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Saturday 28 April 2012

Haul - Longchamp, MAC & Sophia With Love

Hello My Lovelies,

I know i've been a tad MIA lately but i'm back haha. I had a few deadlines at University so i totally had to devote myself to them! I only have 3 days left at University including 1 exam and then i'm done YAY! Then i'll have an amazing 5 month summer holiday <-- Ahh-Mazinggg <3

Right, my last post what telling you all about a Haul is was going to post and also some OOTD's, so i'm here to give you the first half of that sed haul :D It's about time right?! haha

Rightiooo, so the first item i got was....

My Longchamp Le Pliage in Navy, I opted to get the largest one with the larger handle because i love big bags haha plus i'll be able to hold the bag on my shoulder too :D

I have had my eye on the Longchamp Le Pliage range for a good few months now and i kept looking online for them and putting them in my shopping bag but never actually purchasing them for some reason :/ haha. So when i was walking through 'John Lewis' and i saw them just sitting their i was like 'Yeah, That's A Sign, I Need To Buy One' haha. 

The bag itself cost me £72, it does seem a little much considering the material of the bag but i have to say that it is great quality and i will definitely get my wear out of it :) So look out for an OOTD with it in soon :3

Right, the second place i stopped by was...

My Local MAC Counter :D

I absolutely love stopping by my local MAC counter, i always have an amazing experience and a goo ol' laugh. They girls their know me know and we always chat away for agesss haha. I had a good ol' shop this time as i had a load of voucher from Christmas, so naturally i was like a kid in a candy shop :D

So i got...

So in more detail...

MAC Brush Cleanser: £8.50

I decided to get the MAC Brush Cleanser for a few reasons. I've heard such great things about it and wanted to give it a go :) I also thought it would come in handy, seeing as i have a whole load of MAC brushed i'd probably prefer to use a MAC brush cleaners on them, even though up till now i havent haha I havent actually used it yet but i'm thinking i may do some kind of brush cleaning tutorial, i know their are millions around but i'd like to give a little spin on it haha :D

MAC 217: £16 
MAC 239: £19

I laready have both of these brushes but opted to get them both again before the MAC 217 & MAC 239 are iconic and amazing brushes! I decided to get them again because i forever have dirty brushes and i could do with some spare ones haha especially if i want to use different colours to what i use everyday!

MAC Constructivist Paint Pot: £14.50

I regularly use MAC Painterly Paint Pot and i'd heard so many good things about the 'Constructivist' so i'd been lusting over it for a while. I do love these kind of colours and i have used it since purchasing it and it's lovely :) especially with MAC 'Mulch' Eyeshadow on top :D

MAC Designer Purple Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner: £14 

I initially went into MAC wanting to get their 'Smoulder' Black Eye Khol but i totally forgot haha so that's something i definitely need to go back for :D
I got this purple eyeliner instead called 'Designer Purple' and it's absolutely stunning! It's very creamy and works as a great base for the next product i got ...

MAC Mineralized Eye Shadow in Young Punk: £16.50

The sales assistant showed us the 'Designer Purple' eyeliner smudged into her hand with the 'Young Punk' Mineralized Eyeshadow on top and it looks ahhh-mazinggg :) like a proper dramatic night out look. I tried it on my mum a few days ago and it looks lovely on!

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer - NW25: £13.50

This is my 2nd ever MAC Concealer, i already have the 'Select Cover Up' Concealer which i love but i decided to get another one because i've heard great things about this one on blogger and youtube :) Plus you can never have enough Concealer haha <3

MAC M.A.C Red Lipstick: £13.50

The only other Red Lipstick i have from MAC is 'Russian Red' and i got it in the MAC 'Wonder Woman' Collection, it's not really a true Red like this one so i had a chat with the girls and they recommended this one. I've never really been into Red lips, maybe if i have more of a tan i'd be able to pull it off haha. This was really for my my as she loves wearing her Red lipstick! She has a darker skin tone to me so she pulls it off lovely!

So that is part 1 of my Haul :D Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any thoughts or personal experiences with anything! Or feel free to recommend you most loved products to me!

Right, i have a little sneak peek preview for you of a new range coming out soon for 'Sophia With Love' it's my 'Daisy Stud Earring' Collection!

They come in 8 different colours and i will do a more detailed post on them really soon! :)

Hope you liked this post!

