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Wednesday 7 August 2013

Style ME Training & Surprise Giveaway

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and are having a fabulous week so far! I am looking forward to a few days off work, i have so much going on right now i love escaping from reality and rambling on my blog. I have a super exciting post for you all today about one of London's leading Personal Styling Agencies - Style ME Training. Style Me is a London based personal styling Training Academy, looking to transform the lives of all types of women by providing the most comprehensive package of courses in order for them to start a successful and rewarding Personal Styling career. Style ME Training is run by industry experts Nisha and Mary Ann who teach every course themselves which are held at the London Fashion Retail Academy - and also Danielle who actually participated in the courses and now works hard on the Style Me Blog and offers her own services alongside Style ME Training. I have been chatting to both Mary Ann and Danielle about the agency and i think it is absolutely amazing and i think you all will too!

Style ME ensure that no course is longer than 2 days as they want to make the courses accessible for those stylists-to-be who may be employed, new mums wanting to get back into the fashion industry but wanting to choose their own hours or even students. Within the market Style ME is the most reasonable and offers no course over £500 which i think is absolutely amazing! It makes you instantly feel that they are a passionate agency who are not after just your money as you are getting the exact same course that other agencies may charge up to £3000 for. They want to ensure that everyone is able to have the chance to train for their dream career and not have to jeopardise anything along the way. Upon finishing the courses you then have the opportunity to become a Style ME Stylist and have Nisha as your mentor who will ensure you have all the support and help you need to launch your new found career. 

- Training To Be A Personal Stylist
- Train To Be A Personal Shopper
- Menswear Styling
- Business Planning
- Colour Analyst 

As you can see Style ME offer a wide range of courses which will suit everyones needs. After taking part in the course you get a certified certificate of completion, which i thinks adds a special something. 
One course we will be focusing on throughout this post is the 'Train To Be A Personal Shopper' course which is worth £300, which one of my lovely followers will have the chance to win. The course covers all aspects of -

- Personal Shopping
- Body Shapes
- Client Psychology
- Creating a 'Capsule Wardrobe'
- Accessorising 
- 2013 Trends
- Certification of Completion

This is a one day course which is usually held weekly and once completed you are officially a trained Personal Shopper! You will be able to advise clients on what they personally need for a capsule wardrobe that is best suited for them. Style ME emphasis the fact that you are dressing for YOU and your shape NOW and will never give the intention to change anything about yourself... other than being the best version of yourself! On the course you will go to the shops and actually shop for a specific clients shape, you will then come back to the group and share your choices and really put yourself to the test based around the practical side of being a Personal Shopper. Ohh how exciting!

Danielle at Style Me

Like i said previously, Danielle took part in the courses and now works along side the Style ME team writing the blog and managing the social media side. So you should definitely go check her out also, she is so lovely and is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about the courses or about Style ME in general. 

A little background information about Danielle, she was originally a Fashion Writer and has now combined both as a freelancer and blogger alongside the personal styling side with Style ME Training. She had always had a passion for fashion and she was the go-to girl for style advice amongst her friends. Before Danielle found Style ME she had done lots of research online about becoming a personal stylist as she wanted to take more advantage of her creative side. She was already writing for an award winning online retailer but wanted to push herself - so she chose Style ME. For Danielle, Style ME ticked all of her boxes around work and personal commitments. What Danielle had to say...

"The courses were just incredible - Nisha and Mary Ann are teaching from years of experience, and they WANT to really help and inspire, to share what they know because they really do love their jobs so much, As I now pinch myself over everyday because I can't believe I'm actually doing it.  None of the courses are intimidating in the slightest, yes you have tasks and presentations, but they are so so key to your confidence as a stylist and knowing that you really can do it, the groups are small and everyone on them is just so excited to be there, the enthusiasm is totally infectious, the venue is beautiful and super cool and you learn SO MUCH.Working as a personal stylist is unbelievably fantastic, not only a fabulous earner (especially the Colour Analysis aspect), it's just wonderfully rewarding to help people in such a way, the thanks they give after you've just given them their confidence back after having a baby/a break up/a style rut, or helped them perfect their work wardrobe to raise their professional profile, or found them that game-changing date/wedding outfit, is just overwhelming. Clients fast become friends, and your credibility just explodes because everyone wants to know why they look so good! It's crazily amazing that I can now do this, AND get paid for it. Anyone can be a personal stylist - Nisha's background is in Maths, but when she helped her boss find some new work looks, and loved the whole experience so much he paid her in Jimmy Choo shoes, she knew it was something she had to look into. I'm also now working alongside Mary Ann and Nisha as Style ME Training's kind of Fashion champion/expert, as well as managing the marketing and writing the Style ME Training blog, as well as working as a Style ME personal stylist and freelance fashion writer. I'm RIDICULOUSLY busy but absolutely loving every single second of ALL of it :-)" - Danielle

The Giveaway

So have you always wanted a career in fashion? Style ME are offering one of my followers the opportunity to win the 'Train To Be A Personal Shopper' course and i will be coming along with you on the day so i am super excited! All you have to do to be in a chance of winning is follow the instruction in the Rafflecopter Widget below...the more you enter the better chance you have of winning! 

Rule: You MUST be following my Blog & STYLE ME to qualify for this giveaway!

This giveaway will be running from 7th August - 22nd September, so you have a good few weeks to get all of your entries in! :D

Good Luck Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, i would love to know your thoughts about Style ME! You can get in contact with the Style Me team either by tweeting them or messaging them on their Facebook page! Alternatively you can go check out their website and blog...they are always posting inspirational posts, about the latest trends and how to dress for you body's a good'n and a regular read for me :D. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and i make sure to read every single comment...they really make my day!

Also lovelies, I have been lucky enough to be short-listed in the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards under 'Best New Beauty Blog'. I still cannot believe i am in the finals it is still so overwhelming and super exciting...i have written a post about it HERE

Lots Of Love


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