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Thursday 28 June 2012

Festival Fabulous ;)

Hello My Lovelies,

Time to dust off those wellies and ready that rucksack because festival season is upon us :) Whether it's dancing at Creamfields, Rocking at Reading or heading overseas to Benicassim, you'll need to have some festival essentials on hand to keep you looking festival fabulous ;)  

Preparing your hair beforehand can help give you the basis for easy, low maintenance styling. You can train your hair by not washing it as often as you would, this will give it a chance to build up natural oils and slow down the time it would take for you hair to get greasy. You can also try leaving your hair to dry naturally and practice any styles without the help of straighteners, curling irons and what not. 

Accessories can be the perfect cover up and will distract the eye from any hair disasters. Add a scarf to your bag just in case of any emergencies. You can either tie it around your head or if you want an on-trend style you can try weaving it into a plait :) Their are tones of hair accessories on the high street that you can get yours hands on. However, the trusty cover up any bad hair day is your trusty trilby or straw hat to finish off any festival outfit and it also helps protect you against the sun, double whammy their ;) 

Try to avoid product overload and keep it simple, by adding to much product your hair will become greasy in now time. Try using a sea salt spray instead for texture, this will slightly dry the hair helping you got the extra day without needing to wash it. Or their is our trusty friend the 'Dry Shampoo' which i know i cannot live without!! Spray a whole load of that on before bead, perhaps a mixture with the sea salt spray, plait or twist hair before your head hits your pillow for instant waves the next morning. 

If you fancy trying something different why not add some temporary colour to your hair to brighten things up a bit. The celebrities are doing so take some inspiration from them, either grab some hair dye or some art pastels and get colouring :) personally i haven't dyed my hair for sooo many years now, like literally over 5 years but it's personal preference if you want to rock some colour :) 

Make sure you pamper your hair when you get home to bring it back to it's best. If you find hair feeling dry and lacking shine, try an intensive conditioner overnight to encourage shine and moisture. 

4 Festival Beauty Must Haves 

1) Dry Shampoo

Take a travel sized to keep your rucksack light. Spray through roots for a hair boost, and gently shake hair upside down to give more volume. I don't know about you but i have a lot of hair and it's super thick so i may have to you a full sized bottle, depends on the time your there. Batiste is a personal favorite :)

2) Wet Wipes

OMG, wet wipes are an essential for any festival goer, perfect for keeping clean when things get a little too muddy. You can get some really cute packages one like them cupcake ones :D

3) Sun Cream

Festivals may be notorious for rain, but don't forget festivals don't have a lot of shelter either, so if the sun comes out make sure your protected :)

4) Vaseline

A true multi-tasker. It calms frizzy flyaways, tames eyebrows, nourishes eyelashes and keeps lips luscious. 

Hope you enjoyed this fun festival post :) let me know if your off to any festivals this year!

Lots of Love


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