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Tuesday 17 April 2012

Tesco Haul & Bella Update

Hello My Lovelies,

I have a small Tesco Haul for you today with a few photos of my adorable doggy Bella :) when i was taking these pictures Bella was hanging around and wanted to join in so i've added in a few of her haha :) 
I went Tesco today with my mum to do our usually weekly shop and i stopped by their clothing department and found some goodies :) I never used to like buying clothes from Tesco but within the last few years they have really improved, they have some really reasonable stylish things in store :) YAY!!

Something i havent added was my new 'Nivea hydro Care Lip Balm', it was on a special offer and i decided to go for it. I've been using all day since i got it because it feels amazing on my lips haha 

Look at these cute chocolate covered apples :3 Obviously these were part of the food shop but i had to include them because they're absolutely adorable. They were on a special offer at 2 for £1.50

Oh Looks Theirs Bella :L

I then saw these shorts and thought they were adorable, i thought they were lovely and would be perfect for the up coming summer months so i opted to get two pairs. This qwirky turquoise dotty pair and also the striped pair below. 

I've seen a lot of stripes around at the moment on website such as 'River Island' and 'Missguided' so i though, eyy why not jump on the band wagon and get myself a pair. They are both really great quality and were £6 which i though was considerably reasonable. 
I'd have to say though this picture is totally hurting my eyes right now :L weird i know haha

Haha there she is again, trying to rummage around in her bed haha 

This beautiful blouse then caught my eye :) Their were a few different colours bu ti opted to get the peach because this was the only one with a contrasting colour for the collar. I don't have a lot of peach in my wardrobe so this will definitely come in handy. I already know this is coming on holiday with me in July and September haha can't wait to wear it. Its great quality and was £14 which is quite good for a blouse like this :)

This top has to be one of my favorite purchases of the day :D i absolutely love the colour of it, i am adoring this mint colour! I also loveee the aztec print encrusted on it, it's very on trend and perfect for summer, definitely another must for the summer holidays! This was £8 which i though was pretty good!

Haha this is the last picture of Bella i promise :3 She just looked so picturesque and i had my camera ready so i couldn't resist :L

Their was also an offer going on at the moment where if you spend £25 or more you get £5 off or if you spend £40 or more you get £10 off. I think all in all i spent £34 and i should have got £5 off but i think the cashier accidently took £10 off haha which is awesome on my part haha :D I always love a good ol' bargain :)

I hope you enjoyed this little Tesco Haul and Bella Update :) 

Let me know what you think!



  1. Bargains! The peachy sleeveless shirt is my fav! Bella is adorable, bless. I miss my dogs. Sam xx

  2. Got some good bits there! :) Bella is sooooo cute too!! xxx


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