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Sunday 3 February 2013

❀☆ Dancing On Ice - Ashley Roberts Faux Bob Look Feautiring OSIS+ Products ☆❀

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope your all well and have had a great weekend :D 

I was kindly sent these amazing Schwarzkopf OSIS+ products to try out and try to re-create Ashley Roberts Faux Bob from last Sunday nights Dancing On Ice episode. I have been using the products throughout the week so i could get more of an understanding of them and how well they worked with my hair. Overall i absolutely love them. I have a lot of hair which is thick and heavy and these products really helped get some body and life back into my hair. 

Especially when i striaghten my hair, as it's long and thick it can get really heavy and look really flat and unflatering on my face shape. When i applied the 'Body Me Serum' onto my damp hair and started to dry it i could already see a difference in the amount of body my hair had. 

I was sent to try out -

OSIS+ Freeze Pump Finish 

I'm really picky when it comes to hairspray because if it's not strong enough my hair will not hold it's style. This product was amazing, the spray is really fine so i didn't get any crunchy parts after spraying it on my hair and it had a very firm hold. I used this also throughout the week and it held my natural curly waves really well also. 

OSIS+ Body Me Serum

This is one of my favorite products that i was sent, it actually does work! Like i said earlier, my hair is very thick and heavy and can seriously lack volume at the roots. I applied this product to damp hair and when drying it i could instantly see a difference, more life and body in my roots which was amazing! 

OSIS+ Dust It

I have used a similar powder before and i found it didn't do anything for my hair, it left it feeling a weird tecture and my freshly washed hair looked dirty again :( sad times! 
However, this product done the complete oposite, you do need to be carful how much you apply as a little definitely goes a long way. Sometimes freshly washed hair can look a little lifeless so i loved how when i applied this i isnatly had volume and my hair looked amazing! It didn't leave a cakey feel and my hair didn't look dirty at all which is definitely a plus :D

OSIS+ Flatliner

As i have natural wavey / curly hair this product definitely came in handy when blowdrying my hair straight. It helped make my hair smooth, shiney and it also protected my ahir from heat, this little beauty does it all! After using this product i didn't even need to use my straightners on my hair as it was perfectly straight already, so it definitely helped with the time process. 

As you can see i have a lot of hair so i did struggle a little :P

Here's a little collage with some of the steps i took to create the Faux Bob. I blew dry my hair straight and then plaited it loosley. I then rolled it up under and pinned it up as securely as i could get it. The hair at the front came out naturally after i played around with it to get it to sit how i wanted. I am perfectly aware that this is not the best looking 'Faux Bob' ever haha but my hair is super long and super thick so considering i think it looks pretty darn good :D this style does work better if you have more layers cut into your hair. I definitely think the products helped me with creating the overall look. I would love to try out a curly version to this style and see how that would work also :)

One thing i've learnt from doing this post is that...I definitely do not suit a bob hair cut haha so i won't be chopping off my hair any time soon ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading through this post, If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below :D i love hearing from you all!

Lots Of Love


  1. Impressive effort, I know I would fail miserably at trying to make a bob, and my hair is shorter than yours!

  2. This is such a good idea and you did a great job! I need to try this now. Xxx

  3. Ashley is great, loved her on I'm a Celebrity :) I'm actually following you already, love your blog :) x

  4. It's really pretty xo good job

  5. Good job lovely :) - You look gorj!

    Lots of love India - Jewel Beauty Blog

  6. Considering how much hair you have this is a fantastic effort! Looks gorgeous!
    Megan xxx

  7. Crazy what some good product can do! Love your writing style - you have a lovely blog! xx

  8. This is a great effort, definitely something i may have to try myself! xx

  9. the hair products sound really nice! i have never tried the osis brand! found you through the bbloggers chat and really like your blog i followed! come by for a visit to mine if you get a chance!

    -ariel* xoxo

  10. I really wanna try the dust powder but I can't find it in Spain!

    If you have any question about fashion or beauty don't hesitate to leave a comment in:


  11. Your hair looks gorgeous! :)


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