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Thursday 8 May 2014

Let's Do Something...

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well and are having a fabulous week so far! I have something a little different to talk about today. The topic is a little different to what i usually write over on my blog, however, it is something important that i felt why shouldn't i talk about it?! As a blogger i want to be able to be able to talk to you all about a wide range of different things, i totally understand this post won't be for everyone but at least it is helping to spread the message.

I was asked to get involved in a campaign with Vagisil to open a conversation about intimate health and support the Vagisil 'Let's Do Something' campaign. For some reason, many people feel uncomfortable talking about their Vaginas. Did that word make you double take? Yeah, we are in fact talking about Vaginas on the blog today. Do you get a little embarrassed talking about your intimate health? Because 40% of women recently polled by Vagisil admitted thet they hate the word and 4 in 10 said they have never talked about it.

The bloggers community is full of women and the word Vagina is constantly repeated on our much loved favourite television show 'Sex & The City' so why is it still so hard to talk about? Someone has to so here i am getting involved in the Vagisil campaign. It's just like writing a health or lifestyle post! The 'Let's Do Something' campaign is a movement, to encourage women to learn more about their intimate health. Their mission is to remove the taboo and make it less embarrassing to talk about your intimate health and address any problems and concerns.

I know it seems like being back at school, but Vagisil have created a short film to bring some results to life, drive the conversation around intimate health and show women that they are not alone when it comes to intimate health…there is always support on hand if you ever need it. It's actually a pretty cool video! Their aim is to show women that no matter what their preconceived notions of intimate health, there is room to wide your knowledge. The campaign wants to make sure we understand how to address intimate health and more importantly to make sure we don't feel worried about do it.

I actually didn't realise this but Vagisil has over 40 years of global experience and expertise in the intimate health category, but is less known in the UK. As a brand they want to encourage women to be proactive and preventative about their health. Vagisil wants to partner up with women and use their vast knowledge and expertise to guide them with whatever they need.

They have produced some stats to share with you all:
  • 42% of women are uncomfortable even mentioning the word vagina in daily conversation
  • More than half (52%) would still be embarrassed to ask for advice from a pharmacist etc. if they had an intimate health problem
  • The average woman has said the word vagina 13 times in the last year (THAT IS ONLY ONCE A MONTH!)
  • Perhaps worryingly 54% of women wouldn’t ask someone to have a look if they encountered a problem with their vagina
  • Worryingly, four in ten women (38%) have never spoken or talked about their vagina or intimate health with friends or family members
So, how does this all make you feel? The stats really got me thinking. I used to be really shy and reserved about these types of things but at the end of the day, we all need to take care of ourselves! As the expert partner in intimate health, Vagisil’s new range of intimate treatment and daily care products are specifically designed to look after the health of your intimate area. We all take care of our face and body using special lotions, washes and creams; just like the rest of our body, our intimate skin benefits from special attention too. 

If you would like more information, you can check out the Vagisil website here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about something a little different today. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

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1 comment

  1. I love this post

    It's great to see people speaking about issues like this. There's no need to shy away from health - we all ned advice and we're all in the same boat at the end of the day!

    Thanks for speaking out!



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