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Friday 5 December 2014

Personal Planner UK & Giveaway

Hello My Lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well. Welcome to #blogmas day 5! I thought I would end the week with something really fun and bring you my newly designed Personal Planner. I was contacted by Personal Planner a little while ago and was given the opportunity to design my own planner and I jumped at the chance. If you know me then you will know how organised I am and how organised I like to be. I have been using planners for as long as I can remember and I think they are just great. I know a lot of people (including myself) like to use digital ways of staying organised but I think there is something special about jotting everything down into a little book. Everyone has their preferences but I think if you stay organised online and offline then you are pretty much on the road to success!

Firstly, a little bit behind the brand themselves. Personal Planner UK is a website where you can design and create your very own planners (hence the name). Alternatively, you also have the option to design and create your own notebooks and calendars with now a virtual option for a blog planner that you can embed on blogging platforms. The idea arose after a husband and wife always felt disappointed when purchasing their planners so they decided to create their own ones! When I say design and create I mean can literally decide what you want on the front and back of your planner, when you would like it to start, the layout on the inside and any extra modules you might need. Everything is customisable to what you might need from a planner and staying organised the best possible way that suits you. 

When I was designing my planner the biggest thing for me was definitely the front cover. It literally took me forever to decide what I wanted. Initially I wanted to have something that could be recognisable to my blog but then I found this image and I instantly fell in love. The sparkly polka heart design is super cute and I thought it would look gorgeous on my desk, dressing table or in my bag on the go. I would have loved this in a rose gold version (you all know how much I love rose gold) but even thought I couldn't find one I still adore the gold version. I then opted to have a white elastic to keep the planner pages secure. You can choose between a selection of different colours but I chose the white as I really liked how it blended in with my front cover image. I then chose to add a clear ruler, this can be moved around throughout the planner itself and I think this would come in handy as a book mark type tool. Also, the planner comes with a clear sleeve that you can, like the ruler, move around to a desired location. I decided to put mine at the front so it could be easily accessible for all my bits and bobs. As for the start date, as we are pretty much at the end of 2014 I decided I wanted to start a fresh and create a diary for January 2015. It just seems logical to me so I could get the most out of my planner but also to start from the first day of the New Year. Even thought mine starts from 2015, the diary itself did come with a week or so of the end of 2014 as a crossover. 

Next, I had to decide what I wanted on the second page of the planner. When designing your planner there is already generic information on this page that Personal Planner recommends you could use, however, I decided to wipe the slate clean and create something myself. After a little thinking I decided I wanted to use a favourite quote of mine...something that I could look at everyday and feel inspired by. If you follow me on my social media then you will know that I like to post a lot of quotes, so as you could image it was a little tricky narrowing it down to just one. In the end I chose a quote that I always turn to..."Pressure is wonderful. Not only does it make popcorn and diamonds, but it makes us perform, deliver and make wonderful things". Then at the bottom of the page I simply wrote my full name so it could easily be identified with me. 

As you can see from the images I opted for the A5 planner size as I thought it would be most convent for my lifestyle. Now, moving on to the inside of the planner I decided I wanted something that looked uniform but still offered me a lot of space. I added some extra modules at the bottom of each page - these are super handy. I added a 'To do this week' that could help me list out priority tasks for work and blogging. I then chose 'Training of the week' so I could keep up to date with any working out that I do etc. Finally, I added 'List of the week', this is similar to the 'To do this week' option but I thought the more spaces for lists the better. Lists are my life haha! Once you have done all of the above you then have the option to decide what you want on the back pages of the planner. Initially this is broken down into three different sections. For section one I decided to have a 2015-2016 overview and then section two and three I opted for ruled paper. For me the ruled paper was the best option as I could easily write down blogging inspiration, work related things, wish lists and general notes. If you didn't want to go for the ruled paper you could choose other options like squared paper, sheet music, blank pages, maps, sudoku or even colouring pages. 

