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Sunday 22 February 2015

Collective MAC Lipstick Haul

Hello My Lovelies, 

I hope you are all doing well and have had a fabulous weekend! I have pretty much had your typical lazy Sunday although I must admit it has been very productive. I thought today I would finally bring you a Collective Mac Lipstick Haul. I say collective because I have accumulated these particular lipsticks over a few months, I got a few for my birthday in November and a few over Christmas so a right little mixture. I think lipsticks must be one of my favourite pieces of makeup and I just love the way it can change the way you look and feel. Before I started my blog I was never that adventurous when it came to my lipstick, I never used to think bright lipstick suited me and I think I just didn't feel confident in it. I cannot believe what a few years of blogging and being in the beauty community has done to me - now I can't get enough of the stuff. I have accumulated a lovely collection over the past few years so if you would like to seen an updated collection then please let me know. To see my previous collection post you can click here

There is something about MAC lipsticks that I just cannot resist. I still remember the day I picked up my first ever MAC lipstick and how hard it was the narrow it down to one shade that would be perfect for during the day and for the evenings. Creme Cup has been on of my holy grail MAC lipsticks and if you are just starting out your collection I would highly recommend it - it is the most perfect pinky nude that can be played up or down for a more subtle or sultry look. 

Lets start off with Shy Girl; this is a gorgeous creamy natural coral beige, however, I definitely feel it is more on the warmer side and has some pink undertones. The Creamsheen finish is one of my favourites (Creme Cup has the same formulation) and it has almost a shimmery reflective finish without it being too overpowering. According to the MUA's at MAC, Shy Girl is one of MAC's top settling shades and I can definitely see why - it is the perfect shade for everyday but also for the evenings paired with a dramatic eye. Next we have HoneyLove which was my most recent addition over Christmas. I was introduced to this shade whilst on the hunt for MAC Velvet Teddy (like everyone was because of Kylie Jenner) which has been incredibly hard to get hold of. After speaking with a MUA on counter she mentioned that HoneyLove would be the closest shade to it and would probably compliment my skin tone a lot better. HoneyLove is warm tones medium beige that has a matte yet super creamy formula and packs a punch with it's gorgeous pigmentation. This is yet again another shade that would suite every skin tone and would accompany many different makeup looks. 

Pink Plaid is such beautiful peony pink shade and reminds me ever so slightly of MAC Creme Cup minus the formulation. Just like HoneyLove this also has a creamy matte finish and super impressive opacity which I absolutely love. My obsession with Matte lipsticks really escalated during the end of 2014 and this one reminds me of something Barbie would wear! Next we have Nouvelle Vogue. I first set sights on this shade whilst at Duty Free back in October - as soon as I swatches it on my hand I just knew I had to make it mine. I set my heart on this shade only to be told that it was sold out and it was limited edition so the chances of me finding on would be pretty slim to none as the collection had been around for a good few weeks. After I came back from my vacation I decided to go on a bit of a hunt (who else does that when they get obsessed with a piece of makeup?) and I managed to find it at my local counter! What are the odds?! It is no secret that pink lip shades are my favourite and Nouvelle Vouge is a beautiful soft blue tones pink. This also has a matte and finish but like the other two shades above it has a creamy and opaque finish. I just love it! 

I think Lady Danger is one of those cult MAC lipsticks that everyone loves. If you want something in-between MAC Red and Morange then this is the shade for you. This is a beautiful bright coral red shade that has warm undertones and a creamy matte finish. I decided to jump on the bandwagon with this shade and now I know why everyone adores it. I think I will be getting a lot of use out of this during the summer, however, I definitely feel it is one of those bright yet versatile shades that would look incredible on anyone and for any occasion. Finally, we have MAC Rebel and you can see that this shade has been well and truly loved (I could't wait and used it before I took a photo - slap on the wrist haha)! It took me a while to take the plunge and go for the cult classic Rebel, however, I am so glad I did because it has become one of my ultimate favourites. I first wore this shade on Christmas day and I got tones of lovely compliments on Instagram (@SophiaMeola) when I posted a picture of myself with it one. Rebel is a mid-tonal plum shade with a satin finish which is quite matte, however, it is still extremely shiny and less drying on the lips. I absolutely love the formulation and also the way it leaves my lips with a light stain when it starts to wear off. It can be quite a scary lipstick but believe me when I say that once you have tried it you will be completely hooked! 

