a secluded private pebble beach which we like to head on down to when we're not at the Villa and the pebbles really hurt your feet :( and sandals slip off so we thought we'd give these babies a try :) 

I also got a white pair for me :)

These were both £4 :)

I then got some new Espadrilles, i got a pair from Primark a few years back which i wore to death and they went a little funny so i chucked them away. So when i saw these really cute laced crochet ones i had to get them :) I got white because i thought it would be more versatile, they were £6

These little beauties were £8, i'd been eyeing up a pair of loafers for a while now so when i saw these i thought it was fate. I never really used to like them but i'd have to say they have grown on me. I love these tan and white loafers with gold curb chain detailing :) Their the type of shoes that'll look good everyday under jeans :)

Thats my haul, i hope you liked it!!

Let me know what you think!



Friday 11 May 2012

Small MAC Haul :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I am absolutely loving this Scheduled Post Timer Thingy, so i've been writing a whole load of posts today and being trying to Schedule them all perfect for you guys! This is to make up for me lacking in posts the last few weeks :)

So Last firday i posted a little post about a Road Trip and some Sophia With Love goodies. Today i have my MAC Haul from that Road Trip :) YAY!

This is a very small haul but i hope you all still enjoy it!

I got two items, an Eye Kohl & a Lipglass :)

I'd been lusting over this Eye Kohl for a while now because i've heard sooo many great things about it. I was meant to pick it up in my last Haul but i was completely overwhelmed that i forgot haha I love going to MAC. I havent used this product because i want to use up a few other eyeliner first, but their are so many reviews of this product online their wouldn't be any point me doing one haha If you do have any questions about it thought do not hesitate to contact me :) 

When i saw this Lipglass i fell in love :) it is part of the new sets that have just been released with the Nail Polish, Lipstick & Lipglass. I have tried this lipstick on in store and it doesn't really look that great on me, maybe when i'm more confident with such a bright colour i will eventually purchase it :) The nail polish wasn't on display, i assume it was sold out, but this would make a beautiful nail colour especially for the summer time and on holiday. So when i saw they had the Lipglass i couldn't miss this opportunity to get it. I have tried it on and it has got visible colour pay off on your lips, however, it is much more wearable and sheerer than the lipstick which i love! This would look lovely paired with a nude lipstick or pink lipstick. I have to say i'm not a huge fan of this particular shade just on bare lips, it applies a lot more evenly with wither a base or primer :)

That's my Small MAC Haul, hope you liked it :) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Also please leave any suggestions or experiences with your favorite MAC products, i love reading them :)



No.7 Lift & Curve Eyelash Curlers

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well and having a lovely week! This is my 100th post :O Eeeeep!! So this better be an awesome review for you guys :)

A few days ago I took my lovely doggy Bella to be groomed at good ol' Pets at Home, it's at a local business park with tones of other shops. We had a ponder around in places like Matalan, T K Maxx & Boots. I love a good ol' trip to Boots, i always leave with something :) I haven't put up the haul for this yet but i bought a few items. A New Real Techniques Eyeshadow brush, some Soap & Glory bits and of course the item in question, the 'No.7 Eyelash Curlers' :)

Usually i try and use the £5 off No.7 Vouchers which Boots always give out but unfortunately the promotion is not running at the moment :( boo!! However, the Eyelash Curlers themselves were around £7.75 which is pretty reasonable for an Eyelash Curler which actually works :)

The main reason i was on the hunt for another one was because i did have one in my makeup collection but it's something like 8 years old, i picked it up in good ol' Poundland way before i even knew what it was used for haha I mean for a £1 you can't go wrong. It is actually pretty good however, i knew i had to invest in a more durable one which would show my eyelashes more effect and care.

I am forever trying to create beautiful long lashes, i have pretty average lashes but they need lots of work to look good haha. I occasionally use false lashes, however, i'm not the best at putting them on, i definitely need more practice! So most of the time i try to make the most of my natural lashes, and to do this i need one heck of an awesome mascara and of course some pretty nifty Eyelash Curlers :D

I have used these No.7 Eyelash Curlers now for the past few days and i have to say i have noticed a definite change in my lashes. They are more lifted and curled and when i apply my mascara they look more fuller, longer and think which is ahhh-mazing :D

I would definitely recommend these Eyelash Curlers, they are very reasonable, even more so when you have a No.7 Voucher and they actually work! I am very pleased :)

Hope your all well!


Thursday 10 May 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Nonna ♥

Hello My Lovelies,

With a bit of luck this post should be published at midnight (12.00am) on the 10th May 2012 which is my Nonna's (Grandmothers) 60th Birthday :) a very special birthday indeed! 

Words can not describe how much i LOVE my Nonna, she is the most amazing woman ever, and the rock of the family! She is someone you can have random chats with about ANYTHING <--- Thats right, anything ;) haha and she's always their when your feeling really down and need a little cheering up. I think all Nonna's (Grandmothers) know exactly what to do in any situation :D

I will be adding to the post later on so i can add pictures from the day :) all her presents and our lovely meal!

This is my beautiful Nonna when she was around 13 / 14 years old :)

This is me and my Nonna at my 18th Birthday Party :)

This is my Nonna from New Years Eve this year :)

To Be Continued...



Wednesday 9 May 2012

Primark Haul - Well, Kind Of :3

Hello My Lovelies,

I had to pop into town today to run a few errands, i had to go to the bank to sort out stuff with 'Sophia With Love', i had to go get some Birthday bits and bobs as it's my Nonnas (Grandmothers) 60th Birthday tomorrow (10th May)  and my cousins 18th Birthday on the 16th May. 

We got my Nonna some lovely little bits and a more larger gift which i won't say what it is yet but i'll most probably do a post about it soon :)

So i have entitled this post 'Primark Haul - Well, Kind Of :3' and thats exactly right. I can never not have a little ponder through Primark when i'm in town even though i probably should stop because i always end up buying something. I think i have obtains an obsession with shopping since starting my blog haha I still entitled it a haul because i did buy 1 item and i thought i'd share it with you all!

You all know the drill about the bags :)

When i saw the blouse i instantly thought about how cute it was and how it would look lovely in my wardrobe :P It's a lovely peachy nude shade with cream detailing on the sleeves and collar. It also has some vintage style gold buttons going down the front which i think helps give the blouse character :)
The blouse itself was £10 which is pretty good for a blouse like this. I have a wide range of different blouses from Primark and i am always satisfied and happy with them :)

I'm thinking i may just have to do a Primark Blouse Collection / REview for you guys, ahh ideas, ideas, ideas :L

Let me know what you guys think :)


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