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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Boots Haul - Little Update

Hello My Lovelies, 

Hope your all well and your week has been great so far!

So I've had training all week for cheerleading as we have a competition Friday, fingers crossed, wish us luck :) So as soon as i got back from training tonight i got straight in the shower, properly exfoliated myself with my 'Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub' it is AH-MAZINGGGG :) i think i've done a review on here before but i think i'll be doing another one. It's almost finished :( deffo need to repurchase. I have 2 other scrubs by 'Soap & Glory' which i got for Christmas which i'll probably use first but i might be cheeky and go buy it. My mum got me a few bits and i got her this humungous pack full of £60 of products, can't wait to dig into that and do some reviews for you guys :) and i've just tanned myself up with my new 'Rimmel Instant Tan' which i will be talking about below somewhere haha 

I'm just about to tuck in to a hearty well deserved slice of 'Red Velvet Cake' with Cream Cheese Frosting (drooling) haha i've been absolutely obsessed with it lately :P

Anyways, back to the Boots Haul :) I popped into Boots today as i got some vouchers in the post and i was in desperate need of any excuse to do some shopping haha. Boots currently have their 3-for-2 offers going one which i absolutely love, so i definitely took advantage of that today :)

So this is everything i purchased today. With the 3-for-2 offer I managed to get the 'Models Own Nail Polish', one of the 'Batiste Dry Shampoos' and the 'Soap & Glory Hand Sanitizer' for free, not to shabby ey :) i made a total saving of £11.49 :)

I absolutely swear by this product, not only does it help you out with going that extra day without washing your hair, i find that it gives you volume with whatever one you use. Especially the XXL volume one, when i first discovered this one and used it for the first time, i swear my hair did not move haha. I never really looked at what each particular type did, i just played around with them all haha, obviously i look now and i'd have to say these two types are my favorites at the moment :). My hair isn't Dark and Deep brown, i'm more of a light brown dark blonde naturally but it somehow matches perfectly. My mum has super dark hair and it matches her as well, it's like magic haha
These are usually £3.99 each and with the 3-for-2 offer i got one of them free :) 

This is such an AH-MAZING nail polish. It's called 'HedKandi - Ibiza Mix'. This nail polish instantly makes me think of going on holiday :L As soon as i walked in i noticed this nail polish but i put it back, but i was instantly hooked and made sure i went back to get it before i went off to pay :) This was originally £5 but i got it free with the 3-for-2 offer

Of course i had to get myself some 'Barry M - Nail Paints' :) I hope to eventually get them all, there are so many lovely colours! As you can see from the picture below i got two lovely shades, 'Blue Moon' and 'Strawberry Ice-Cream'. These cost £2.99 each but they were in the deal with the 'Models Own' polish above which i got free :) 

I will be doing swatches of all these nail polishes in the future as soon as my nail wheels come which will hopefully be within the next few days. I've just has acrylic nails taken off and my nails are quite weak, they are growing but they're breaking really easily until the whole full nail comes back. 

I then got myself some 'Rimmel Instant Tan', I've tried a few of these in the past and i have to say this one is really good. It went on really smoothly and looks really natural. I initially got it because i need to tan up for my cheerleading competition and last time i tried using gradual tan, it did give me a glow but i still looks quite pale haha Overall, my opinions on this are good :) i will be doing a review on this in the future :) this was £6.99 which is incredibly reasonable especially for something that works really well :) 

I had to re-purchase this mascara because it's my holy grail mascara at the moment. I've been using it for over 6 months now and i love love loveeeee it :) This must be my 4th bottle of it, it lasts a long time and goes a long way! This was also £6.99 which is really reasonable for a mascara :) i usually go for the original formula but i decided to go for the 'Extreme Black' version. 

This was the last purchase of the day, one of those impulse buys haha it was right near the tills. I absolutely love 'Soap & Glory' so i had to give this hand sanitizer a go :) i used it straight away and i think i need to purchase more for my bag and my car. It's absolutely lovely and smells incredible. This was £2.50 but i got it free in the 3-for-2 offer. 

Thats it :) i made a total saving of £11.49 and got 248 advantage card point. I love collecting these point, i can't wait to splurge them in the future! I have around 5000 now, woohoo!! :3

So yeahhh, thats my Boots Haul, i got a few items, some new, some old. I can't wait to use them all :D

Let me know what you guys think :) 
Have you tried any of these products before? What are your opinions?



  1. That xxl dry shampoo is just amazing! i use that mascara too but the orange tube (duno what the differece is?) lols. Barry M strawberry i/c is my all time favourite colour. I really want to get that ibiza mix nail varnish too, looks so nice!! You will have to put a picture up once you have it on :)xxx

  2. i love your blog:)

    check out mine:)


  3. Never tried the xxl dry shampoo, does it give a good oomph? I bought the 'wild' one last time because I'm a sucker for leopard print haha. Love the shades of nail varnish you got! Blue moon looks perfect. Sam x ooo and I have never ever had Red velvet cake before, pretty sure I'm missing out big time though haha.

  4. I also use the 'Soap and Glory breakfast scrub' I LOVE it but ran out this morning:( it smells amazing,I have a review of it on my blog,take a look?
    I love your blog by the way,I just followed you!


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