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Friday 25 May 2012

WINNER: The Impulse Diairies Trip To Paris

Hello My Lovelies,

I have some exciting news for you :) eeeep!!

I've Won A Trip To PARIS!!

On monday i entered this competition of 'The Impulse Diaries' Facebook page. You had to upload a phot of yourself looking glamourous to win a trip to Paris. I don't even know how i came across it but some how it was on my news feed and they had posted some of their favorite entries so far. So i was like, ahh this looks good, might as well try and enter. I uploaded a photo of myself from my cousins 18th birthday last friday night. I got an email yesterday mid day saying that i'd won :O i was literally reading my email in super shock, because i haven't won anything before, anything! 

This is the picture i uploaded :)

This is what they said on 'The Impulse Diaries' Facebook page...

"We loved all your glamorous pics in this weeks competition!! It was very tricky picking a winner but we couldn't resist Sophia Meola's gorgeous dress. 
Congratulations to Sophia who has won a trip to Paris for her glam look!"

I still cannot believe i've actually won, i just went out on a whim and entered the competition kind of last minute! Just proves anything is possible haha 

I contacted Impulse yesterday with all my contact details and so on and i'm just waiting on a reply with details about everything! As soon as i know anything i will keep you all informed! 

I've literally just got home from my Marketing exam and i couldn't resist not writing a short post about it to you all, i'm super excited :D

Speak to you all soon!

Lots of Love




  1. ohh congratulations!
    I'm happy for you! have a great time in Paris =D

  2. well done that's amazing xxxx

  3. OMG so lucky! Enjoy yourself :) xxx


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