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Wednesday 11 July 2012

Nails Inc Couture

Hello My Lovelies,

Now, have you ever wished that you could create your own nail polish?? Well, thanks to Nails Inc you can do just that :D Just when you thought our love affair with nail polish had reached it's peak, Nails Inc has come along and created a couture and bespoken polish service. You first choose a fashion-forward lid, fill the bottle with your favorite colour, customise the box and the best bit is, wait for it... you can even name it yourself!!!

I have been on their website for what seems to be forever now, i couldn't decide what i wanted to create because i LOVED so many different combinations. But after much deliberation i came up with this design...


Cap: Clear Crystal Cap
Colour: South Molton Street
Name: Sophia With Love - After My Business ;)
Stickers: I [heart] Nails Inc & With Love

So thats my final design :) i love how it turned out and how you can customise everything to yourself and what you like. I opted for the Clear Crystal Cap because it very classy, blingyyy and luxurious,  i chose pink because you can never go wrong with a lovely natural pink shade which goes with everything, a personal favorite of mine is 'Got A Date To Knight' by OPI :) I then chose to name it after my business [Sophia With Love] because i thought it was a cute personal touch and something that i will always remember in the future. I then chose the stickers because they were the ones that best suited my design, as the other stickers were for birthdays and so on and i'm just purchasing this for myself haha 
I mean it comes in at £20 which is a tad pricey for a nail polish but at the end of the day you have to remember you've personalized it all yourself, chosen the cap, colour, name & stickers and it'll get delivered to you door. I think this'll make a perfect little gift to myself :D

If you want to make your own Nail Polish or even have a mess around on the website then click the link below ;)

Speak soon!




  1. OMG this is actually amazing! Id love to do this, love the colour of course too! I would love to make my own perfume too how amazing would that be ? :)

  2. I know right :D when i saw it i was like, right i have to write about this haha i think it's such a great idea and i don't think any other brand has done it before. OMG yes :D that would be amazing, i think their are some stores you can go to but theirs never anything good like that near me haha



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