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Monday 30 July 2012

My New Tiffany & Co Addition ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

If you don't already know i am a huge Tiffany & Co lover and some would say a little obsessed haha I do have a ever growing collection which i have accumulated over the past few years, i love how everything is classy, timeless and suits near enough every outfit i create. 

As you know from my last few posts i have just returned from a holiday in Spain, we left from Terminal 5 at Heathrow, OMG the best terminal i have ever been to in my entire life! They had every single shop that you could imagine. Last year when my Mum & Dad went to Rome they left from Terminal 5 and they got me a stunning Mulberry wallet in the Mulberry store. I love how you can get lovely designer items at a discounted price!! We were wondering through and we discovered the Tiffany & Co shop, so naturally we had to venture on in and have a nosey around haha 

This was another impulse purchase, i had seen this necklace all over Instagram and the internet and thought it was absolutely beautiful! 

The Tiffany & Co Infinity Pendant Necklace is so dainty and beautiful. I was joking around to my Mum & Dad when we were in the store, i was like, it's either this necklace or an Infinity Tattoo and they were both like...right, we'll take this then. Was hilarious at the time :L 

If you'd like to see my Tiffany & Co Collection then click the link below :D

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me :)

Ahh really excited :D just got a Tweet from @TiffanyAndCo on Twitter

Lots Of Love


Sunday 29 July 2012

❤ How To: Save Money On Fashion ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

As you can probably tell by now i love all this Fashion & Beauty and i am forever finding an excuse to go shopping. However, like you've seen in a number of my blog posts i am always on the look out for ways that i can save money, i love a good ol' bargain :) So i thought i would share a few of my own personal tips and also some great websites for you to check out :)

This post may be a tad long but trust me it'll be totally worth the read ;) Below are 8 websites and places and then at the bottom are a few extra facts to help you out!

1) Outlet Shopping

A favorite Outlet of mine which i have been going to for many years now is Bicester Village. Its a great place to find designer and more expensive items with a discount of up to 70% off. I have purchased many MAC, Jack Wills, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren & UGG items here at such reasonable prices compared to non outlet stores and websites. I have recommended many friends here and they all love the hefty savings they make, it gives us an even better excuse to do even more shopping ;) I'm actually planning on going soon with my mum so watch this space :)

2) Hire Your Outfit

If your in a rush and need an outfit quick or if buying a whole new outfit is a little on the pricey side then now you can hire your outfits. I have never personally done this but i have many friends who have used such websites as Girl Meets Dress & My Celebrity Dress and have always been satisifed. With these websites you can hire outfits for a specific period of time, you can search by designer, celebrity and even your size, which is great because it's like a little guide to help what best suits your body shape. They have an array of dresses worn by a wide range of celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Kim Kardashian and the TOWIE girlies.  It's a great way to find the perfect outfit and look like a celebrity all in one, can;t go wrong with that ;)

3) Secret Sales (Shhhhh)

Secret Sales is a great little website which hold limited time sales on designer items for up to 70% off. You do have to be a registered member but signing up is totally free and quick. They have had sales on in the past on Converse, UGG, Juicy Couture and currently as i am typing this they have a sale on Vintage Designer items and i've missed out on a load of Chanel items :( you've got to be quick! Also, what other website sells on sale Chanel?? Definitely one to check out lovelies :D It's always worth checking back every now and again to see what up coming sales they have and you can sign up to get reminders from them :)

4) Fashion Vouchers

I have recently discovered this quaint website called Fashion Vouchers which has every voucher, offer and sale on that you would ever need all in one place, how amazing is that?! I am always on the hunt for offers and vouchers that i can use online or in store to cut down my hefty subtotal ;) this website is amazing for helping you do just that, definitely one to keep in your tabs section!

5) My Uni Days

I discovered My Uni Days through Facebook and shopping online. It offers a wide range of discounts and promotions from their retail partners such as ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo and so on. This acts just like a Student Card except you don't have to fork out the money on the student card like it did haha You simply create an account with your University Login details and it verifies your an actual student and your on your way to saving tones of money :D When i can't be bothered to fetch my student card (Which is most of the time now i know this website exists) i am constantly flicking through the savings on this website :D

6) NUS Student Cards

If you have them then absolutely go crazy with them ;) like i said above you do have to pay for a NUS Student Card but it's totally worth it considering the amount of savings you make plus it lasts for a year. Actually writing this is reminding me that i have to get a new one after August, YIKES, need to put that on things to do! I am always flashing my student card at every given opportunity, if you don't ask you don't get haha It's mainly the 'Arcadia' group on the highstreet that take this card a wide range of others like Apple, Missguided, Boohoo, Topshop, New Look and so on. The only place i wish they accepted it would be River Island, maybe if we start a petition they'll start to accept it haha ;) however, they did do a special 1-day-only even for student card holders earlier this year so keep your eyes open for up coming events!!

