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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Primark & Boots Haul :)

Hello My Lovelies :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and your week has been great so far!

I have another quite large Primark Haul for you today, with a purchase from Boots and also a little ramble inbetween. Who doesn't love a good ol' ramble?! 

Haha i was just thinking that all i seem to be doing is posting Primark Hauls, i think i shop their way too much :L I went in their today to exchange 1 item and i ended up walking out with 2 bags full :O i think i need help :L every time i walk through their i always leave with something!! Eeeep Shopaholic Issues ;)

Sorry if the pictues are not 100% the weather where i am has taken a turn for the worst and decided to rain and thunder :/ which sucks! 

I have been planning some upcoming posts on my 'Primark Blouse Collection' & i'm also thinking a 'Bikini Collection / Summer Bikini' post but we'll he how create i get haha

This is everything i got today :) I will start of with Boots because it's only 2 items, then we can head into the juicy part of the post the 'Primark Haul'. 

I got a cheeky magazine, eyey because we all go to Boots to get magazines :S i was queueing up to pay and i saw it and it was only £1 and i couldn't resist :)

I then decided to get a new concealer, one that i could use more everyday. I initially wanted the 'Collection 2000' one but when i got to the section they were all mucky and a right mess so i didn't even bother lol. I then went to my next option which was good ol '17' which also ended up £1 cheaper at £3.99 and i got the shade 'Fair' so it's lighter under my eyes :) I have 2 MAC concealers which i use all the time but i decided to get a more 'Everyday' one which doesn't hurt the bank account as much :) i have yet to try it but i'm using it tonight so i will let you now how it goes :)

Right, now onto the Primark goodies :) I also got a few girly bits like Bra's and Pants but i don't think you guys want to see them haha

The first blouse i got was this Pink Short Sleeve one with Black detailing. I thought it looked really classy, something i could wear everyday for a casual look but also on a night out dressed up :) This was £8

Then i decided to get this really cute Cream Short Sleeve Blouse with Leopard Detailing. I'm a bit iffy with Leopard print because i think worn the wrong way can look a little chavvy and not to my liking. However, when i saw this i absolutely loved it :) I'd been meaning to get my hands on something like this for a while because 'Missguided' had a few blouses like this and i was sooo close to buying them. Glad i didn't because i saved write a but with this one which was only £10. 

To get to the shoe section you walk through the 'Mens Department' which i usually just walk throught without a care in the world :L However, the last few times walking through i have picked up some lovely jumpers :) so when i saw this Aztec print top i had to have it! I don't care that it's in the mens section :L it'll be a great top for my up coming holidays :D this was £6

Words cannot describe how much i LOVE these Jean Jeggings, i bought 2 pairs today and i now have a total of 4 pairs :) they are super duper comfortable and feel great on. The sizing is great and i love how i can throw them on whenever i want without worrying about the 'Newly Wash Jeans' issue haha. Do any of you get that? When i wash other jeans i find that they shrink up and then when i wear them they fit again :S weird i know. Well these Jean Jeggings do not have that problemo! I say their Jeggings only because they are elasticated, however, they feel exactly like jeans! These were £8 each and i think you cannot go wrong with that :)

I'm not sure if you can see from the picture but their is an Aztec print on both tops, I got the same top in both White & Black, these are the type of jersey tops i love wearing for Cheerleading practice, so when i saw them i had to get them :) they were £4 each which is nothing for a nice quality top like this.

I then got a new bikini, i have a few from Primark and they are great quality and are very cute :) the top was £5 and the bottoms were £3 which is absolutely amazing compared to places like River Island. I have a similar bikini to this except its navy and white stripes with red frills, it's very nautical :3 so keep an eye out if i decide to do a Bikini Summer Holiday post :D

I then headed over to the Shoe Department and got a few pairs :)

These are for my Mummy :) however, i definitely WILL be borrowing them! :D We decided to get these because where we go in Spain their is a secluded private pebble beach which we like to head on down to when we're not at the Villa and the pebbles really hurt your feet :( and sandals slip off so we thought we'd give these babies a try :) 

I also got a white pair for me :)

These were both £4 :)

I then got some new Espadrilles, i got a pair from Primark a few years back which i wore to death and they went a little funny so i chucked them away. So when i saw these really cute laced crochet ones i had to get them :) I got white because i thought it would be more versatile, they were £6

These little beauties were £8, i'd been eyeing up a pair of loafers for a while now so when i saw these i thought it was fate. I never really used to like them but i'd have to say they have grown on me. I love these tan and white loafers with gold curb chain detailing :) Their the type of shoes that'll look good everyday under jeans :)

Thats my haul, i hope you liked it!!

Let me know what you think!




  1. Nice haul. Love everything you got. Enjoy!!

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  2. lovely haul,I love the primark blouses!
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