Overall, I am completely impressed with the personal planner and it is going to come in super handy for the New Year, especially with blogging and starting my brand new job! The design process was incredible straightforward and I am so pleased with the final outcome. I am constantly on the go with work, blogging and my businesses whilst still trying to have a social life in-between that all so staying organised is key for me. I am a little superstitious so I won't be taking this planner out anymore until 1st January 2015 but I already have a few dates I need to write in and I cannot wait. One of my tips when writing in my planners is definitely using bright colour pens. I love bright visual pages and they always seem to keep my motivated and on top of everything. Plus, I always turn to Instagram for organisation inspiration! 

The Giveaway & Rules

Personal Planner have been very generous and have kindly offered one of my followers the chance to win their own customised Personal Planner. I know I started the week with a giveaway and now I am ending the week with one also - so two of my followers will be walking away with something nice before Christmas. The giveaway itself will be running until 21st December 2014 - I wanted it to run for a good amount of time but also so the winners Personal Planner can be designed and sent out before the New Year. 

1. You MUST be following my blog through GFC & Bloglovin' to qualify
2. You MUST be following the Personal Planner's Facebook & Twitter page to qualify
3. This Giveaway will run until 21st December 2014
4. I am using Rafflecopter for this giveaway so please follow the instructions on the widget. Obviously, the more you enter the better the chance of winning this giveaway

Good luck everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I think a Personal Planner would make the perfect treat to yourself but if you are still on the hunt for some Christmas gift then this would make a perfect stocking filler etc. As it can be personalised it would make the perfect gift for pretty much anyone. If you would like to take a browse through the website and see what Personal Planner offer you can do so by clicking here. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Lots of Love
*PR Sample


  1. I would design mine similar to yours as it's so cute, maybe with polka-dots?
    Great giveaway lovely, I've been looking for one of these! xx

  2. I would have a picture of cakes on the front YUM! never feel sad or blue looking at cakes

  3. Not sure how I would design the planner would have to look into that if I won.
    I like the planner you have the design is lovely!


  4. This is so cute!! Really cute how you can customize it to make it your own xx

    Abi |

  5. omg that planner is SO me! Its so pretty!

  6. So pretty! Is this giveaway open to Portugal too?
    x The Caramel Cat

  7. That's a cute design and I would love that one for myself! :)

  8. That's a cute design and I would love that one for myself! :)

  9. this design is amazing, i wouldn't change anything
    but i'll use at college

  10. Gold polka dots! Like Marc Jacobs!

  11. What a fantastic giveaway this is!

  12. I love love my personal planner! your design is so cute! I haven't used mine yet as I did it for 2015 but can't wait to start using it! x

  13. I'm a bit dark so would probably design mine with skulls, Mayan icons and aftershave bottles. A weird combo I know lol!!! Stephen :o)

  14. Love your design. I'd maybe have pink hearts and polka dots!

  15. I love the sound of these! :)
    I don;t know how I;d design mine though, would probably look a bit of a mess as design isn't my strong point! x

  16. I love the sound of these and if I designed it for me, I would have my nieces and nephews on it, if for the mister, something along the lines of what he said in a comment up there xx

  17. oh there as endless opportunities!!! love this website!!gonna play some more on it! :)
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  18. What a lovely giveaway! :)
    I'd design mine for my blog and make it all pink!

  19. I would have a photo of my children on it, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  20. OOh that planner looks so handy, I would definitely lay mine out similarly to yours with to do spaces etc :)

    Sophie x

  21. Your planner is beautiful with the gold polka hearts! I'd like something similar in rainbow colours :)

    Jess xo

  22. Such an amazing giveaway - I've been on the hunt for a planner to stay organized in 2015! I would customise mine in a mint green and grey colour scheme, with a to do list and training schedule, to keep track of my workouts. Such a handy little planner!

    Lauren xx

  23. I love your design, and I agree, rose gold would look amazing!

    Laura x

  24. I would design mine in a sort of mint green Aztec pattern to match my iPhone case :) yours is so pretty I would take inspiration and add some gold hearts! Lovely giveaway, Rosie x

  25. ooo im not sure how i would design it but it would have to be super girly! X

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

  26. The planner looks so cool! I think I would add a gold glitter chevron pattern on my planner :) x



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