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Sunday 29 July 2012

❤ How To: Save Money On Fashion ❤

Hello My Lovelies,

As you can probably tell by now i love all this Fashion & Beauty and i am forever finding an excuse to go shopping. However, like you've seen in a number of my blog posts i am always on the look out for ways that i can save money, i love a good ol' bargain :) So i thought i would share a few of my own personal tips and also some great websites for you to check out :)

This post may be a tad long but trust me it'll be totally worth the read ;) Below are 8 websites and places and then at the bottom are a few extra facts to help you out!

1) Outlet Shopping

A favorite Outlet of mine which i have been going to for many years now is Bicester Village. Its a great place to find designer and more expensive items with a discount of up to 70% off. I have purchased many MAC, Jack Wills, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren & UGG items here at such reasonable prices compared to non outlet stores and websites. I have recommended many friends here and they all love the hefty savings they make, it gives us an even better excuse to do even more shopping ;) I'm actually planning on going soon with my mum so watch this space :)

2) Hire Your Outfit

If your in a rush and need an outfit quick or if buying a whole new outfit is a little on the pricey side then now you can hire your outfits. I have never personally done this but i have many friends who have used such websites as Girl Meets Dress & My Celebrity Dress and have always been satisifed. With these websites you can hire outfits for a specific period of time, you can search by designer, celebrity and even your size, which is great because it's like a little guide to help what best suits your body shape. They have an array of dresses worn by a wide range of celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Leona Lewis, Kim Kardashian and the TOWIE girlies.  It's a great way to find the perfect outfit and look like a celebrity all in one, can;t go wrong with that ;)

3) Secret Sales (Shhhhh)

Secret Sales is a great little website which hold limited time sales on designer items for up to 70% off. You do have to be a registered member but signing up is totally free and quick. They have had sales on in the past on Converse, UGG, Juicy Couture and currently as i am typing this they have a sale on Vintage Designer items and i've missed out on a load of Chanel items :( you've got to be quick! Also, what other website sells on sale Chanel?? Definitely one to check out lovelies :D It's always worth checking back every now and again to see what up coming sales they have and you can sign up to get reminders from them :)

4) Fashion Vouchers

I have recently discovered this quaint website called Fashion Vouchers which has every voucher, offer and sale on that you would ever need all in one place, how amazing is that?! I am always on the hunt for offers and vouchers that i can use online or in store to cut down my hefty subtotal ;) this website is amazing for helping you do just that, definitely one to keep in your tabs section!

5) My Uni Days

I discovered My Uni Days through Facebook and shopping online. It offers a wide range of discounts and promotions from their retail partners such as ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo and so on. This acts just like a Student Card except you don't have to fork out the money on the student card like it did haha You simply create an account with your University Login details and it verifies your an actual student and your on your way to saving tones of money :D When i can't be bothered to fetch my student card (Which is most of the time now i know this website exists) i am constantly flicking through the savings on this website :D

6) NUS Student Cards

If you have them then absolutely go crazy with them ;) like i said above you do have to pay for a NUS Student Card but it's totally worth it considering the amount of savings you make plus it lasts for a year. Actually writing this is reminding me that i have to get a new one after August, YIKES, need to put that on things to do! I am always flashing my student card at every given opportunity, if you don't ask you don't get haha It's mainly the 'Arcadia' group on the highstreet that take this card a wide range of others like Apple, Missguided, Boohoo, Topshop, New Look and so on. The only place i wish they accepted it would be River Island, maybe if we start a petition they'll start to accept it haha ;) however, they did do a special 1-day-only even for student card holders earlier this year so keep your eyes open for up coming events!!

7) Ebay Baby ;)

Ebay is a great place to find a wide range of designer and non designer items for reasonable prices. Ebay does now have a special 'Fashion' section, designer outlet and daily deals to suit everyone. I can usually find many dupes of highstreet a designer items on Ebay for a wayyy smaller price tag. My friend was compeating in Miss England this year and she got one of her many beautiful ball gowns off Ebay and you couldn't tell the difference compared to other designer brands :) pretty amazing huh!

8) Swap Shop

I recently discovered this website called Big Wardrobe yet again i found this website through a savings booklet in a magazine which i think was 'Cosmopolitan'. You can buy new clothes, sell your old ones and even swap with other Big Wardrobe users, pretty nifty. 

A Few Other Tips

 - Blog Sales - Being a Blogger i am always coming across Blog Sales and i love the fact that you could purchase, share or swap items with fellow bloggers and friends!

 - Sales - This is quite explanatory but if you constantly check for sales and know when they are coming up then you will most likely get first picks on items which is always a plus :D

 - Charity / Thrift Shopping - Definitely worth it if you know where to go and have the patients to dig out great finds. I know friends of mine who have gone Thrifting in London and have come away with Vintage Designer items at a fraction of the price, absolutely amazing! I needs to get me to London!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's something different and i enjoyed writing it for you all! I hope you check out the links above!

If you know any other amazing places or have some great advice please leave it below, i love discovering new Fashion money saving tips!

Good Luck Saving Lovelies :D

Lots of Love



  1. which of those sites work internationally? I think that those with discounts for students etc don't work for me because I'm portuguese ):
    but it's a great post indeed! thank you!

    1. Ahh sorry, this is my UK edition but i am working on creating an international one :) Thanks for your comment! xx

  2. You've got some really great ideas here, I've been wanting to check out Bicester Village for the longest time, looks like you can get some amazing discounts! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, such a great blog you have here, of course I am following back :) xx


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