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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Westfield Bargain Hunting Challenge

Hello My Lovelies :)

Hope you are all well. So, this is quite an exciting post for me to write for you all. I was recently ccontacted by Westifield London Shopping Centre to collaborate with them. I was super excited when they contacted me because i absolutely love shopping there and have even been to their Malls across the world including Los Angeles.

They have been absolutely amazing to work with. I was meant to go down to Westfield last weekend, but unfortunately we all got hit by snow and it put a halt in my plans, so i was unable to get down. We were chatting througout the week and re-sceduled everthing for the weekend just gone and i was able to get down and do some shoppingggg :D

So, my 1st Challenge was to do a little bargain hunting :D who doesn't like hunting down a good ol' bargain ;) 
So they kindly gave me a voucher to spend on anything i wanted throughout the store. So, i went down to Westfield Sunday morning super early as i had to meet with them and pick up my voucher. We were literally walking around the shopping centre for a good hour or so until all the shops opened, but it gave me time to think about where i wanted to have a browse and anything else i needed to pick up. Which was fab because i remembered to pick up some of the new 'Rimmel Apaocalips' :D

Now, you could say i cheated a little bit because i did spend a little over the amount that they gave me, but trust me, this was a bargain that you couldn't refuse. This little beautie was sitting there waiting for me as if it was fate :D

So, your probably all wondering what i picked up :) We decided to have a little wander thtrough the Miachel Kors store...

We were served by the nicest sales assistant ever, she got to know us and found out what we were looking for and she showed us this particular handbag and i instantly fell in love with it :)

Michael Kors - Layton Cream Hobo With Gold Hardware

This little beautie is the 'Michael Kors Layton Cream Hobo With Gold Hardware' and i think it'sabsolutely stunning! The colour is very unique and fresh and i love the gold hardware against it, it's something different to what i already own in my collection. I adore the Hobo design, all of the storage compartments inside and on the outside of the bag and not forgetting the stunning MK charm on the bag. Another exciting aspect is the straps, they can be transformed into 3 different levels depending on how you like to hold your bag. 

So, I stated earlier this was an amazing bargain that i could turn away from. Originally the bag was £310 but i picked it up for £94!! My face literally dropped when the sales assistant told me, i actually couldn't believe it haha Thats a whopping saving of £216 which i think is absolutely amazing!

So thats what i got up to last Sunday :) and now i have a fabulous little bargain which i can add to my handbag collection :D I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please let me know what you think about the bag :D

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D

Some handy links :)

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Lots Of Love


  1. Where's the bag from? The Michael Kors shop or a department store? x

    1. It's from the Michael Kors store in the Westfield Shopping Centre :) xx

  2. love this bag! I've wanted a Michael Kors bag for a while now xx

  3. This bag is so gorgeous! Ever since getting my watch last year I've wanted the matching bag and purse. xx

  4. Sounds like lots of fun! That is an amazing bargain x

  5. Wow that is a bargain xx

  6. This is a beauty! I love Michael Kors, think I might have to treat myself hehe!

    Amazing post lovely and what a great colab :D

    India <3 Jewel Beauty Blog

  7. Oh my goodness I am insanely jealous that you got to go on a shopping spree!!

  8. Oh wow, that's an amazing saving! :D x

  9. I love bargain hunting and love this post :) Great to see such an amazing bnag ast such a good price! x

  10. Oh wow you lucky lucky girl :) the bag is GORGEOUS :D and what a great experience. You sure must be good with finding bargains. Need you with me to pick up some bargains :P

    Love Emily xx

  11. Wow, that was a really fab bargain!

  12. Fabulous bargain!! Such a great price you got it for! X x

  13. SOPHIA YOU ARE SO LUCKY. That bag is gorgeous - nobody needs to know about the bargain ;) also text back ha xxx

  14. Jealous! Im drooling right now that bag is lush!

    Good find :)

  15. that is beautiful! what a gorgeous bag xx

  16. This is GORGEOUS you lucky lady! ahhh so jealous lovely, i want every single thing you ever post especially all the gorgeous bits you post on instagram! xxx

  17. OMG what an absolute amazing bargain! So jealous of your bag collection!

  18. That handbag isn't just fashion, it's a work of art!

  19. wow, honey your so lucky, what a compelte and utter bargain :0 love micheal kors xx

  20. WOW! As if you saved £216, that's amazing! A beautiful bag too!
    Megan xxx

  21. Gorgeous bag! Can't believe the price aswell, bargain :D!! xxx <3

  22. Wow such a bargain and such a nice bag too!
    Fashion Ganache.

  23. That is a great find! My definition of a bargain is something you'll get your money back in terms of how much you use it rather than buying something cheap for the sake of it, so this definitely fits that!

  24. I adore michael Kors, wow what a bargain, hope you had an amazing day! X

  25. What an amaaaazing absolute bargain! Lucky girl xx

  26. nice white bag and such a bargain! lovely <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  27. Beautiful bag!! what a bargain!

    just found your blog, loving it xx

  28. I adore that bag!!! loving the blog :) xxx


  29. Wow! I love this bag and i love westfield too! So many shops!
    How about a follow back?
    I really like your blog!


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