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Saturday 6 December 2014

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Lipsticks | Nudes & Reds

Hello My Lovelies,  

I hope you are all doing well and are having a fabulous weekend so far! Whoop, welcome to #blogmas day 6! I am working all weekend so I haven't had much time to myself but I have lots of exciting things in the works for my little ol' blog. My Dad came home Thursday night with some incredible news about a large client of his wanting to collaborate with me so I am rather excited about that. Back into the post, I thought I would break things up today and bring you some gorgeous lipsticks from the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive range. I think these are absolutely stunning lipsticks and deserved a feature. My Christmas Gift Guide posts are not completely finished yet so make sure to keep an eye out for those, although these would make lovely stocking fillers! Even though I have already posted about a few lip products this week I thought I would throw another batch into the works. A girl can never have enough lipstick! 

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Lipsticks | Nudes & Reds | £6.99

I think everyone and their dog knows about the L'Oreal Collection Exclusive lipstick range (Collection Privee) and rightly so because they are absolutely gorgeous. The Collection Exclusive by Colour Riche introduces a famous permanent offer to the L'Oreal Paris portfolio. The collection includes six signature nude shades by the L'Oreal dazzling spokeswomen; Doutzen Kroes, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Julianne Moore, Liya Kebede and Freida Pinto. After the success of L'Oreal's Nudes Collection it wasn't long before they brought out a range of beautiful reds. Autumn 2014 saw a new line added to the Collection Exclusive range; the Pure Reds. The lines are extremely similar in the sense that the four Pure Red shades are custom-made and are tailored to four of the L'Oreal spokes models; Eva Longoria, Julianne Moore, Blake Lively and Liya Kebede. I do hope they decide to bring out a few more shades for the other spokes models. 

As you can see from the swatches the Nudes and Reds are completely different formulations; the Nudes definitely have more of a sheer finish with a glossy effect whereas the Reds are extremely pigmented and lay matte on the lips, however, the added jojoba oils leave the lip hydrated. In nutshell, they have designed a range of lipsticks to complement all skin tones. I personally think this is a great idea if you are a little stuck deciding which lipstick would suit you best. I think it is such a helpful guide but also an amazing marketing campaign having a line of inspirational women and their own personal lipstick. Even though their is a little guide to help you out, I personally think you could give any of the lipsticks a try and still work them all. I only have the four above in my collection, however, I would love to collect them all - although I am having a hard time tracking down Cheryl's shade! 

On to the shades themselves. JLo's Nude is a gorgeous pale beige nude shade. I thought it would apply a little more opaque, however, it is still such a beautiful your lips but better nude. Doutzen's Nude is one of my favourites from the entire line and according to the L'Oreal website is the perfect nude based on my appearance. It is a gorgeous baby pink shade and it instantly stood out to me due to its distinctive shade in comparison to the other nudes. To me this shade instantly screamed Victorias Secret haha! Although it is not the most pigmented from the range it is still such a gorgeous shade that could be worn every day and for that special occasion. Blake's Red is a beautiful ruby red shade that to me screams MAC Russian Red - possible dupe for half the price! When I wear this shade I feel like I could be part of the Gossip Girl cast and I adore the blue undertones in the formula that really enhances the whiteness of your teeth. Julianne's Red is a pinky orange toned bright red shade that is absolutely stunning and one of my favourites (although lets face it, they are all my favourites haha). It is completely different to any other red I have in my makeup collection to date and I think it is one of those shades that would look good on everyone. I am completely blown away by the Pure Red's line and I want to rush out and pick up more. 

The packaging is so luxurious and I love the gold accents across the packaging. It is super easy to identify each lipstick range without removing the lids on the packaging - this makes it so much easier if you are digging through a load of lipstick. The Nudes are completely sleek and matte, whereas the Pure Reds have an almost crocodile bobbled effect to them that feels really high-end. You can tell the packaging and the lipsticks themselves are of high quality - making them worth every single penny! Additionally, the lipstick itself is such a unique shape and the precise point comes in super handy when applying on the go or in a rush without a lip liner or lip brush. 

Overall, I am completely impressed with these lipsticks and I cannot wait to expand my collection. I love the concept behind them with their spokes models and having a shade to suit absolutely everyone. The packaging is stunning and the formulations are incredible -  making them a new favourite of mine. To be honest I haven't got a lot of L'Oreal products in my makeup collection and I am not sure why. I have tried a few foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows and always walk away super impressed - I think I need to give the brand a little more attention! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

See you all tomorrow for #blogmas day 7! 

Lots of Love


  1. These lipsticks look so much more expensive than they are! Doutzen's nude looks like such a pretty shade! x

  2. These look beautiful, from the packaging to the colour selection. I need to treat myself to JLo's Nude. I don't own a nude lippie & thats a crime

  3. Blakes Red is perfect!

  4. J lo's nude looks lovely! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. wowww Blake's Red looks lovely. I've been wanting to try these - i think they look so classy too. Lovely photographs :) xx

  6. I have Julianne's Nude and it's perfect! can't wait for have a red one.... Blake's looks so pretty!!

  7. I actually love Cheryl's nude, its beautiful and I have almost used mine all up! need to buy a new one asap and I think Im going to get Jlos now. xox

  8. I loved the Blake's Red..what an amazing collection!

  9. Can I just say what beautiful product photos these are! ^_^
    Great post!




  10. There is certainly a huge difference in the shades, one of them I could hardly see!

  11. These look beautiful <3 I love the reds :)

    Pink Frenzy

  12. I love J'Los nude, it is stunning x

  13. Dying to get my hands on Blake's red xx

    Abi |

  14. these colours are lovely, I love juliannes nude xx

  15. Beautiful colours, I love Blake's red! x

    Under Blue Lights

  16. I love these lipsticks, they're so gorgeous :)

    Sophie x

  17. Great photos! I think the idea behind this range is fantastic. I really should try a nude and a red, so hard to choose though!! Don't know whether to go for the pale skinned options or just go with what I like the look of! xx

  18. Gorgeous shades! For my skintone I totally would love to buy Eva's nude!


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