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Saturday 12 March 2016

Welcome to the Benefit POREfessional Family: Matte Rescue & Instant Wipeout Masks

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing really well and you have had a great week! It is safe to say that the past week has been a crazy one for me and honestly I still feel completely drained. Life in general has been quite hectic lately but I am making a conscious effort to make more time for my blog and making sure I have more 'me' time. My blog has grown to be such a huge part of my life and I love it so much, so I went back and read through my 2016 blogging resolutions and motivated myself to get back into my blogging mode. I have lots of wonderful things to share with you and honestly I am so excited!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, Benefit Cosmetics have recently launched some exciting new editions to their POREfessional family...with even more exciting launches to come throughout 2016! Benefit has always been a brand that has stood out to me and I have absolutely loved their overall ethos and product range for as long as I can remember...they literally can do no wrong! It is no secret that Benefit's POREfessional range is a best-selling line and rightly so they keep wowing their fans with even more POREfessional, why not as a few more to the mix?! Benefit have well and truly done it again with these brand new releases, POREfessional Matte Rescue and POREfessional Instant Wipeout Mask...the two new secret weapons to defeat pores and shine!

Firstly, we have the brand new POREfessional Matte Rescue Invisible-finish Mattifying Gel. Matte Rescue is a lightweight, water-based gel primer that is said to overpower shine and absorb excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte and refreshed finish to the skin. The formulation is also blended with diamond powder (so fancy!) which is known for it's soft-focus pore-blurring properties which instantly helps minimise the look of pores. At first glance you could say it has a similar feel to the original POREfessional, however, they have completely different formulations and Benefit actually recommend you use them together for the ultimate POREfessional finish. Apply a thin layer of Matte Rescue all over freshly cleansed skin and then pat the POREfessional primer on top. I prefer applying Matte Rescue all over my face, as the formulation is gel based it helps keep my skin moisturised, whereas I prefer applying POREfessional around my t-zone to area correct. Pores, shine and fine lines are less visible and makeup glides on to the skin like a dream!

The one thing I found slightly baffling about this product was the fact that the gel itself is blue. Yes, you read that correctly! However, even though the formulation has this distinctive colouring it does not change the appearance of your's like a magic blue gel that vanishes when it comes to contact with skin! So far I have really been enjoying this product and honestly, I absolutely adore the entire POREfessional range. I have been reaching for this and my trusty Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation* on a daily basis and I simply love it! It is the perfect everyday base which I have found perfect for those long days in the office! Matte Rescue is priced at £21.50* which I think it great considering how much product you are receiving, plus, it is coming in slightly cheaper than the original POREfessional!

The second brand new launch I have to share with you today is the POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks. When these landed on my doorstep I was honestly hooked from the moment I saw them, these masks are like nothing I have seen before and this is a brand new initiative for Benefit. This superhero-strength, dual-sided face mask cleans out and smoothes out the look of pores around your nose, forehead and chin. The specially textured fabric woven from cottony fibers help exfoliate and remove pore impurities, whilst the mushroom extract helps to clarify pores. I would say that I suffer with an oily t-zone and, unfortunately, I do have some pesky black heads which are stubborn to remove on my nose (I'm only human...cries!) so these little beauties are the perfect solution to help and keep on hand in my beauty stash. If this is something you suffer with too then I would definitely recommend them!

Benefit are known for their unique packaging and they have come full force with this one. The Instant Wipeout Masks come in little sachets with a 'press' button on them and when you press it, the product itself drenches the mask. You then simply peel the packaging open and out pops a little mask ready to use. These fabulous masks are priced at £24.50* and you receive 8 sachets per box. When you break it down it is just over £3.00 per mask which is slightly on the pricey side, however, I don't mind splurging every now and again on skincare products I know are actually going to make a difference in my skincare routine...or on anything Benefit for that matter - I am a true Benefan!

Both of these brand new product are available to purchase in store and online now! I would definitely recommend stopping by your local counter to pick up some samples if you can and give them a try for yourself, especially if you are a little wary of purchasing the full size straight off the bat before seeing them in action. Overall, I am extremely impressed with both the Matte Rescue and Instant Wipeout Masks and I feel they are both going to hold a firm place in my skincare and beauty routine. I also think that these are going to be fabulous products for the Summer time with the warmer weather slowly approaching. If you would like to find out more about the new POREfessional line you can do so by visiting the Benefit website or by visiting a local counter - the Benebabes are always on hand to help!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and finding out a little more about Benefits newest releases! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

What are your thoughts on the POREfessional Matte Rescue and Instant Wipeout Masks? Will you be giving them a try?

Lots of Love

*PR Sample


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, so glad you enjoyed it! :) xx

  2. This set looks amazing. I have the Benefit POREfessional and I love it. I bought just the sample size at boots to try it on and i am in love x

  3. those masks sounds very interesting and I would def consider trying them

  4. As always the packaging is eye catching, I have the Benefit POREfessional but rarely use it, probably give this a miss but I always repurchase their 'They're Real' mascara so not all is lost lol.

    Dolce Vanity

  5. I loved all of these new launches i got them months ago before launch and i have been using them ever since i especially love the Matte Rescue!
    Did they send you the porefessional pops and the toothpaste and toothbrush too? haha so cute!

  6. of the mask sounds so interesting! the packaging is as usual gorgeous! I struggle so much with an oily t-zone! sigh..

  7. I loved both of these and the masks I just adore, popping that button is amazing x

  8. I love their quirky packaging, what a lovely set!

  9. wow this all looks so so good! love it xx

  10. I really want to try Matte Rescue, it sounds perfect for my oily skin! I'm glad you warned us about it being blue, though - that would have freaked me out haha!

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  11. I've been so wanting to try this. And I never knew the gel was blue, that amazing it doesn't affect the appearance. Great photo's by the way, what effect do you use to blur out the back?

  12. The Instant Wipeout Mask sounds fabulous! I shall have to check if it's made it's way to the Indian shores.


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