7) Ebay Baby ;)

Ebay is a great place to find a wide range of designer and non designer items for reasonable prices. Ebay does now have a special 'Fashion' section, designer outlet and daily deals to suit everyone. I can usually find many dupes of highstreet a designer items on Ebay for a wayyy smaller price tag. My friend was compeating in Miss England this year and she got one of her many beautiful ball gowns off Ebay and you couldn't tell the difference compared to other designer brands :) pretty amazing huh!

8) Swap Shop

I recently discovered this website called Big Wardrobe yet again i found this website through a savings booklet in a magazine which i think was 'Cosmopolitan'. You can buy new clothes, sell your old ones and even swap with other Big Wardrobe users, pretty nifty. 

A Few Other Tips

 - Blog Sales - Being a Blogger i am always coming across Blog Sales and i love the fact that you could purchase, share or swap items with fellow bloggers and friends!

 - Sales - This is quite explanatory but if you constantly check for sales and know when they are coming up then you will most likely get first picks on items which is always a plus :D

 - Charity / Thrift Shopping - Definitely worth it if you know where to go and have the patients to dig out great finds. I know friends of mine who have gone Thrifting in London and have come away with Vintage Designer items at a fraction of the price, absolutely amazing! I needs to get me to London!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's something different and i enjoyed writing it for you all! I hope you check out the links above!

If you know any other amazing places or have some great advice please leave it below, i love discovering new Fashion money saving tips!

Good Luck Saving Lovelies :D

Lots of Love


Saturday 28 July 2012

My New Chanel Handbag ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

So this is an exciting post for me, i still can't believe i'm actually writing it :D So, as you now we were on vacation and the last few days of it we stopped off in Barcelona. In my last post i mentioned i purchased a few luxurious things, one being my Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet in Monogram but this purchase has to be by the far the most luxurious of the whole entire trip. 

We purchased a Chanel bag :) Like in my previous post this was also purchased in Barcelona and the sale assistants in their were so lovely, we starting having a full blown conversation with them all. The guy that initially served us was absolutely beautiful :P haha He gave me loads of advice and helped me choose the right bag for me. 

This post is most probably going to be picture heavy as i wanted to capture each moment :P I'll post the pictures from when i un-boxed it for the first time and then i will talk to you about what i chose and a few interesting facts about this particular bag :D

So as you can see from the millions of pictures above, I purchased the 'Chanel Classic Flap Bag' i've had my eye on this bag for a while now and i'm so glad i finally purchased it. It was on a whim purchased, we just went in a decided to get it which was really exciting. 


Size: Medium/Large

Leather: Lambskin

Colour: Black

Hardware: Silver

It's great how you can choose what size, colour, hardware and what leather you prefer for this bag. It all depends on what you prefer. I chose this size because when i saw it i thought it was absolutely perfect and it was the right one for me, when i like something you'll know because i am very picky with certain things haha. I chose the Lambskin because personally i thought it looked a lot prettier to the eye, it does have more maintenance compare to the Caviar Leather, however, i treat all of my luxury items with extreme care. I chose black because it's the most iconic, classic and timeless shade and for my first Chanel bag i thought it was perfect. I then chose the Silver Hardware because it's more modern and it stood out to me more that the Gold. It is all preference and depends on what you like but when i get my next Chanel handbag i'm sure i'll switch it up and go for a different combination :)

A few interesting facts:

1) The small Classic Flap Bag is typically called the 2.55 because Coco Chanel initially designed it in February (2) 19(55). When i found this out i thought it was absolutely amazing haha

2) Each compartment had a significant meaning to Coco Chanel, the compartment on the back of the bag was for spare change, the hidden compartment at the back was for her Love Letters (Awww), a very small compartment on the inside of the bag was for her Lipstick ;)

3) The design of the bag has initial meaning to Coco Chanel, for example, the chain resembles the chains the caretakers used to wear at the orphanage she was at when she was younger. 

