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Wednesday 10 July 2013

The #CosmoBlogAwards 2013 | I've Been Short-listed!

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather we are currently having. I now have a 5 day weekend and literally cannot wait to get outside in the sunshine, i have a few events and celebrations coming up so overly excited about them. 

So, this is going to be a little more of a personal post that usual lovelies, i am literally still in shock so I literally had to wait a few days for it all to sink in before writing up this post haha. As you all know, Cosmopolitan released the short list for the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards and...EEEEP!! I AM ON THE LIST! I have been short listed in the 'Best New Beauty Blog' category!

I am still seriously so overwhelmed, in shock and feel completely blessed! I remember last year when i first started blogging and seeing the #CosmoBlogAwards and wanting to enter but didn't feel i was anywhere near ready yet. Now, a year later being nominated and short listed in the finals is absolutely incredible. If you nominated me then THANK YOU so much! I really do appreciate it and this means so much to me, my blog is a major part of my life now and it wouldn't be where it is without all of you lovely readers. My blog is my little place on the internet where i can ramble on about all the things that i love! It has been a great way to break away from reality and de stress from University and everything in general. I love the weekly chats and the bbloggers community! ;) 

 I am still in complete and utter shock and cannot believe it, it honestly feels like a dream! When i found out i was literally grinning like a Cheshire cat and screamed so load that my poor little doggy Bella pretty much ran for her life haha bless her. The amazing comments, messages and emails from everyone has been an absolute dream...thank you all so much for all the support! There are some amazing bloggers in my category so i really do wish everyone the best of luck and finally cant wait to meet them all! Seriously, even just being short listed is a milestone in itself...anything else which happens along the way will be an extra added bonus!

I am under the second category 'Best New Beauty Blog' on the Cosmopolitan voting page as 'Sophia Meola'. It only takes a few minutes and a few clicks here and there. You can also click the #CosmoBlogAwards widgets and graphics dotted around my blog which will lead you to the voting page. Voting closes on the 30th August 2013.

Hope this post wasn't too soppy haha, another humoungous thank you being sent your way again! Love you lots and lots and sending loads of virtual hugs out to you all!


  1. Congratulations you definitely deserve it :) your blog is amazing :)

  2. oh thats brilliant - well done

  3. Well done Sophia you definitely deserve it!! :)
    Good luck!

    Rhiannon xxx


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