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Tuesday 19 June 2012

SIGN UP - Sophia With Love; ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

I have some exciting news for you all! I've been working with my web designer non stop to finally get the 'Sophia With Love' website completed. Fingers crossed that all important date is only a few weeks away! :)

As we've had a lot of interest we've decided to activate part of our front page on our website! If you were to type in '' into your search bar this page would come up. 

You can now SIGN UP <--- How Exciting haha 

When you sign up you will be able to let us know what your interested in and what you'd like to see in store on the website. We will be able to answer any of your queries, send out news letters and of course let you know about the all important date when the website will finally be live :D which i literally cannot wait for!

So this is what it will look like on the page :)

Pretty Please Go To -

Also, in other exciting news we have had our first of many 'Press Releases' commencing today through Facebook. We have a lot more 'Press Relseases' being finalised at the moment, some really exciting ones which i cannot wait to share with you! So watch this space ;)

Thank you for your on going support!


1 comment

  1. Hey!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    I'm following you back with pleasure :)

    Laura xx


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