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Thursday 7 June 2012

Primark Blazer Haul

Hello My Lovelies,

That's right, another Primark Haul haha i think it's like my second home or something :L Like i always say in every blog post about Primark, every time i walk through even if it's just to browse, i always end up walking out with something :/ it can be a tad frustrating but when i see something cute, i need it in my life haha

I did purchase a few things today, 3 blazers which i will be showing you, 2 pairs of lashes which will be in another post and also a short sleeve blouse which is identical to another blouse in a past Primark Haul of mine except it's in a 'Mint' colour which i' not going to post about because it's almost the same item in another post haha 

Right into the Haul we go, 

When i saw this blazer, i think i fell in love haha I'd been lusting over a load of striped clothing from online stores such as Missguided and i could never push myself to actually buying anything, so when i saw this blazer right in front of me walking into the store, it was as if it was a sign :L so how could i resist?? This blazer was £15, the Blazer is great quality, it's light weight and very vivid. I can't wait to wear it this weekend :)

I then caught my sights on to this blazer, as you can see it is a lovely Navy shade with cream detailing and a gold button :) It kind of reminds me of a blazer someone would wear from 'Made In Chelsea'. This blazer was £17, like the other blazer it is very light weight, great quality and very versatile. 

The last blazer i got was identical to the previous blazer, however, it is white with cream detailing and a gold button. I though it looked very crisp and fresh, perfect for the summer months, perhaps on top of a dress :) This was also £17, great quality, looks great on, light weight and versatile. I was torn between this blazer and a cream / natural shade but i chose to get his one because i thought i could wear it more, however, i might just have to go back and get that other blazer :L 

That is my Primark Blazer Haul, i only went town to get my Nails done, that post will be up soon! 

Hope you liked this little post!


1 comment

  1. love you're picks, I must have a look in Primark, my favourite is the stripy one but the other two are gorgeous too x


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