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Saturday 2 February 2013

Haul | Ft. Chanel, Urban Decay, Benefit & Ted Baker

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well :) I've just got back from work and i've been editing my photos for this post whilst blasting Taylor Swift & Jonas Brothers :3, been singing and dancing around like a crazy person :P 

So todays post is another Haul :D some of you may know that i went to an Urban Decay event on Thursday and i got their a tad early as you do and the shopping centre was such a bad influence on me haha so i picked up a few more goodies :P i will be reviewing them individually for you soon, so keep checking back for that. I also recieve a few exciting packagaes this week which i can't wait to share with you all, so keep an eye out for them also ;)

"Hi I'm Sophia...and I'm a Shopaholic" ;) 

I stopped by LUSH again to pick up a few goodies, mainly because i wanted to try 'The Enchanter' bath bomb which India at 'The Jewel Beauty' absolutely loves. 

1. Phoenix Rising - This is something new to try, i've always noticed but never went for it but decided to just go for it. The glitter was definitely a reason why i purchased it as i'm a sucker for anything glittery and sparkly :P it actually has a secret green centre which sounds amazing!

2. The Enchanter - Lush say that this will cast a magical spell of colour and fragrance over your bathroom. The bathbomb is layered with colourful fizziness, swirling in a haze of orange and pink releasing it's sunny lime and neroli fragrance :D

3. Dragons Egg - I got one of these in my Haul from last week but decided to get another one so i have a back up haha Lush describe it as an everlasting gobstopper which sounds amazing :D

4. Dorothy - I initially chose to get this because it is so adorable looking  but also in honour of the new 'Urban Decay - OZ' Palettes which were released this week :P The sales assistant said to use the rainbow first and then the rest otherwise your bath won't be as pretty. 

5. Twilight - Lush say this is the perfect bath bomb is your struggeling to get to sleep as it has relaxing lavader as one of the main ingredients. I was initially drawn in by the name because of the 'Twilight Saga' and also the beautiful stary design. 

6. The Enchanter - I had to buy two after what Lush and my bestie India had to say about this bath bomb :P

I then wanted to add a picture of my new LUSH storage for you all :D i absolutely love these Jars, Mum found them for me a few days ago and they're perfect for my little Lush corner in my Beauty Closet :D everything looks so pretty, i added the pink and silver glittery bows for an added girly touch. 

We then went along to John Lewis, i've had my eye on a Ted Baker Makeup bag for a while now. I was initially drawn to the Glittery Bow collection which was from before Christmas but the bow in real life wasn't as pretty as i hoped, it was practically falling apart in my hand. The sales assistant had showed me this design the week before and i had a little think about it and decided to go for it. It's from the new Spring 2013 Collection so i love the fact that its part of the new line. Now i can do a 'What's in My Makeup Bag Video' for you all haha If you'd like to see that then let me know :D

Benefit - Fine One One

After the 'Fine One One' released a few weeks ago i knew i had to go check it out. The MUA on the counter applied it to my cheeks and lips and it's so beautiful. The three shades blended in together create the perfect creamy bush shade. I can't wait to use this more through the summer :D

After the Urban Decauy event i had to pick up a few more goodies, i decided to pick up the other 3 famous Primer Potions. I have used most of these primers before except for Eden, but that was when they were still using the older packaging. 

Eden Primer Potion
Sin Primer Potion
Original Primer Potion

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

I then picked up the new NAKED Skin foudnation, i've had my eye on this for ages now. Originally i am in the shade 3.5 but i opted to go for the 5.5 because i do tan a little and this and i always prefer using a foundation a shade or so darker than me otherwise i look like a zombie o_O haha I promise you it doesn't come out orangy or anything, it still makes my complexion look completely natural and flawless. 

We then stopped by Chanel and picked up a few goodies. One being the new Highlighter fromt heir Spring 2013 collection. It was the last one left on the counter so it was meant to be, i was super lucky because all theother counters had sold out too. 

Poudre Signee De Chanel - Illuminating Powder
Les Ombres - #14 Mystic Eyes
Illusion D'Ombre - Epatant
Illusion D'Ombre - Vision

Everything is so beautiful and was incredibly hard choosing, i can't wait to review these and create some makeup looks with them. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this haul post, the next post will be different i promise :D If you've tried anything or have an reccomendations i'd love to hear them :D

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i love hearing from you all :)

Lots Of Love


  1. Aaaah love everything you've brought! Benefits Fine One One look's gorgeous, considering treating myself too it! Please do a review on it once you've used it enough! xx

  2. The jars are so adorable :)

  3. So jealous! Those jars must smell amazing with all those bath bombs. Hopefully I can get my hands on the Chanel Illuminating powder, it looks amazing! xo

  4. This post is doing nothing for my student loan Sophia..! Haha all looks beautiful :)

    Samya - Samya Says..


