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Thursday 17 May 2012


Hello My Lovelies :)
If you have been reading my blog entries for a while now you will know that i am on my Universities Cheerleading Team. I have absolutely loved every second of it so far, everyone is really lovely, friendly and welcoming which is great! We are the 'UOB EXTREME' Cheerleading Squad.

"UOB EXTREME We're Heading To The Top 
Red, White & Black
We Will Not Be Stopped"

Well, a few days ago we voted in new committee members and guess what?! I got voted as Treasurer YAY!

Club Captain: Annabelle
Vice Club Captain: Robyn
Dance Captain: Megan
Treasurer: Sophia Meola <-- Me ;)
Social Sec: Jess & Jake 

We had out first ever meeting today as a committee and we have so much planned, it's going to be an 'Extreme-ly' exciting year! <--- See what i did their ;)

One of the things we want to do is promote ourselves a little more and so we created our 'Facebook Like Page'  :) the Squad has only been around for a few years and so we thought it would be good idea to promote ourselves a little more so our community know more about us, also it'll be fun to keep in contact with past team members and a great way to let you all know what we're up to and what we have planned ;)

So pretty please could you 'LIKE' our page and spread some 'Blogger' love :) 

Thank You Sooooo Much <3


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  1. Thanks for your comment onmy blog - no way your a cheerleader!! i captained my uni squad and loved it. I intend on starting a new squad in Worcester where i live as i miss it sooo much. Good luck :)


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