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Thursday 5 July 2012

River Island & Rimmel Haul

Hello My Lovelies,

I've had a super busy long day. I first had a consultation at the Doctors at 9.00am this morning, we ended up at the wrong part of the hospital because we assumed it was the same place we always went to, however, they had expanded to another side of the wing so we had to make another car journey, boo!! £6 of parking tickets later and we finally got to the right place. 
We then headed into town for a few errands, then me and my Mum went to lunch at the Harvester mmm was yummy :P and then stopped off at Tesco for a few bits and bobs, we're now home to start on some packing :) 

I posted on Tuesday about the utterly fabulous 50% off River Island sale which i attended and all the purchases that i made. I had to go back today because one of the striped trousers had a little whole where the sales tag was so we went back to see if they had any more, unfortunately they didn't but my lovely friends at River Island took £5 off of them which made them a sale total of £5 which is great. I can put a few little stitches in it anyways, it just above the waist so it'll be covered by a top. 

So, i got a bit of many back from the trousers and the sales assistant serving us told us that they had put a lot more items out the night before, so naturally we had to have a little snoop around before we left haha 

Bow Sandals

So i first saw the shoes, how cute are they? I took all of the tags how as soon as i got home so i could put everything away and i totally forgot that i needed them :L silly me haha Their sale price was £20.00 so i assume they must have been around £40.00 originally because it is a 50% sale :) 

Pink, Peach, Turquoise Ombre Jumper

I actually did a blog post on this a while back, i absolutely love it and thought it was stunning. I don't think i posted it on here, i think it was on my LUUUX blog. I have a funny feeling it was originally around £35.99, that number kind of jumps out at me, but i got it for £15.00. It looks lovely on, very flattering and its very unique because along the lower part of the turquoise along the waist, their are glitter threads intertwined which makes it sparkle, it's not huge amount, it's very subtle and pretty. 

Then after River Island, i had to head over to Boots because i had to purchase a new Eyebrow Pencil. I've been using Rimmel Londons Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel. It suits my brows perfectly and looks very natural. I don't use a lot of it, however, sometimes i find when i've used it, it helps structure the face which is great. 

So, thats pretty much todays antics, i have literally been everywhere. I keep saying i'm going to start packing but somehow i always never get round to it. We're leaving the early hours of Friday 13th so we have a bit of time. I'm working all weekend and then the Olympic Torch is coming through where i live which sounds quite exciting :D so i will keep you posted about that!

Speak Soon!


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  1. Those shoes are lovely! And that's such a bargain you got in River Island with the trousers, such a shame about the hole though!


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