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Tuesday 13 August 2013

How Would You Spend £20,000?! | The National Lottery UK

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! I had a packed day taking pictures for an upcoming competition with FiloFax and also tackling Boots for lots of goodies and necessities for my vacation to LA in a few weeks's safe to say i literally shopped till i dropped and needed a nap as soon as i was home haha. I am thinking about posting a haul for you but there is seriously so much stuff this may be the excuse i need to film a Youtube video on my new Canon 700D...eeep! Let me know if that is something you would like to see :D
So on to todays post! The lovely people at The National Lottery UK have given me the ever so lovely task on how i would spend £20,000. Well, it is safe to say i am a bit huge shopaholic so i literally jumped at the chance. I think this is something everyone thinks about...what would you splurge on if you won the lottery?! I know it sounds super crazy but i have compiled a luxury Wish List over the past year and to be honest the £20,000 would do quite nicely with a few goodies i have been coveting after haha. OMG i sounds like this is a real task...excuse me whilst i go cry!! £20,000 cash would be a lovely little treat and is quite a large life-changing amount of money ;)

A Few Things I Would Spend It On

1) I am actually in the process of hunting one of these down as they are quite hard to get hold of unfortunately but i would literally knock on Hermes London door every single day until they let me purchase a beautiful Birkin from them. I cannot tell you how long i have been in love and wanted a Birkin...every time i see one on TV or in person i literally squeal with excitement sad i know but i am pretty obsessed with designer handbags :P

2) I would go down New Bond Street and buy something in every single designer store...i would go see my girlies in Chanel, Hermes, Tiffany & Coand also get myself another pair of Louboutins! Swoon!

3) I would bring the whole family out to a really luxurious restaurant in London...maybe Claridges or the Ritz for lunch.

4) In true blogger style i would go on a huge makeup and fashion haul through Selfridges, Debenhams, John Lewis, Liberty London, Space name it i will probably go there and splurge out haha
5) I would most probably book an amazing holiday away to a destination i have been dying to go to...something like Australia, Dubai or the Caribbean. However, i would also like to spend a few nights at Richard Brandsons Island or even purchase my own Island...this will become reality one day!

6) It is my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary next year (2014) so i would totally treat them to something to celebrate. 

7) I graduate from University next year also (2014) so i would treat myself to a celebratory gift haha as you casually do! 

8) Ever since i was a little girl i have always imagined my dream house and how i would have it built from scratch. I know £20,000 would never cover a house but i know it would go towards some of the plannings and getting my vision into reality. 

9) Something absolutely crazy i would do if i won the lottery is either rent out a theme park or something like Disneyland and bring a load of friends and family and go on every single ride over and over again. This is the little child in me coming out but who doesn't love Disney?!

10) This is the Business Student in me but i would probably invest some of the money and hopefully make it double or even triple (fingers crossed) then obviously i would pay off any bills or loans i may have but luckily i have none of those right now so i would spend it on other things instead haha. 

These are just a few of the things i would consider splurging on if i won £20,000 today...obviously this can change all the time as my wish list is forever growing haha typical Sophia. I am still contemplating whether i would spend it all on one thing or a few things so that is why i have written about a few of the things i would spend it on. 

How You Can Win £20,000 - The New Lotto Raffle

Right, i am in no way trying to promote gambling or telling you that you have to go out and buy a lottery ticket...obviously the choice is entirely up to you. Every now and again i will go and purchase the odd Lotto Draw or Lucy Dip when i am feeling a little lucky haha. I actually did one last Saturday but unfortunately i wasn't lucky on this occasion. 

The New Lotto Raffle is being released this Autumn and will cost £2. It works in a similar way to the normal Lotto where you still choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 or can choose to opt for a lucky will then receive a unique raffle code at the bottom of your slip which 50 guaranteed prizes of £20,000 can be won. If the jackpot rolls over then the amount of winners will grow also! Saturdays will have larger jackpots which will range from £2.5 Million to around £5 Million which is absolutely jaw dropping amounts of money, i am totally swooning right now! As well as The National Lottery giving us more ways in which we can win money the new Lotto Raffle will contribute more money to the crucial National Lottery good causes around the UK...every week they raise £35 Million for good causes which i think is absolutely amazing!

Hope you all enjoyed this post...i would love to know how you would spend £20,000! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and i make sure to read every single comment...they really make my day!

Also lovelies, I have been lucky enough to be short-listed in the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards under 'Best New Beauty Blog'. I still cannot believe i am in the finals it is still so overwhelming and super exciting...i have written a post about it HERE

Lots Of Love
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  1. Ahhh the Birkin! At the top of every Handbag lovers wishlist :D - I hope to get my hands on one in the future! But it will be hard sourcing one when there isn't a Hermes within 250 miles of me :(( - need to move to London haha xx - great post sweetie :) xx

  2. Great post! I would literally go in all those shops too aha. x

    Sophie @ x

  3. aw the birkin :) i love it!!! i'm so behind i didnt know you were on youtube, cant wait to see your videos hun x

    1. Haha major love for a Birkin :P I have done a few but i really want to start getting into it more and start doing some tutorials and fun videos :D xx

  4. Birkin & loubs = Zofia's dream!
    If I won the lotto I'd definitely do most of the things you listed!

    Zofia xx

  5. Thanks for this info, looking forward for more update soon.

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