I hope you all enjoyed this Collective MAC Lipstick Haul. As you can see on this particular occasion I added a few different shades to my collection ranging from nudes, pinks, reds and purples (I never thought I would own a purple lipstick). Each lipstick is extremely beautiful and have different finishes when applied to the lips. If you would like to see full reviews on the lipsticks then please let me know - I have a few MAC lipstick reviews already on my blog and I will link them below for you. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and I make sure to read every single comment…they really make. 

What is your favourite MAC lipstick? Which shade will you be picking up from you wish list next?

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Lots of Love


  1. wow all these shades are amazing! love the look of pink plaid and honey love xx

  2. I have been eyeing up Pink Plaid for a few months now and I think I might just pick it up now! I have brought so many MAC lipsticks over the past couples of months too!

    I just repurchased Velvet Teddy (it's on the website) and I got the new Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus lipstick too - it's stunning! x


  3. Seriously gorgeous photography and fab review as always! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone with Rebel!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  4. Oh my so many beautiful lipsticks! I need lady danger!

  5. these are all such beautiful colours but my favourite has to be pink plaid! :)

  6. Such a lovely collection, I really like the look of Pink Plaid and Honey Love so will be adding that to my list! I think you might like the shade that I wore on my wedding day, Peach Blossom. Check it out, its beautiful.

    Laura from xxx

  7. Lady Danger is amazing, I love that one x

  8. All of these colors look amazing. I'm really liking the Honey Love one :)

  9. You never fail to impress with your photography!!

    I love 'Shy Girl' and 'Rebel'! - 2 completely different shades!

    You need to help me shop a MAC lipstick!


  10. I love Rebel, really want Pink Plaid looks like a lovely shade.


  11. Nouvelle Vogue looks stunning! Great picks. I love the look of Honey Love too :)
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

  12. Lovely collection! I quite like the look of shy girl & pink plaid <3

  13. I love Rebel! One of my favourite lipsticks of all time x

  14. What a lovely range of shades, they all look like beautiful additions to your collection! I love the look of Pink Plaid :)

    Jess xo

  15. This has made me want to buy more Mac lipsticks, i love the look of honey love. :) xx

  16. Great post. Super helpful as I have been building my MAC lipstick collection back up. I really want to try Rebel and Lady Danger now x

  17. I am so jealous of your Mac collection I don't own any but I have tried Mac lipstick before they smell and feel amazing

  18. All these shades are gorgeous! Really like the look of pink plaid!

    Emily x // EmGrace

  19. Too many stunning lipsticks in one post, I can't cope, Shy Girl has to be my favourite though x

    Ooh La Luce | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  20. All of those colors look so beautiful! I need to get Pink Plaid in my collection!

  21. Pink Plaid and Honey Love look absolutely gorgeous! They are now on my list to swatch! X

  22. All such different shades! I like the look of Rebel, but that is probably because it stands out so brightly amongst all the other shades you have!

  23. Really nice photography! My most wanted MAC lipstick has to be Shy Girl :-)

  24. I think I need Creme Cup in my life as I don't own it! Love the look of Rebel too! :)

    Christie x

  25. I love Shy Girl SO much :) This has reminded me I need to make the re-purchase xx

    Latest Post: Charlotte Tilbury Haul
    The Jewel Beauty || A friendly beauty & lifestyle blog ❤

  26. Great post!I loved reading it! You did some great pics! I'm really eyeing up pink plaid!
    I also did a Mac lipstick post recently if you wanna check it out! Yours is so much better thou! Really good swatches and nice descriptions of each lipstick :)

  27. I actually don't own a single one of these shades so this post has given me plenty to check out on my next visit ;) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  28. You have such a good shade range here! Haven't heard of some of these before - Pink Plaid is stunning! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  29. My favourite Mac lipstick by far is Twig, though I never really hear anybody talk about it! Such a beautiful colour, closely followed by Brave which is very similar but just a tad more wearable.

    I really love the look of Honey Love so that is definitely on my wishlist, as well as Velvet Teddy which is so difficult to get hold of!

    - Georgie x

  30. Lady Danger and Rebel are definitely too of my personal favourites along with Mac Show Orchid, which is a long time fave of mine, I'm certainly a fan of bright colours haha :)
    xxx Claire

  31. i so want rebel! creme cup is one of my fave as well x


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