When i found out a few of these facts i thought it was amazing, how everything has a significant meaning and how much hard-work and time was placed into designing such an iconic and timeless handbag. 

I hope you liked this post :) If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below! Also if you have any requests i'd love to hear them :)

Lots Of Love


Friday 27 July 2012

My New Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

So i got back from my vacation last night really late, well, i say last night but i really mean the early hours of the morning haha. We spent 12 days in our Villa in Peniscola and then 3 days in Barcelona so we could do some more serious shopping and do some sight seeing. The weather has been absolutely amazing and i miss it already :(

So on my travels i picked up quite a few luxurious pieces, some of which i am still in shock over, all will be revealed soon ;) I am soooo grateful for everything i have and always looks after them like a crazy person, like i'm tucking them into bed when i'm finished using a specific item haha

Louis Vuitton has always been a love of mine and as of this purchase i now have acquired 4 pieces, 2 of which being bags, my Speedy 35 in Monogram and my Neverfull MM in Monogram, 2 wallets, my Zippy Coin Purse in Monogram and my New Zippy Wallet in Monogram. As you can probably tell i am a huge fan of the Monogram, i think it's absolutely timeless and classic :) Also my two bags in my opinion are the two well known and classic bags which are very popular :)

I purchased my new wallet from the Louis Vuitton in Barcelona, it was a lovely experience purchasing it in a European store as i've purchased my other items in the UK :) However, i made sure that the wallet still said 'Made In France' on the inside as i heard if you purchase a bag in the US it has 'Made In USA' as they have a factory out their as it's more economical and cost efficient for them due to all of the import costs. I'm picky and prefer all of my items to say 'Made In France' because Louis Vuitton is a 'French' design :) haha weird i know :P

Out of all the purses i have to say the Zippy design is my favorite as they look very chic. It is very durable and fits 8 cards, cash, change and receipts and so on. I love all of the different compartments, i am a very organised person so everything needs it's own little place and this is perfect for that. You can apparently fit your iPhone it is also, i just tried and it almost shut, i was scared to go any further just in case it broke haha perhaps the older iPhone design fitted a lot more rather than the new iPhone 4's, so i don't think i'll be doing that anymore just in case it distorts the shape of the wallet itself. 

This is a lovely piece which i will be using for a long time, i just put all of my bits in it and it looks soooo cute haha I've always wanted a Louis Vuitton wallet and i'm so glad i finally got one :) 

Lots of Love


Wednesday 25 July 2012

Spain OOTD's / OOTN's #1 ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

I've decided to post some of my favorite OOTD / OOTN posts for you all from my holiday to Spain. Like i said in my last post i'm still here yay :) but i finally have the time to get writing and posting again! Hope you like this quick post.

Most of the items in my OOTD's & OOTN's from my holiday are mainly from recent hauls, either from River Island, Primark or Topshop and so on :) I went a little crazy in the recent River Island 50% off sale haha woopsieee :P

Sunglasses: Chanel
Lace Bow Back Bandeau Top: River Island
Aztec Print Bodycon Skirt: River Island
Pink Short Sleeve Blouse: Primark
White Bow Sandals: Primark

I love how this outfit came together in the end, i must admit this year i have been more experimentative (If thats a works :L) and daring with my outfits, well i think so anyways haha, you can be the gudge ;) when you see them in my upcoming posts!

Let me know what you think, i always love reading your comments!

Lots of Love


Tuesday 24 July 2012

Hola From Espania

Hola Chicas,

Just a quick post to say hello my lovelies :D It's been a good few weeks and i can finally write a post for you all :) I am still on holiday, we spent the last 12 days in our Villa in Peniscola, it's a small quaint village which is boiling hot all year round :) always a plus, me and my mum have literally been sunning it up constantly :) Summer Tan = LOVE

We are now in Barcelona for the last 3 Days of our holiday, we got here around 5ishhh today and literally got to our hotel and hit the shops. We managed to hit Sephora because they are open until 10.00pm <-- ahh mazingg or what?! and then had a wonder through 'Las Ramblas' for all the shops we're hitting tomorrow ;) all will be revealed. I definitely have sooooo many haul posts to write up for you guys from the holiday, i can't wait to get back into blogging. I've decided when i get home i'm going to get my act together are blog more and also make more videos. At the moment i have a few collection videos on my Youtube channel so watch that space ;)

No sure what else to say wright now but i will be posting some more later on, maybe my Sephora haul?? We'll see :) literally so excited right now! Except the fact i have missed a lot of Television in the UK and all my American series, thank goodness for series link ;) 

Speak to you all soon!


