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Thursday 14 June 2012


Hello My Lovelies,

Long time no blog, right?! I feel like i've been writing this blog post forever haha i'm like typing and watching the Euro at the same time :L

So last Wednesday i went to work with my Dad for the day, just to help him out a bit and also to get some more work done on my Boutiques website. I've been working with him a lot the last few weeks, it's great experience and i love going in :) I was told yesterday that i website should be finished within a few weeks, fingers crossed this is more accurate as it seems like it's been dragging on forever haha I've been adding loads of new items to our facebook page if you want to go check that out :)

So after work one day me and my Dad took a trip up to Bicester Village, i hadn't been for a good few months and was in dire need to go because i absolutely LOVE their CCO, Jack Wills, UGG and so on. 
I went into UGG and set my heart on these sequined UGG Boots and they didn't have my size :( BOO!!

Anyways, i have a Haul here for you from when i sent into the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet). Theirs always tones of MAC, Bobbi Brown & Clinique Items <3

I got 2 Palette Eyeshadows Aqua & Shroom. I didn't realise but i actually had Shroom already so i have a spare haha or i may decide to sell it on :) I believe the Aqua eyeshadow was from the 'Dare To Wear' collection. I have a few MAC Palettes so i can't wait to add them to my collection. 
I think they've gone up again on the website, i'm sure they used to be £9 but the website states £10 so we'll go by that haha I got these for £7 each so a lovely £6 saving :)

I also Love Love Loveee it when i can get my hands on Limited Edition items! I remember one of my first trips to the Bicester Village CCO i managed to get my hands on a load of 'Hello Kitty Items' literally was like a kid in a sweet shop haha 
Both of these Mineralized Eyeshadows were from Christmas 2011 from their 'Glitter & Ice' Collection <3

MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in 'Shimmermint' is an absolutely stunning mint colour which is sooo on trend right now :) I'm a sucker for anything pastel at the moment :) 

MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow in 'Snow Season' is a beautiful nude shade with hints of blue and purple. I used this today and i have to say it's stunning on, very natural but gives an edge to the eye. 

As you can probably tell, i have a bit of a trend going on here, my two Palette shadows were Nude & Mint and now these two eyeshadows are Nude & Mint haha I just looked on the MAC website and Mineralized Eyeshadows are £16.50 and i got these for £11.75 with a total saving of £9.50 which is amazing!

I then got my hands on one of their 'Big Bounce Eyeshadows' i don't think these are available anymore. I absolutely loved this colour and knew i had to snatch it up whilst i could :) I know their was a lot of speculation about this product an how it creased for a lot of people and so on but i thought i'd give it a go and see how it worked for me :) It's a stunning Mink colour which i LOVE :D I can't find a precise price for these but i'm sure they would have been around £12 maybe a tad more, i got mine for £9.50 which is a saving of £2.50 or so depending on the original price.

I then got this MAC Dazzleglass in 'Lightly Prancing' it's a stunning pink shade with flecks of glitter. Looking on their website i cannot see this particular shade so i assume it was part of a limited edition collection. Dazzleglasses range around £16.50 on the MAC website, i got mine for £10.25 which is a saving of £6.25 which is amazing!! I know i keep saying AMAZING but i LOVE saving money haha on these little Luxuries ;)

The last think i got was this MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in 'Patience, Please' this shade is still available to get on the MAC website and is also £16.50, however, i got mine for £11.75 which is a saving of £4.75. This shade is very similar to the Dazzleglass above, however, their are no glitter flecks in this formula. It's a lovely shade of pink which is very similar to one of my favorite lipsticks from MAC 'Creme Cup' :D

So My Total Saving From This CCO Trip Was -->

...Drum Roll...


So so happy :) i love a good ol' bargain!

Hope you liked this little post! If you have any questions regarding the CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me or write a comment :D

Lots of Love




  1. Wow Sophia! what a beast of a haul! haha <3
    I like the look of shroom, what kind of shade would you say it is ?

    Love India xxx

    1. It's a really nice highlight shade, it's very similar to 'Virgin' from the NAKED Palette :) I love it! xxx

  2. Great haul! I love getting new makeup. I love that aqua eye shadow, its such a pretty colour :) x

  3. This is such a great haul :D I love CCO, it's like a little make-up paradise! I recently got some MAC products from my local CCO, you should read my post :)

    Juliette xxx


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