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Sunday 13 March 2016

Lush Easter Haul | 2016

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a wonderful weekend so far! Like I mentioned in my previous post I am making a conscious decision to get back into my blogging routine and share my beauty, fashion and lifestyle ramblings with you all. I have a tonne of exciting content that I cannot wait to share with you all and hopefully you'll enjoy it too. I took to Twitter this morning to see what you wanted to see go live on the blog today and my Easter Lush Haul won! I do love a good ol' Lush haul and I am a sucker for all of the limited edition collections that are released seasonally throughout the year.

So, after taking a browse through my archives it looks like my last Lush haul was posted back in 2013?! Well, that seriously seems like a lifetime ago now! I did film a Lush haul back in October over on my YouTube channel if you wanted to take a peek at that - I am still new to the whole YouTube scene so please be nice and don't make fun of my 'not so great' descriptions of the products and the fact I called everything a bath bomb haha. We've all got to start from somewhere though right?! Here is a link to my YouTube channel.

A few weeks ago I was invited down to my local Lush store to see the new Easter collection first hand before it launched in store. I have been to a few Lush events and they are some of my favourites to attend, purely because I have a serious obsession with Lush and I love a good ol' pampering bath. We received an introduction to all of the Easter releases and we also got to see them in action. I picked up a few of the items that caught my eye and I really hope you enjoy them too! Everything featured in this post was purchased by myself at the event, however, Lush did give me a gorgeous goodie bag. I was thinking of talking through these over on Snapchat (SophiaMeola) maybe? Let me know if you would prefer a blog post, snap vlog or Instagram post :)

So, first up we have the Which Came First? bath bomb which is a re-release and back after much demand. This was one of my favourites when they launched it originally a few years ago so I am so pleased to see it back this year. This is a sweet and citrusy bath bomb shaped like an Easter egg which is packed full of uplifting and refreshing Grapefruit oil, sweet and comforting Vanilla with Lemon oil also. Coming in at £6.95 this is slightly on the pricey side, however, you are definitely getting your money's worth with this particular bath bomb. You can crack open the generously-sized pink egg to coax out a chick bath bomb on the inside! So, you can enjoy three (or more if you break down the pieces) egg-cellent baths. You can, of course, use the bath bomb in one go also, the water will be infused with deliciously sweet fuchsia hues.

The second bath bomb I have to share with you is the Fluffy Egg which is also a re-release and one of my absolute favourites. Fluffy Egg is a super adorable pink Easter egg shaped bath bomb finished off with some sweet candy floral accents. If you are a fan of Snow Fairy and the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar then you will absolutely fall in love with this one. It has a wonderful sweet candy-floss and bubblegum scent which leaves the bath water a girly pink shade. This super girly bath bomb comes in at £2.95 and is definitely one I would re-purchase over and over again.

The next bath bomb I have to share with you is Humpty Dumpty and honestly this one kind of freaks me out a little bit! Never-the-less I really do like the overall concept of this bath bomb and Lush have even launched a gift set call the Good Egg which features a wide selection of this year's collection and looks like Humpty Dumpty on a wall. This bath bomb has notes of bergamot and Brazilian orange oil which combined smell just like caramel - super yummy! Just like Which Came First? you can crack the outter shell to reveal a hidden alter-eggo (Lush are loving their puns this year haha) in the form of a fried egg! This bath bomb also comes in at £6.95 which yet again is slightly on the pricey side, however, you are definitely getting your money;s worth with this particular bath bomb. Yet again you can enjoy three (or more if you break down the pieces) baths from this particular bath bomb and it is definitely one to check out as it is a completely new release.

Next up we have this glorious golden bath bomb melt which is called Good as Gold. I love how there is almost an Easter fairytale theme going on this year with Humpty Dumpty and now the golden egg. I don't think I have ever tried a bath bomb melt before so I cam definitely looking forward to giving this one a try - even though I know this is going to leave my bath in a right state haha. I absolutely love glitter but boy does it go everywhere. This golden egg has a yummy toffee scent and is packed full of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and has moisturising olive oil, bergamot and orange oil which together create a delicious chocolate scent - just like Mr Wonka's Chcolate Factory! Good as Gold comes in at £3.95 and is definitely a fun one to give a try - it doesn't leave bubbles in the water but it creates this almost liquid gold feel to the water.

I think I have saved my favourite for last and one that I was extremely excited to see part of the collection this year which is the Bunch of Carrots re-usable bubble bars. At the event we did a 'treasure hunt' type task where we all had to find a product that was wrapped up in the new Easter knot-wrap and the bunch of Carrots is the one I found wrapped up in my parcel. This is a re-release with a twist - originally this was only a single orange carrot, then Lush release a bunch of orange carrots and this year they have had another makeover. Dig up the dirt on refreshing tropical bathing with this adorable trio of carrots. You can hold one or even the whole bunch under running water to send bubbly clouds of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils scurrying across your bath. This years distinctive bright colours make it an attractive addition to anyone's Easter basket and bathtime routine. The bunch of Carrots come in at £6.25 but like I mentioned above you are going to receive countless baths from  this product depending on how long you run it under running water for. Bubble bars are some of my favourite products from Lush and I am super excited to see this one in action.

There we have it, my 2016 Lush Easter Haul which is packed full of yummy scents, unique designs and creative themes! I would definitely recommend you check out this year's collection, there is something fun for everyone and who else loves limited edition collections like I do?! The collection is available now in store and online. I really hope you enjoyed exploring some of the new products from the new collection and I seriously cannot wait for my Lush pampering this evening - Sunday pamper sessions are the best! Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

what do you think of this year's Easter collection? Will you be giving anything a try?

Lots of Love


  1. I picked up the Good as Gold egg and Fluffy Egg too and they're becoming firm favourites. They both smell so goo! I can't wait to use the golden egg, even if it will smother me in glitter!

    Steph -

  2. I think bunch of carrots needs to go on my want list, how cute x

  3. Oh my gosh all so pretty, I never get anything from Lush but now I need a trip!
    Liza Prideaux | YouTube

  4. I am very tempted to go crazy in Lush for all of this collection! everything is so colourful and pretty lol
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. i seriously need to get myself down to lush and get some of there easter stuff, its all so cute! xx

  6. Humpty Dumpty freaks me out too! Plus I cracked mine open (which was really difficult, I had to crack him on the floor) and my egg inside had fused into the whole bath bomb :( I'm heading to Lush tomorrow to treat myself to a Golden egg and pick up Bunch of Carrots as an Easter present for my dad x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  7. Ooooh these look adorable! I miss Lush. :(

  8. These look so cute! I love the look of everything x

    Pink Frenzy


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