  5. Oh wow amazing haul. I need that new Benefit product asap! Also i love the ted baker make-up bags, i've wanted one for ages, they're gorgeous!

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. you were so lucky to find the Chanel highlighter, it's sold out everywhere :( such a gorgeous highlighter!

  7. Since you posted your instagram picture this morning I have been so excited to see this post haha!! - Seriously amazing though :D - I'm so glad you decided to get two of the Enchanter bath bombs :D & I ordered my Chanel highlighter today, because I was worried it would be sold by the time I went shopping next weekend haha!!

    Amazing post sweetie :D

    India xoxox - Jewel Beauty Blog

  8. I just bought the Fine One One also! I'm loving it so far. Great haul you got some amazing products.

    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  9. Amazing haul dear! You picked up some gorgeous things! The Ted Baker bag is to dieeeee for!! <33 I cannot wait to get my hand on the "Fine One One" once it releases in my country! :))


  10. ooh such lovely products, all the lush stuff looks gorgeous!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  11. wow... that is quite a haul. I lvoe how you store the Lush stuff, what a great idea which I am definitely going to steal, saves keeping them in their bags. Twilight by the way is amazing xx

  12. You really are a shopaholic! ;) I have some jars really similar to that, just a bit taller and I wanted to use them to put my bath bombs in but when I tried they didn't fit through the neck :( xx

  13. lovely haul, the chanel goodies look amazing! i really want to try out the urban decay foundation :) love your lush storage too.

  14. Wow, I thought I was a shopaholic, this must've cost a fortune! It's worth it though. I can't wait to read your reviews.


  15. This haul makes me incredibly jealous! x

  16. I will now have to make a trip to lush! Everyone of them sounds so good!

  17. Amazing haul! So jealous of the Chanel goodies!

  18. Everything you bought looks amazing! Can't wait to read your reviews on each :) xx <3

  19. Oh wow, this must have been such a fun shopping spree x

  20. That is one amazing haul and I'm very jealous! Your storage for the Lush goodies is really cute! I would never have thought of that!

    Kate x

  21. What a great haul. I love the jars you put your LUSH products in. The Illusion D'Ombre shadows look beautiful.

  22. Looks like a great haul! A bunch of my favourite products are in here!

  23. awesome haul! I have tried the Benefit Fine One One and love it. Dying to get my hands on this. Such a brilliant product. Would save me a few mins every day for applying blush and highlighter. The Chanel eye shadow palette looks so gorgeous.

  24. Oh my I want to go and buy everything here! I love those little jars for your bath bombs so cute!

    Georgia x | Georgiabeeee | xgeorgia

  25. Great post i love the Chanel illuminating powder :)

  26. I'm so jealous of this whole haul i literally want everything!! :) xx

  27. I seriously need to get my butt into lush sometime soon, haven't been in ages! the ted baker bag is so cute as well :)

    You subscribed to my blog recently after finding me on the bbloggers blog hop and I love yours, subscribed! xo

  28. Great haul. I need to get my hands on the Chanel highlighter!

  29. Amazing haul! I am so jealous of the gorgeous Chanel booty! What gorgeous stuff :) that highlighter is a beaut! xx
    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  30. You bought some great stuff! Would love to see more videos from you on your youtube :) Xx

  31. Fab haul. Those little jars are uber-cute and such a nice idea, the sort of thing I never would have thought of doing!

    I picked the same little Ted Baker makeup bag up too, isn't it just the best? I love it! x

  32. WOW! You got some amazing things!! :)

  33. Lovelovelove the ted baker make up bag! So cute!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I've now followed back!

  34. Found you via the #bbloggers bloghop. Love the LUSH storage jars, need to do something similar for mine :) I'm now your newest follower xx

  35. I love Dragons Egg, it's so much fun!

    The Style Rawr!

  36. I really want to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin product! I also need to get myself some Lush bathbombs!
    Megan xxx

  37. Hiiii,

    Just found you thru #Bbloggers, love this blog so I will be hanging around =)(Jessica Knox / OhSoGawjess)

    Very jealous of all those bath bombs!

    Want to follow me too?

  38. I love lush bath bombs too! And I want to try the benefit fine one one!

    lovely blog, would love it if you could check mine out sometime :)


  39. Wow you picked up some gorgeous things, I really want to get the Benefit five one one. Love the jars too, so pretty I've been looking for something similar for ages :-)

  40. Oh my! You just made me want to buy everything you got haha love the bathbombs and Chanel makeup! That highlighter is gorgeous. Also love the Ted Baker bag, so cute! xxx

  41. Hey I really want the Urban decay primer but don't know which to go for !!! - Why are there different colours?


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