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Friday 11 May 2012

Small MAC Haul :)

Hello My Lovelies,

I am absolutely loving this Scheduled Post Timer Thingy, so i've been writing a whole load of posts today and being trying to Schedule them all perfect for you guys! This is to make up for me lacking in posts the last few weeks :)

So Last firday i posted a little post about a Road Trip and some Sophia With Love goodies. Today i have my MAC Haul from that Road Trip :) YAY!

This is a very small haul but i hope you all still enjoy it!

I got two items, an Eye Kohl & a Lipglass :)

I'd been lusting over this Eye Kohl for a while now because i've heard sooo many great things about it. I was meant to pick it up in my last Haul but i was completely overwhelmed that i forgot haha I love going to MAC. I havent used this product because i want to use up a few other eyeliner first, but their are so many reviews of this product online their wouldn't be any point me doing one haha If you do have any questions about it thought do not hesitate to contact me :) 

When i saw this Lipglass i fell in love :) it is part of the new sets that have just been released with the Nail Polish, Lipstick & Lipglass. I have tried this lipstick on in store and it doesn't really look that great on me, maybe when i'm more confident with such a bright colour i will eventually purchase it :) The nail polish wasn't on display, i assume it was sold out, but this would make a beautiful nail colour especially for the summer time and on holiday. So when i saw they had the Lipglass i couldn't miss this opportunity to get it. I have tried it on and it has got visible colour pay off on your lips, however, it is much more wearable and sheerer than the lipstick which i love! This would look lovely paired with a nude lipstick or pink lipstick. I have to say i'm not a huge fan of this particular shade just on bare lips, it applies a lot more evenly with wither a base or primer :)

That's my Small MAC Haul, hope you liked it :) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Also please leave any suggestions or experiences with your favorite MAC products, i love reading them :)



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