Wednesday 11 July 2012

Nails Inc Couture

Hello My Lovelies,

Now, have you ever wished that you could create your own nail polish?? Well, thanks to Nails Inc you can do just that :D Just when you thought our love affair with nail polish had reached it's peak, Nails Inc has come along and created a couture and bespoken polish service. You first choose a fashion-forward lid, fill the bottle with your favorite colour, customise the box and the best bit is, wait for it... you can even name it yourself!!!

I have been on their website for what seems to be forever now, i couldn't decide what i wanted to create because i LOVED so many different combinations. But after much deliberation i came up with this design...


Cap: Clear Crystal Cap
Colour: South Molton Street
Name: Sophia With Love - After My Business ;)
Stickers: I [heart] Nails Inc & With Love

So thats my final design :) i love how it turned out and how you can customise everything to yourself and what you like. I opted for the Clear Crystal Cap because it very classy, blingyyy and luxurious,  i chose pink because you can never go wrong with a lovely natural pink shade which goes with everything, a personal favorite of mine is 'Got A Date To Knight' by OPI :) I then chose to name it after my business [Sophia With Love] because i thought it was a cute personal touch and something that i will always remember in the future. I then chose the stickers because they were the ones that best suited my design, as the other stickers were for birthdays and so on and i'm just purchasing this for myself haha 
I mean it comes in at £20 which is a tad pricey for a nail polish but at the end of the day you have to remember you've personalized it all yourself, chosen the cap, colour, name & stickers and it'll get delivered to you door. I think this'll make a perfect little gift to myself :D

If you want to make your own Nail Polish or even have a mess around on the website then click the link below ;)

Speak soon!



Thursday 5 July 2012

River Island & Rimmel Haul

Hello My Lovelies,

I've had a super busy long day. I first had a consultation at the Doctors at 9.00am this morning, we ended up at the wrong part of the hospital because we assumed it was the same place we always went to, however, they had expanded to another side of the wing so we had to make another car journey, boo!! £6 of parking tickets later and we finally got to the right place. 
We then headed into town for a few errands, then me and my Mum went to lunch at the Harvester mmm was yummy :P and then stopped off at Tesco for a few bits and bobs, we're now home to start on some packing :) 

I posted on Tuesday about the utterly fabulous 50% off River Island sale which i attended and all the purchases that i made. I had to go back today because one of the striped trousers had a little whole where the sales tag was so we went back to see if they had any more, unfortunately they didn't but my lovely friends at River Island took £5 off of them which made them a sale total of £5 which is great. I can put a few little stitches in it anyways, it just above the waist so it'll be covered by a top. 

So, i got a bit of many back from the trousers and the sales assistant serving us told us that they had put a lot more items out the night before, so naturally we had to have a little snoop around before we left haha 

Bow Sandals

So i first saw the shoes, how cute are they? I took all of the tags how as soon as i got home so i could put everything away and i totally forgot that i needed them :L silly me haha Their sale price was £20.00 so i assume they must have been around £40.00 originally because it is a 50% sale :) 

Pink, Peach, Turquoise Ombre Jumper

I actually did a blog post on this a while back, i absolutely love it and thought it was stunning. I don't think i posted it on here, i think it was on my LUUUX blog. I have a funny feeling it was originally around £35.99, that number kind of jumps out at me, but i got it for £15.00. It looks lovely on, very flattering and its very unique because along the lower part of the turquoise along the waist, their are glitter threads intertwined which makes it sparkle, it's not huge amount, it's very subtle and pretty. 

Then after River Island, i had to head over to Boots because i had to purchase a new Eyebrow Pencil. I've been using Rimmel Londons Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel. It suits my brows perfectly and looks very natural. I don't use a lot of it, however, sometimes i find when i've used it, it helps structure the face which is great. 

So, thats pretty much todays antics, i have literally been everywhere. I keep saying i'm going to start packing but somehow i always never get round to it. We're leaving the early hours of Friday 13th so we have a bit of time. I'm working all weekend and then the Olympic Torch is coming through where i live which sounds quite exciting :D so i will keep you posted about that!

Speak Soon!


