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Tuesday 29 May 2012

What's In The Bag? A Birthday Present I Put Together :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I always love putting present together, it's such great fun and i love looking around for little sentimental things for the person that i know they'll love :) It was recently one of my bosses birthdays and i always love buying for her because she has great taste in fashion, makeup and style in general :)

One of the first things i got was this 'Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Birthday Box'. I got my first ever piece of Soap & Glory for my Birthday last November and ever since i have been totally hooked on the whole line. I got my mum a huge bag full of every single product from 'Soap & Glory' as part of her Christmas present last year and she absolutely loved receiving it also. 

I then decided to get some cute 'Underwear' from Accessorize, because i spent a certain amount i got a 'Jubilee Scratch Card' and won 10% off my next purchase. I mean i used my student card whenever i can but i always love getting coupons :D

I then saw the new Soap & Glory Quad Palettes and i had to get one of them, the colours are stunning and i'm so tempted to go back in and get myself one haha The palette is called 'What's Nude' and the shades are - 
Top Left = Vanilla
Top Right = Pink T
Bottom Left = Mudhoney
Bottom Right = Aubersheen
The i got one of the 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Lip Glosses in 'Candy Gloss' it's a beautiful pearlised pink shade which looks very natural and candy like :)

Then lastly i stopped by 'Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop' and got some cute little mints which came in a pretty tub as you can see from the picture :)

I hope she likes everything i got :) left me know what you guys think!
If you tried any of the products let me know your experiences, i love hearing them :)

Lots of Love



  1. wow so many gifts =D I would love to get presents like those! absolutely loved them =D

  2. Seems like a great present. I love how thoughtful your gift is - you seem to put a lot of effort into pleasing the person. Charming!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  3. Wow, her travels sound amazing. Followed you, dear ;)


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