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Monday 16 April 2012

Sophia With Love UPDATE :)

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you all had an azming weekend and your week has started off with a good note, I have a little update for you with my online boutique 'Sophia With Love' for you today :) I've been super busy today sorting things out for the business but i do have a few posts lines up, i've been tagged to do a beauty tag by the lovely Alice at 'Style Comes From Within' and i've also been awarded a new award by the lovely Sarajayne at 'Goldilocks XO', so look out for them!

I have had designs through for the website and i absolutely LOVE how they've turned out, fingers crossed the website will be up and running by the beginning of MAY :) The next step will be to add stock to it and get it running smoothly and properly for you all haha

I've been on the hunt all day for new stock and i am happy to announce i have a tone of stuff arriving to us from all over the globe haha I can't wait until it all finally arrives and i can show you all sneak peaks on here. I'd love to know all your feedback and opinions!

The next step would be to promote the overall business which is very tricky when your new and starting out. So i'm going to be really cheeky as ask you guys to follow some links ;) I'll make sure to give all of you blogs shoutouts!! :)

I do have a Facebook box for 'Sophia With Love' located somewhere on the right of this post haha 

Cheeky Links -->

❤ Facebook: Sophia With Love
❤ Twitter: @SophiaMeola

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this post! If you do follow any then please let me know! :)

Lots Of Love



  1. Best of luck!!
    I will help you all I can! <3

  2. Aww Thank You So Much :) The Same Goes To You Aswell! I Love How We Have Each Other For Advice :D <3 xx

  3. I have just found your blog and love your theme and logo, it is so cute! : )


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