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Friday 12 July 2013

Guerlain | Perles du Paradis Meteorites

Hello My Lovelies,

Hope you are all well! The sunshine finally came out here this afternoon after a slow and cloudy morning haha. Hope the sun is shining where you are! I have had a lovely day relaxing in the garden with Mama Meola and my little Bella!

Todays post is going to be on some beautiful Guerlain Meteorites that my Dad very kindly bought for me a few months ago now. They are absolutely stunning and have been an absolutely favourite makeup product of mine for special events. 

The Guerlain Perles du Paradise Meteorites were released in the 2013 Spring Collection and are a special edition size in comparison to the permanent line meteorites. I had been lusting over them for the longest time and when my Dad surprised me on a 'Daddy Daughter Day' outing a few months ago and treated me to them i was literally over the moon. Before trying them i was a little bit of a newbie to the brand but after trying these stunning meteorites i cannot wait to venture out and try a few more Guerlain goodies. 

The Guerlain Perles du Paradis Meteorites also known for it's beautiful illuminosity consists of size beautifully different coloured pearls, ranging from a range of pink shades, violets, and creams with a few silver sparkly pearls. The mix of the pearls combined together is supposed to brighten, reflect, add radiance and instantly wake up and lighten up your complexion.

As these pearls were released as part of the Spring 2013 Limited Edition range they are slight bigger in size in comparison to the permanent line. Permanent line Meteorites are 1.05oz where as these are slight bigger at 1.08oz. They have a beautiful violet scent to them and look absolutely stunning on the skin and inside the packaging. The beautiful faux fur powder puff is something really cute and unique compared to previous and permanent collections. It is super soft and applies the illuminating powder like a dream.  

I am a sucker for beautiful packaging when it comes to shopping for anything haha guilty as charged! How beautiful is the outer and inner packaging of this gem?! Usually Guerlain use tins for their meteorites, however on this occasion these decided to opt for a thick cardboard packaging...I'd have to say it is very durable and amazing quality! Although, i think i will need to as a tin to my makeup collection haha. It's too pretty to keep away so i love to keep it on display in my beauty room! Although, it will need to go back in storage for a while whilst we have a few renovations done around the Meola household!

It is not the most pigmented beauty powder if you are looking for a blush, however, it is a perfect illuminating highlighting powder when swept across the cheekbones, down the nose, on the brown bone and the cupids bow! They are a very versatile product as they can be swirled together for application on the face or body...however, you can also pick up the balls and apply them straight to your face. When i was purchasing these the sales assistant told me they are perfect if you want a wash of colour or highlight to your eyes.

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Guerlain review lovelies...i would love to know your thoughts on them and if you have tried them before. Like always beauties if you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to get in contact with me or leave a comment below!

Also lovelies, I have been lucky enough to be short-listed in the 2013 #CosmoBlogAwards under 'Best New Beauty Blog'. I still cannot believe i am in the finals it is still so overwhelming and super exciting...i have written a post about it HERE.

Lots of Love


  1. these look great, the packaging is to die for!

  2. Super Pretty :) - I really need to add these to my collection! but I'm going NARS cray at the moment haha!

    Good luck in the awards sweetie! you got my vote ;)

    love you xxx

  3. These are so pretty! I've never tried this brand before but in always sucked in when it comes to nice packaging! :) xxx


  4. Oh my ! The pearls are gorgeous

  5. omgosh this looks like candy!! haha super gorgeous packaging xoxo

  6. This is beautiful! I love how pretty everything is, especially the gorgeous pearls! What a luxury little treat.

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  7. These look gorgeous! I've never tried anything from there before but apparently their bronzers are amazing! Xxx

  8. ah I love the meteorites! I got two travel minis in duty free and love them!! :) .. xx

  9. This seems like a great product, just something subtle. I'm never really too bothered about packaging, but this one makes the product more attractive. Congrats on getting short listed too!

  10. *insert heart eyed smiley here* - this is BEAUTIFUL to look at, let alone put on!

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose


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