Lots of Love



Thursday 19 April 2012

OOTD + Haul + Mum + Bella

Hello My Lovelies :)

Me and my Mum decided that we would do some much needed retail therapy today :) I'm actually exhausted, i near enough have just got back, sorted out everything and got ready for bed, as you do on a Thursday evening :) We had such an amazing day, had some laughs and bought some lovely bits!

I'm not going to be doing the haul in this post but hopefully tomorrow i'll post some of the things. I'll probably half everything into 2 posts, hmmm we'll see :) 

Here's a sneak peak :3

I went a little crazy at my local MAC Counter :) i always love going in their because the girls who work their know me now and we have a good ol' laugh! Loveeee It!! :D 
I also stopped by River Island and picked up a few things in the sale and also some new in items :) we also got a few bits from BHS's Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and John Lewis :) I'll explain everything in an upcoming post :) 

I also have some OOTD's for you :)

Blazer: Primark
Blouse: New Look
Riding Leggings: River Island
Boots: UGG 
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Ohh Look Theirs Bella <3 Haha

I also have a little treat for you all, my Mum kindly agreed to be featured in my blog :) here is her OOTD

Blazer: River Island
Blouse: Matalan
Jeans: River Island
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Classic Tall Black Paisley UGG's (Even though you can't see them :3 haha)

Their you go :) hope you liked our OOTD's, keep a look out for the haul post if your intrigued about what i got haha!


Wednesday 18 April 2012

Guest Post "Current Favourites" -The Jewel Beauty-

Hello My Lovelies :)

I have a little treat for you all today, i have an amazing Guest Post from my lovely friend India at 'The Jewel Beauty'. She has such an amazing blog with amazing OOTD and reviews! She is such a lovely person with great taste, she is very sincere and has become a true friend for life! :D I love how we have so much in common and are at the same point in our lives, it's great to have someone their every step of the way :) She also has her own cosmetic business called 'Jewel By India R Cosmetics. I have purchased one of her lip balms and it is truly Ahhh-Mazinggg, trust me you need to head on over to her website and take a look for yourself :) 

Enjoy!! <3

Hi Everyone,
My name is India-Robyn and i'm from the 'The Jewel Beauty' I'm so happy to be doing a guest post for the lovely Sophia, and i hope you all enjoy it. Blogging is such a great way of making new friends, and now me and sophia talk most days! My post is going to be about my current favorites, and i have hand selected two items from each category.


I'm really loving my Sanctuary Body Butter, it's far from greasy and it moisturises very well, and for such a lovely product its a great price! I also love my Xen Tan Mist Intense, It's my favorite brand and because i used to love professional spray tands, i use the spray version over the lotion version. I forgot to mention that both of these products smell lovely, and the tan definitely does not have a strong biscuit smell.


Mythic Oil is a really lovely smelling light weight oil, which also speeds up blow drying time. I love the way it calms any frizz, and how it doesn't make my slightly oily scalp greasy. I started using Kerastase because my hair can get quite oily, this shampoo is the ultimate detox and removes any build up products. I only use this product now and then, because it's very powerful. However, it works amazingly and i would recommend it for anyone with troublesome hair!


Okay, so i cheated a little bit on this one, as i have three favorites. The first being my sample of the Origins Gin-Zing Eye Cream. I'm really getting along with the eye cream, it's not greasy at all which is a bonus. I hate watery eye creams, as my concealer always slides on top of them. The next product is my Skin Truffle Cream by Temple Spa, i honestly think this is the most amazing product i have ever tried. It's made out of diamonds, truffles & gold dust, and it's cheaper compared to Chanel's £200.00 version. The final product is my Grape Fruit wash, i really like this and it's a bonus that it helps reduce breaking out. I do notice it has slightly drying effects on my skin, but nothing a good moisturiser won't sort out. I love using drug store skin care, and Neutrogena is one of my favorites. 


Firstly, i'm on the third bottle of this foundation. It's very light weight, but it has the ability to be build-able which i like. The next product is the new and very hyped Revlon Lip Butter, i have heard some people don't like the glitter in #Peach Parfait, but i don't mind a bit of glitter personally. I mix it with a dabble of concealer to make it s little but lighter, as it's more of a red based peach than a beige. It looks great on, and i feel like it adds warmth to my complexion. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to India for taking the time to write up an amazing guest post! Like i said before please stop by her blog and don't forget to check out her luxurious lip balms!

