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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Primark Haul - Well, Kind Of :3

Hello My Lovelies,

I had to pop into town today to run a few errands, i had to go to the bank to sort out stuff with 'Sophia With Love', i had to go get some Birthday bits and bobs as it's my Nonnas (Grandmothers) 60th Birthday tomorrow (10th May)  and my cousins 18th Birthday on the 16th May. 

We got my Nonna some lovely little bits and a more larger gift which i won't say what it is yet but i'll most probably do a post about it soon :)

So i have entitled this post 'Primark Haul - Well, Kind Of :3' and thats exactly right. I can never not have a little ponder through Primark when i'm in town even though i probably should stop because i always end up buying something. I think i have obtains an obsession with shopping since starting my blog haha I still entitled it a haul because i did buy 1 item and i thought i'd share it with you all!

You all know the drill about the bags :)

When i saw the blouse i instantly thought about how cute it was and how it would look lovely in my wardrobe :P It's a lovely peachy nude shade with cream detailing on the sleeves and collar. It also has some vintage style gold buttons going down the front which i think helps give the blouse character :)
The blouse itself was £10 which is pretty good for a blouse like this. I have a wide range of different blouses from Primark and i am always satisfied and happy with them :)

I'm thinking i may just have to do a Primark Blouse Collection / REview for you guys, ahh ideas, ideas, ideas :L

Let me know what you guys think :)




  1. that blouse is super cute, I have to go and treat myself to one too xx

  2. Cute blouse.

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  3. I absolutely love the blouse. Its so pretty! Yes to the blouse collection :)

    xox Niamh xox


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