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Sunday 16 March 2014

Sleek Blush By 3 in Pink Lemonade

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well? How beautiful has the weather been the last few days?! I really hope the sunnier weather starts to stick around…everything seems so much better when the sun is shining. Since the weather has been getting warmer and it has been a lot brighter in general throughout the days i though i would post about a new blush palette i have really been loving!

I have always been a fan of Sleek products and one of my all time favourites is their Face Form palette which has a blush, highlight and bronzer all in one. It is the perfect palette for a girl on the go like me. High street beauty brands have really upped their game and Sleek is a great contender. The quality, variety, packaging and price are incredible. I have a few products in my collection despite hearing great things about the brand and i intend to add more in the near future. Recently, i got the opportunity to try out one of Sleeks famous Blush by 3 palettes in a new release shade - Pink Lemonade, which is such a fun and girly palette which comes with 3 beautiful pink shades which are perfect for me. These are £9.99 for three good sizes blushes, when worked out each blush comes in at £3.33 which i think it a pretty darn good price.

Since the weather has been getting brighter and warmer i have really loved mixing up my makeup routine and trying out more summery blush shades. Well, i say that even though i still like to wear pink in the winter - it's my go-to shade no matter what. With this palette i am able to have to option of three fabulous blush shades in one with two different formulations - powder and cream. It is perfect for travelling without the hassle of over packing making and bulky packaging (guilty as charged) and it is a good slim sized product with a great mirror inside which is perfect for everyday use on the go. 

This little palette contains three blush shades with all super cute and yummy names - Pink Mint which is a gorgeous blue toned light pink shade with slight shimmery particles (powder), Macaroon which is a scrummy true pink shade (cream) and Icing Sugar which is a lovely coraly shade with slight hints of rose gold shimmer in the formulation (powder). Sleeks powder formulation is very soft and highly pigmented, you literally need the smallest amount for a subtle flush of colour on the cheeks. They have the potential to be built up to your desired intensity depending on what look you are going for. I have tried the powdery formulation previously, however, this was my first time trying out the creamy formula and it did not disappoint. It was a very creamy consistency which made it a dream to apply and blended out seamlessly on the cheeks unlike some i have tried in the past which are very dense and hard to warm up and apply. Cream products, especially during the warmer months are fabulous as you can do so much with them. You could apply them under the other powdered shades in the palettes or even as a lip shade which i am very excited to give a try during the summer as it is the perfect pink. 

I would totally recommend this Blush by 3 palette to anybody as it would make the perfect addition to anyones makeup collection. The shades are very universal and can be worm subtly or built up for a more intense look. They have great lasting power and apply like a dream. If you would like to give these blushers a try you can pick them up from the Sleek website, Superdrug website or store. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, i would love to know your thoughts on the blush by 3 palette. Like always lovelies, if you have any questions, requests or if you just want a chat you can contact me on my social media or leave me a comment below. I love hearing from you all and i make sure to read every single comment…they really make my day!

Would you give this palette a try? What are your favourite sleek products?

Lots of Love
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  1. I love the colours in this palette, super pretty!

    Florence xoxo

  2. I was just debating whether or not to get this this week, but I'm still not sure if I would like the Icing sugar shade. the other two are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe I should get it anyway since I haven't tried Sleek blushes before....

  3. This is so pretty, the blushes are really pigmented xx

  4. I need this right now! I love sleek blushers, definitely some of my favourites :)

    Tanya xo

  5. I've dug out my Sleek blushes and have been using them a lot lately. I love them more now than when I first got them! This palette is sooo pretty! :)

  6. very pretty shades! Perfect for spring/summer. Just wish Sleek is more readily available here(I'm in Canada :(

    Check out my international giveaway

  7. I'm always seeing people raving about Sleek blushes, but I still haven't tried any myself. I might pick up this trio now that I've seen how gorgeous the shades look. :)

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  8. These shades are beautiful and perfect for Spring!
    Sleek blushes are definitely on my beauty wishlist at the mo!

  9. I love the look of this palette. I've really gone back to giving my Sleek blushes more love recently, but they are more winter-based shades. Definitely thinking about picking up this palette - perfect pink springtime shades!

    Amy xo

  10. I love the look and sound of this blush palette, I have never tried any Sleek blushers before but I hear so many good things about them! I think this palette might be my first, they're such a brilliant price! Thank you for sharing :) xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  11. Lovely colours! I personally like to wear more coral toned blushes as they make my complexion more bright? I guess that's right way to say it :)

  12. That is the most gorgeous blush set! I feel I need that in my life hehe! I've heard a lot of people rave about Sleek blushes so maybe it's time I bought one :)
    Lovely blog <3

  13. I love these cream blush palettes from Sleek. Think this one needs to join my collection too :) x
    Rachael | Golden Clutter

  14. This is a great post! I've almost finished the one I bought from Avon and have been after a new one - I love that you have three different shades and the price is more than a little great! I'm always really aware of looking too overly-blushered though, did you find that it was subtle enough to not make you look like you'd been jogging for five hours?

    Steph x
    Lay It Bare

  15. These are really pretty blushes and all look perfect for springtime :). Meg x

    A Scholar Life

  16. They look so lovely! =) Great for Spring/ Summer! Love the shade names!


  17. Pretty colours perfect for spring, deffo going to purchase this x

  18. Iv been meaning to get this, i love the sleek blushes xo


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