Links <3


Primark Pastel Nail Polishes

Hello my lovelies,

I hope your week has been super awesome :) i'm currently still on Easter break until monday but i know a lot of people have gone back to school, college and University already. I should be doing my 'Pebble Pad' which is a kind of blog for FOBM which is part of my Business Management course but i think i'll leave it till later haha. I also have to get a presentation and case study ready for next thursday, once thats done i think my whole course is pretty much finished, except for one last Marketing exam in May :) YAY then i have 5 months off to do whatever i want. I have a few amazing holidays lined up for the Summer which i cannot wait for!! Eeeep Excitement haha 

Anyways, enough of my rambling and back to the review :D

A good few posts ago i posted about my March Primark Haul where i picked up loads of lovely bits and bobs. I picked up a few nail polish sets from the Primark Beauty range, they were near the tills and i thought i'd try them out and see how good they are. The one i will be reviewing today was £2 which is very reasonable for any nail polish, it comes with four beautiful colours, which works out at 50p each which is incredibly cheap. 

I'd never tried any Primark Beauty products before, as they're so incredibly cheap i am a bit cautious because you just don't know whats in them and if your body will react to them in any way. I know this sounds a bit OCD but it's true haha 

As you can see the pack comes with four lovely shades, they bottles themselves don't have names on so we'll just be creative and make our own haha. So we have like a 'Hot Pink' colour, 'Powder Sky Blue' colour, 'Pastel Pink' colour and also a lovely 'Mint Green' colour. I know their not that original by heyyy :D

Please excuse the little bubble on the 'Pastel Pink' shade, it's like staring back at me whilst i'm writing this post and it's annoying me haha
The swatches above are all two coats with a top coat :D

Hot Pink

This is a very unique shade, it's not as much as a pastel shade compared to the others. It's some where between a super hot pink and magenta pink with red undertones. As it's quite dark one coat near enough was more than efficient however i decided to do two coats of each colour to keep it fair. This is a perfect hot pink shade for when your on holiday and when you have a tan. As you can see it is very true to it's colour from the bottle. 

Powder Sky Blue

I decided to call this colour 'Powder Sky Blue' as it is a very sky blue pastel colour however it is very powdery, if that makes any sense haha. It is a very unique colour which i havent seen around a lot, i'm sure OPI, China Glaze or Essie will have something similar though. Yet again it is still very true to it's colour from the bottle. It applied very well and looks lovely on :)

Pastel Pink

I decided to call this one 'Pastel Pink' because it is a very true pastely pink colour, it reminds me of Barbie :D it's a lovely true pale pink colour, however, it has bright undertones which helps make this colour so unique. Yet again it is very true to the shade in the bottle and like all of the other shades it also applied very nicely. 

Mint Green

I decided to call this 'Mint Green' because yet again it is a very true mint colour which i am absolutely loving at the moment! It reminds me of mint or Pistachio ice-creammm haha even though i don't like pistachio ice-cream, which is crazy because i'm Italian, it just brings back memories of Italy in the Spring time :) 

All of the shades applied very nicely and dried relatively quickly which was a very  nice surprise :) Considering of how cheap they have a very thick consistency, as as you can see from the swatches it took two coats to get it extremely opaque and shiney :) 

Overall i would definitely recommend this product, i'm sooo glad that his impulse purchase turned out to be a great buy!

Let me know what you think :)



Tuesday 17 April 2012

Tesco Haul & Bella Update

Hello My Lovelies,

I have a small Tesco Haul for you today with a few photos of my adorable doggy Bella :) when i was taking these pictures Bella was hanging around and wanted to join in so i've added in a few of her haha :) 
I went Tesco today with my mum to do our usually weekly shop and i stopped by their clothing department and found some goodies :) I never used to like buying clothes from Tesco but within the last few years they have really improved, they have some really reasonable stylish things in store :) YAY!!

Something i havent added was my new 'Nivea hydro Care Lip Balm', it was on a special offer and i decided to go for it. I've been using all day since i got it because it feels amazing on my lips haha 

Look at these cute chocolate covered apples :3 Obviously these were part of the food shop but i had to include them because they're absolutely adorable. They were on a special offer at 2 for £1.50

Oh Looks Theirs Bella :L

I then saw these shorts and thought they were adorable, i thought they were lovely and would be perfect for the up coming summer months so i opted to get two pairs. This qwirky turquoise dotty pair and also the striped pair below. 

