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Thursday 7 June 2012

My Barbie Nails & iPhone Ramble :)

Hello My Lovelies,

This is my 3rd post of the day, i'm so on a roll right now haha, i have an album on my desktop with all recent photos of items i want to pst about and i'm slowly working my way through them. I went town today purely to get my nails done, however, i got distracted and could resist a little shopping as you can see from my other precious posts :)

These are my Barbie Nails :) the bright pink shade is 'Shocking Pink (Neon) by China Glaze & The Glitter is 'Servin' Up Sparkle' by OPI which is an ultimate favorite of mine :D

I absolutely love how my nails have turned out, i'm really loving glitter at the  moment and have had glitter on my nails the past few sessions i've been to have a manicure. I think it looks really pretty and girly. They remind me of 'Barbie Nails' i didn't notice until they were drying and i said to my mum 'They Remind Me Of Barbie' haha and see totally agreed with me :L

I might get questions about my iPhone case :) i recently got a New iPhone 4s, i'm still using my iPhone 3GS however, my contract ended in January and i'm waiting for the iPhone 5 because it's coming out in October so we've been told. However, i dropped my iPhone 3GS down the toilet :/ i know, the funny part was that i wasn't even using anything in the toilet haha So we had to go buy a new one, then me and my Dad got talking about just buying a iPhone 4s in the mean time whilst waiting for the iPhone 5. I'm still using my 3GS on my 02 contract and i'm using my iPhone 4s on a Giff Gaff contract which i have to say is really good :D i'm testing that out for a month to see if everything works well with that and then i'll end my 02 contract and use Giff Gaff constantly. Haha so thats the story at the moment on the iPhone front, i'm living off 2 phones haha 

My iPhone case is from a local store near me, however, you can find loads of them on Ebay :)

Hope you liked my Barbie Nail & my little ramble about iPhones haha



  1. Loving the Barbie Pink! <3

  2. AHH i love your nails!! <3 My fave colour and love the added sparkle-ness :)

  3. I love this Barbie Nails! So adorable =)

    have a nice weekend,

  4. I LOVE BARBIE!!! lovely nails!!


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