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Friday 22 June 2012 Haul

Hello My Lovelies,

I think it was in my last post that i said i'd been doing some online shopping recently, well, one of my packages arrived this morning. I could wait to rip open the package and try everything. I can honestly say i love every single piece and they will be accompanying me on my holiday in a few weeks :D

I did get a text from 'Missguided' stating that my order would arrive today between 8am and 6pm so when that arrives i'll be sure to do a post on that also. 

So, this post is dedicated to my '' Haul :) All of the items on their website were considerably reasonable, very on trend and i loved everything! I was in two minds of buying some shoes but that's a whole other blog post all together haha 

One of the advantages of being a student is the fact i can use my student cards for discounts and Boohoo are currently doing 10% student discount. 

The first item i got was the 'Grace Leopard Cross Print Drop Hem Tank in Black' with my student discount this worked out at £7.20 which i though was great because this is the kind of top you'd find in Topshop for double that price :) I've wanted some 'Cross' clothes for sooo long now and i finally decided to get some :D I can't wait to wear this with the shorts i purchased which you'll see later on!

Please excuse the fact that this top is super creased haha it's making me all OCD right now :L i just grabbed everything and took photos straight away :D This is the second item i got and is called the 'Becky Cross Print Tank in Cream' i chose to get this one in cream rather than black because i got the previous cross top in black however, i love it sooo much that i might just have to get the other one :) Like the previous top this worked out with my student discount at £7.20

OMG i think i'm actually in love with these shorts, when i saw them i knew i just had to get them :) i'd be lusting over some distressed and studded shorts forever now so finally took the plunge.  I have to say they look AHH-MAZINGGG on and are very faltering which is always a plus ;) These are called the 'Mercedes Studded Denim Hotpants in Blue' and these worked out with my student discount at £18.00 :) which yet again is great because something like this in Topshop would be double that price :)

Like probably everything else in this Haul i'd been lusting over some stripy jeans for so long now. I just purchased a stripy Blazer which you can see in my latest Primark Haul and i love it. I wore it out and i got soooo many compliments on it and how it didn't look like it was purchased from Primark. I also posted an OOTN for my cousin a while back and she had some yellow toned black striped skinny jeans on and when i saw what they were like on her i had to get myself a pair. So these are the 'Georgie Striped Skinny Jeans in Black' they did so many other colours which reminded me of a vintage sweet shop but i thought i could wear black a lot more :) So with my student discount these worked out at £22.50 :)

The last item i got was this 'Sabine Studded Front Bodycon Skirt in Black' with my student discount this worked out at £13.50. This is the only item i'm not 100% sure about whether i should keep it or not. It does look lovely on but i'm not sure what i would wear with it so please please please leave me some suggestions in the comments :D i would really appreciate it! 

As a little added extra i wanted to share with you something i got really excited about this morning, sad i know haha i got a Retweet from 'BOOHOO' you can see in the picture that i'm on their homepage! I've been using both my personal account which is 'SophiaMeola' and also my Boutiques account which is 'SophiaWithLove1' which you can see in the picture :D I do have a wide range of celebrities following me on twitter band i love it when i get new followers, favorites and retweets so i had to share this with you! :) 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read through my Boohoo Haul :) Pretty please leave me some suggestions for the Black Studded skirt, i would really appreciate it!

Lots Of Love


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  1. You're right in that most of the things in Boohoo are the same as but half of the price of the items in Topshop! Only bought from them once, their customer service was amazing. Thanks for following! X


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