I've seen a lot of stripes around at the moment on website such as 'River Island' and 'Missguided' so i though, eyy why not jump on the band wagon and get myself a pair. They are both really great quality and were £6 which i though was considerably reasonable. 
I'd have to say though this picture is totally hurting my eyes right now :L weird i know haha

Haha there she is again, trying to rummage around in her bed haha 

This beautiful blouse then caught my eye :) Their were a few different colours bu ti opted to get the peach because this was the only one with a contrasting colour for the collar. I don't have a lot of peach in my wardrobe so this will definitely come in handy. I already know this is coming on holiday with me in July and September haha can't wait to wear it. Its great quality and was £14 which is quite good for a blouse like this :)

This top has to be one of my favorite purchases of the day :D i absolutely love the colour of it, i am adoring this mint colour! I also loveee the aztec print encrusted on it, it's very on trend and perfect for summer, definitely another must for the summer holidays! This was £8 which i though was pretty good!

Haha this is the last picture of Bella i promise :3 She just looked so picturesque and i had my camera ready so i couldn't resist :L

Their was also an offer going on at the moment where if you spend £25 or more you get £5 off or if you spend £40 or more you get £10 off. I think all in all i spent £34 and i should have got £5 off but i think the cashier accidently took £10 off haha which is awesome on my part haha :D I always love a good ol' bargain :)

I hope you enjoyed this little Tesco Haul and Bella Update :) 

Let me know what you think!


Liebster Blog Award

Hello My Lovelies,

I am very pleased to announce that i have received my third blog award :) every time i receive one it truly makes me happy and makes my day! I was awarded this by the lovely Alice at 'Style Comes From Within' thank you so much! :D

The Rules

1. Link whoever gave you the award
2. Put the award in your post
3. Choose 5 blogs that you feel deserve this award
4. Let them know you've awarded them

Who I Award

I know it's not 5 but it was so hard to choose so i decided to do 6 :D You will absolutely love all of these blogs!


Blog Of Beauty Tag

Hello My Lovelies,


I was tagged to this by the lovely Sarajayne at 'Goldilocks XO', if you haven't checked out her blog yet then i suggest you do :) she's absolutely lovely and posts some pretty amazing stuff! Thank you for tagging me :) 

The Rules

1. You must answer all 5 questions
2. You must tag 6 other beauty bloggers
3. You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

The Questions

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?

I love how blogging is an overall distraction from the real world haha i can always come to blog and write you guys some posts when i need a break from University and real life :) It's been a great experience so far and i have made some lovely friends. The overall blogging community is so friendly and supporting! I love being able to blog about some of my favorite things and some rambles haha

2. Is their something you don't like about blogging?

Hmm, i don't think so :) i think the only thing that may occur sometimes is bad feedback or horrible comments, but i'm not going to please everyone with my blog unfortunately haha i wish i could :D but chances are it won't be to everyones taste. Whenever i receive a bad comment, whether it's on here, twitter, facebook or youtube it makes me a little sad haha 

3. What are your favorite posts to read?

Ahh this is an easy question :) i love reading all types of posts, honestly i do :D but if i had to choose a favorite it might have to be Hauls, OOTD/OOTN and product reviews :D

4. What is your favorite post from your own blog?

Hmm, now thats a tricky question haha, i love all of my posts because i take the time to write them all the best i can but at this precise moment i'd have to say my 'Favorite Lip Combination #1' 

5. What beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog?

Hmm, probably all of the 'Barry M Nail Paints' and 'Models Own Nail Polishes'. I did have a few before blogging but i wasn't really 'in to them' i was more into 'China Glaze' and 'OPI' but now i'd have to say i'm obsessed, my nail polish collection is forever expanding haha 

Who I Tag

I also tag who ever wants to do this, TAG YOUR IT :3



Monday 16 April 2012

Sophia With Love UPDATE :)

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all had an azming weekend and your week has started off with a good note, I have a little update for you with my online boutique 'Sophia With Love' for you today :) I've been super busy today sorting things out for the business but i do have a few posts lines up, i've been tagged to do a beauty tag by the lovely Alice at 'Style Comes From Within' and i've also been awarded a new award by the lovely Sarajayne at 'Goldilocks XO', so look out for them!

