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Thursday 8 August 2013

Mother Natures Calling | Always Infinity

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well!

Todays post is going to be slightly different based around the sense that to some it can be a slightly tough topic to mention throughout the bbloggersphere or in general. Although saying that we are mostly all girls here and we all have to go through it haha. There comes that time in the month when 'Mother Nature Calls' and sometimes we may have to alter our plans, our emotions might be everywhere and it calls for lots of me time, chocolate and television! However, when you find the right method of controlling it you are good to go and can do pretty much anything you want. Obviously, there are a few different methods which can be used. However, when i was challenged to take part in a fitness class and use the new 'Always Infinity Sanitary Towels' i thought why not :D

The new 'Always Infinity Sanitary Towels' focus on three main aspects - the Revolutionary Materials, that you don't need to feel protected to know that you are being protected and the new Breakthrough Protection. The Infinity's use a new-to-the-UK material called Infinicel which is located at the heart of the pad. Regular pads mostly contain fibres, however, Infinity is completely different. It is made from a specific liquid which created a unique foam core that can absorb up to ten times it's own weight in liquid. It moulds to your body, similar to memory foam so it is extremely comfortable to wear and moulds to your own body shape without any bunching thus giving you the result of incredible protection that you can barely feel.

As i stated earlier the Infinity pads are made with the new revolutionary Infinicel material that provides super fast absorption and leak lock protection. The pad is made up of two foam like layers, the top one has special micro-dots which act as one way tunnels that quickly absorb everything to the second layer where it then distributed and stored securely. The pad allows your skin to breath and does not trap in any moisture which can make you feel uncomfortable. The cover is described as advanced 'Work Out Gear' and works to rid away fluid to keep you feeling fresh.

Putting Infinity to the Test

So to put the new 'Always Infinity Sanitary Towels' to the test i was challenged to par-take in a unique exercise class at my local gym. My local gym is 'Fitness First' and decided to take part in an intense 'Spinning Class' but i also decided to do some extra working-out on the cross trainer, running machine, power-plate and other apparatus around the gym just to add to the challenge a little it was great to get back into the gym today!

My Outfit

Trousers - Gap Yoga Pants*
Trainers - Nike

Overall, i am really impressed with Always Infinity and i believe everything they are marketing is pretty much true to the word. When i was spinning, running and working on the machines i honestly felt so comfortable and like it was not even that time of the month. I did an hour spinning class and then did an extra hour around the gym and i felt they really did go that extra mile...I felt confident and protected that no nasty little accidence may occur doing all of this intense working out. One of the best features is the Infinicel core which is one of the pads main selling points and with anything new on the market you are bound to be skeptical about it, but it actually does work. Not to go into too much detail ladies but the 'tunnels' that i spoke about earlier which aid with absorption really did work, woohoo! I found most of the other features were pretty strong also...for the amount of activity i took part in they did not budge or move around and it really felt as if i was wearing nothing as they mould to your body. Also, it is pretty warm outside and plus participating is sport it did get pretty hot in the gym but i still felt really fresh, protected and confident!

So do you want to see whether or not this is all true? Well, Always Infinity have given me a pack to giveaway to one of my followers. So if you would like to give them a try you can enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. The Giveaway will run from 9th August (12.00am) until Sunday 1st September when i will announce the winner at #bbloggerschat. Good Luck! 

Hope you all enjoyed this slightly different more lifestyle post. It was really fun to get involved and try out the new products and get my butt back into the gym! What are your favourite ways to exercise? Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you and i make sure to read every single comment...they really make my day!

Also lovelies, I have been lucky enough to be short-listed in the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards under 'Best New Beauty Blog'. I still cannot believe i am in the finals it is still so overwhelming and super exciting...i have written a post about it HERE

Lots Of Love
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  1. I like this post :) Totally different from your usual ones!!

    Kirsty x

  2. Two thumbs up.

    Bbloggers don't like talking about teeth or tampons (or sanitary towels) and it really irks me that there are somethings that people are all hush, hush about. Credit to you, gurrl.

  3. love this post! thanks for sharing doll!


  4. So true! Why don't we talk about it!? I'm going to give them a try. Tampons are not my best friends right now. :(

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  5. I liked the post - why not review sth. like this. I think it's stupid to shy away from such topics, because why sould we feel sorry abut sth. like this.
    I don't like sanitary towels and prefer tampons, but after your post, I really consider giving them a try. =)

  6. Great post, I've never liked pads in the past but these seem so much better so would like to give them a try x


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