Tuesday 3 July 2012

River Island 50% Off Sale Haul :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I got an email yesterday that today was the 50% off River Island Sale. Most things in store are 50% off however, if you get to the door before 8.00am they give you a wristband which gives you an extra 50% off that sale price which is amazing!! Last year i got a wrist band and got some amazing bargains, went a bit crazy! I didn't go an get a wrist band this morning because i had too much on today, however, i went in after around 1.00pm ishhh with my mum and two cousins Carmela & Rossana and we literally caused some damage on the ol' bank cards haha 

So i leterally just got home, the lighting is absolutely rubbish but i had to do a post on it for you guys. Most of it will be packed for my holiday, i heading to Spain on the 13th July for 2 weeks and then i have a few other holidays lined up which i cannot wait for :)

The first thing i got was this "Cream Lace Cross Back Bralet" this originally was £18 and i got it at a sale price of £10. I've been looking for a few tops like this for so long now, my cousin wore one at the weekend when we went out and i absolutely loved it. Luckily enough they were in the sale :D i also ordered another one online before i went to the store this morning which is a plain black material, however, it has the same detailing. This top will go with soooo many different outfits and i tried it on with the Aztec skirt which you'll see below in a bit and it looked lovely :) 

I then got this "Aztec Print Mini Skirt" i love the aztec print and have a few items with it, however, after seeing loads of Instagram pictures i'd been lusting over an Aztec Skirt so when i saw this it was a no brainer haha :) Originally it was £15.00 however i got it at a sale price of £8.00. Like i said above, i tried this skirt with the Laced Bralet above and it looks so nice together :) definitely an outfit for the holidays me thinks :D 

I then got a few smaller items, a white laced Bandeau top which was originally £12.00 but got it for £5.00. I got a a plain black one a few weeks ago and i've worn it out a few times under blouses and i loved how it looked so when i saw this i i had to get it :) 
I then got this Bejeweled Turquoise Bikini Top which was originally £22.00 but i got it for £10.00. I got a similar one to this last year except its a kind of moss greeny gold shade and i loved that, this turquoise shade is stunning and reminds me of 'For Audry' by China Glaze :) now they didn't have the matching bottoms in my size so i opted to get a plain black pair, they do have some floral detailing on the sides which is lovely, i've tried it on together and it looks really nice. I am loving alternative my bikinis at the moment and it'll be definitely something i'll be doing this year. The bottoms were originally £10.00 but i got them for £5.00

Every haul i have done lately their has been something stripped in it haha so when i saw these stripped leggings in store i just had to get them :) i got the classic white and black stripped and also the blue and white stripped. They are super duper comfortable and light weight. Originally they were £16.00 but i got them at a sale price of £10.00 each

Eeeeeep i love these Neon Pink Shorts!! I'dd had my eye on these for a while, every time when i saw them in store i was always so tempted to get them, however, some times i try to hang on for sales but some times you cant help impulse purchases haha These are going to be perfect for the summer :) These were originally £20.00 but i got them for £10.00. I also purchased a pair online before i went into the store this morning, they are Hot Pink & Green ombre effects, as soon as they arrive i will do a post on them too :)

I then got this 'Nude Aztec Print Laced Dress' it's really unusual and i love skater dresses. I think they are very flattering and comfortable :) This was originally £35.00 but i got it for £15.00 which i thought was a really good price. It does come up a little too short for me, as i am quite tall, well my legs are quite longs haha so i'm thinking i'll need to wear some black tights underneath it, otherwise everyone will have a lovely view of my bum ;) 

I then got this oversized 'LOVE' top which i thought would be great for Cheerleading practice and working out. It is super comfortable and the arm holes are quite large so i could wear one of my bandeau tops underneath :) This was originally £15.00 but i got it for £6.00

I was just about to queue up when i saw this "Orange Halter Neck Playsuit" i thought it was something great to have when going out to buy something really quickly when staying at our Villa. Something i can quickly pop on and go straight out the door with my bikini on :) It was originally £20.00 but i got it for £8.00. 

The last thing we got in store were these really cute shoes :) These are a "Cream Peep Tow Wedge with an Aztec Print Wedges" they are very unique and extremely comfortable :) They are for Mum but i know i'll be wearing them too ;) They were originally £40.00 and i got them for £20.00

Overall, i am extremely happy with my purchases, i did got a little crazy and i had a little laugh with the sales assistant. I'm glad i decided to pop into the store as well as order online because they had a lot of different items. 

Like i mentioned earlier these are the items i ordered online from the River Island 50% sale. When these arrive i will make sure to do a post on them :)

Hope your all good and your Summer is going great so far!

Lots of Love

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