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Saturday 19 May 2012

My Cousins 18th Birthday Party

Hello My Lovelies,

So as i stated in my last post, i promised i'd so a post on my cousins 18th Birthday Party which was last night. I still feel exhausted but i'm still buzzing haha Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Dress - Lipsy VIP
Booties- Amazon

The Cake :)

The Birthday Girl (Rossana) & Her Beautiful Cake 

Me & My Nonna :)

Me With Gabriella Who Is One Of My Cousins :)

Me & Daddy :)

Mummy :)

Me, The Birthday Girl Rossana & My Other Cousin Carmela Who Is Rossana's Sister :)



  1. Sweet dress, love the shape. And your hair is so long, not even jealous :p haha xx

  2. Your dress is so gorgeous, it really suits you! Looks like you had a good time
    xox Niamh xox

  3. You look amazing, love the dress! :) xxx


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