I have had designs through for the website and i absolutely LOVE how they've turned out, fingers crossed the website will be up and running by the beginning of MAY :) The next step will be to add stock to it and get it running smoothly and properly for you all haha

I've been on the hunt all day for new stock and i am happy to announce i have a tone of stuff arriving to us from all over the globe haha I can't wait until it all finally arrives and i can show you all sneak peaks on here. I'd love to know all your feedback and opinions!

The next step would be to promote the overall business which is very tricky when your new and starting out. So i'm going to be really cheeky as ask you guys to follow some links ;) I'll make sure to give all of you blogs shoutouts!! :)

I do have a Facebook box for 'Sophia With Love' located somewhere on the right of this post haha 

Cheeky Links -->

❤ Facebook: Sophia With Love
❤ Twitter: @SophiaMeola

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this post! If you do follow any then please let me know! :)

Lots Of Love


Friday 13 April 2012

Miss Selfridge VS. Primark

Hello My lovelies :)

This is my second post of the day, i know right, who would have thought it?! haha This is going to a quick comparison post for you guys :)

I was browsing through the 'Miss Selfridge' website and i came across a particular item which i though was quite similar to one that i had picked up from 'Primark' for a significantly less price tag. So i thought i should do a comparison post for you all!

As you can see from the picture they are not identical and Miss Selfridge does offer a few other colours in their range. I thought i would do this post because they were very similar and if you don't want to fork out the high price tag the Primark item might be a better option :)

I don't personally own the Miss Selfridge top so i won't be able to compare quality for you but by looking at the picture it does look more durable and their is a lot more embellishment and beads. It also has the beaded detail going all the way around the top compared to the Primark one which only has it on the front.

Price wise the Miss Selfridge Embelished Vest Top will set you back £45 compared to the one which i got in Primark for £12.

What do you guys think?
I love reading your comments :3


Matalan & Boots Haul :)

Hello my lovelies,

I have a Matalan & Boots haul for you all today. I went shopping Wednesday and i've been super busy getting my boutiques website designed and posting on LUUUX, but i'm here now with a post for you all :D

So firstly i stopped by Boots and i got two items

 I decided to get some of this BLANX toothpaste, i've heard a lot about this product and decided to give it a go. I've been using it for the past few days so i'll make sure to update you and do a full review as soon as i can see a difference :)

The main reason i purchased this was because i had a £2 off Revlon voucher which Boots sent me. I decided to get a 'Revlon Lip Butter' in the shade 'Cotton Candy'. One because the name sounded delicious haha and two the shade was really pretty and it is a great everyday lipstick. I have heard a lot about these Lip Butters and i know they've just hit the UK. My mum borrowed it this morning and she says she loves it haha so look out for a review on this :D

I then decided to stop by Matalan, i never used to like it in their but i have to say they have really improved over the last few years. 

I first got this bag :) i instantly got drawn to it. I love the floral design and how summery it looks. I initially got it because i need a new bag for University, i carry a lot of stuff all the time haha so this will definitely come in handy. I was looking in to purchasing a few Longchamp Le Pliage bags for University, i might still get those just to have anyways :) 

I then got this lovely mint green laced top, i had to get a much bigger size than what i need because they come up really small and i hate tight clothing haha Even though i initially loved this top when i bought it, i'm thinking i might return it, what do you think?

I then decided to get this blouse, myself and my mum both liked it so we've decided to share it haha I've seen a lot of this leopard print and chained design around at the moment and i quite like it. I have a dress from River Island a few years ago with this design so i know it'll definitely come back. I love the green in it, i think it's really unique compared to other ones i've seen and i think i got it at a more reasonable price compared to other retailers because i used my student card on the entire bill and got 10% off :D YAY for student cards!! 

I then saw these jersey shorts, they were on a really good offer of £6 each so i decided to get two pairs. I decided on this lovely daisy print, i;ve seen this print a lot recently and it perfect for the Spring / Summer. I initially though these would be ideal for my Summer Holidays coming up but then i was like, hmmm i could so wear these for University as well, maybe with black opaque tights :)

I then decided on this adorably cute heart print design. I know it looks like polka dots so i've added a close up below. I have to say these shorts are soooooo comfortable :D 

Let me know what you guys think? If you have any of these products i'd love to know your opinions :D

Lots of Love

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