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Friday 28 March 2014

Flowers & My Best Friend

Hello My Lovelies,

I hope you are all doing well! Happy Friday everyone…it is safe to say i have had a rather hectic week at University but i am so glad it's over. I am off to dinner tonight with my cousins and then off to the #3CountiesBloggersMeet tomorrow with some blogging girlies which i am rather excited about also. I have another jammed pack week next week which i will be filling you all in on very soon. A few days ago i was invited to take part in a challenge by Flowers Of Holland which was all about flowers and your best friend. I thought it would be such a lovely idea to get involved in so I literally jumped at the chance. Who doesn't like talking about flowers and your best friend right haha?!

Firstly, who is my best friend?! Well, this was so hard to narrow down as i have such a wide friend base personally but also throughout the blogging community. As cliche as it sounds the first person that sprung into my mind was my Mum aka Mamma Meola as i usually call her on my social media haha. She is the rock of the family, supports and inspires me and i literally wouldn't know what I'd do without her…she is truly my bestie! My favourite flower?! This was yet again a little tricky to narrow down as i love bouquets of mixed flowers. After having a little think about it, the flower that came to mind which is pretty much an all rounder throughout the year, smells and looks gorgeous was the Rose. Roses are such a stunning yet simplistic flower. 

1. What is my friends favourite Cafe?

Whenever we travel to and spend a long weekend away in London one of the first places we have to go is Harrods. Your probably thinking Harrods…Cafes? Well, Harrods offers a wide range of different Cafes like The Tea Room, Caffe Florian, Laduree and so on so there is literally so many choices to go take a break and enjoy a hot beverage and a sugary treat. 

2. What is my friends favourite place to shop?

Ohh ok…this is a little trickier as myself and my Mum literally have the biggest shopping addiction ever haha. One place i think she would probably agree on is Selfridges or Harrods as there is literally everything you'd possibly need under one roof!

3. What is my friends favourite city?

I don't think i could pick just one again but two cities Mum can never stop going on about (which i love also) are Los Angeles and Barcelona. We are constantly making excuses to go back to the cities as they offer everything we could possibly want from the beautiful weather, culture, food and shopping!

4. What is my friends favourite movie?

This is an easy one! Mum's favourite movies are the Sex and The City duology. Who doesn't love them?! Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are simply amazing!

5. What is my friends favourite flower?

I am pretty sure one of Mum's favourite flowers are Roses just like me but i also know she is quite partial to some colourful Gerberas!

6. What is my friends favourite fragrance?

This is another easy one as whenever i smell this particular scent it instantly reminds me of my Mum and when i was little. Chanel No.5 is one i know she is constantly reaching for and i made sure that my Dad got her the Limited Edition 200ml bottle for Christmas one year, which i must add is pretty spectacular haha. 

I would love it if you all got involved with the challenge too…if you decide to i would love to take a peek! There is a competition running with Flowers Of Holland which you can take a peek at here. All you have to do is guess your best friends favourite flower and if you guess the right answer you are entered in to win a bouquet of flowers. Who wouldn't love to receive a lovely bouquet?! With the weather slowly getting warmer, the days getting longer I can not wait for the Summer time and for everything to be in bloom!

To share the floral love i am going to nominate two fellow bloggers! My bestie The Jewel Beauty and also Messyla!

Lots Of Love
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