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Sunday 17 June 2012

Miss Selfridge Cream Skirt With Neon Embellishment

Hello My Lovelies,

I always have a 'To Do' list of posts that i want to write and i am slowly getting through them. I've been working all weekend and i am absolutely exhausted so i thought i'd write a short bust sweet post which i hope you'd all like :)

So, it must be a good few weeks ago now that i went into town to buy one of my bosses a birthday present. I did do a post about it and i think it's in the May tab on the side. Anyways, i casually went into Miss Selfridges to see if their was anything in their that i could buy as a gift, i saw that they had a sale on and who can't resist a good ol' sale :) 

Yes, this is an 'Instagram' photo haha i posted it as soon as i got home :) if you have Instagram please follow me :) i'll follow you back! - 'SophiaMeola' <-- 

Browsing through the racks me and my mum came across this skirt, it was a beautiful cream skater style dress with neon embellishment along the bottom. It's the perfect Summer skirt which i have already placed in my Holiday pile for my hand full of lovely holidays coming up :)

The best part is i got it for an absolutely steal! I can't remember the full price because it's no longer available on the website in the sale, i think it must have sold out. However, it is a 50% sale so i'm guessing it was around £20 maybe a tad bit more. It was in the sale for £10 and then i still got to use my Student Discount of 10% on top of that also, which was another £1 so a round total of £9 :) which i thought was pretty good for a Miss Selfridge Skirt :D

So that's my super quick post for the day :) i will get into it more now, however i'm going into work with my Dad again Tuesday to sort out the finishing touches on the 'Sophia With Love' website and i'm also working Wednesday at one of my other jobs but i'll have plenty of time to post inbetween :D 

Happy Blogging & Reading Lovelies!



  1. Sophia this is gorgeous, and it will look even better on you :) <3 Can't wait for an OOTD (when the weather is nice enough) hahah xx

  2. Aww thank you lovely :) I've been waiting for the right time to wear it but the weathers been rubbish haha hopefully i'll have more luck when i'm away :D xxx


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