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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Urban Decay Eyeshadhow Primer Potions | Original, Eden, Greed & Sin

Hello My Lovelies

Hope you are all well! The weather today was absolutely beautiful and i'm not getting tiered of it one bit, fingers crossed it'll last. I feel so much happier when the sun is shining and i totally took advantage of the sun when i came home from work, had lots to do but still caught a few rays when walking my little Bella down the local marina :)

So todays post is going to be on the Urban Decay Primer Potions, these are some of my favorite eye primers and i have used them for a good few years now even before they changed to the new squeeze packaging and they still had the wands. The Urban Decay Primer Potions are possibly one of the most well known eyeshadow primers around and is one of Urban Decays best sellers. I love the fact that Urban Decay offer four different shades to accommodate to everyones preferences. The Primer Potions come in four variations - Original, Eden, Greed and Sin and i love using them all. They are designed to make your eyeshadows last 24 hours crease free, as well as creating a base to enhance eyeshadow vibrancy. However, not only can you use these little beauties as eyeshadow primers, but as eyeshadows, highlighters and even a primer for your lips. 

The Original Primer Potion is a Nude shade which dries invisible on the lid so is extremely versatile and could be used with a wide range of different eyeshadows and different finished. Original is not only amazing as an eyeshadow base but i have used this a few times as a lip primer for my more vibrant lipsticks which need a base to enhance the colour and it has done a great job of making the lipstick budge proof and last a lot longer than it would on it's own. 


Eden is a yellow-toned opaque nude shade which has a matte finish. Eden is completely matte and is a good base if you want to keep matte or satin eyeshadows soft with minimal amounts of shimmer. Not saying you couldn't use shimmery eyeshadows with this primer also, however it would mattify them down slightly for a more everyday natural look. As this primer is yellow-toned it works amazingly at colour correcting the eyelids and surrounding areas of the eyes to create a flawless and highlighted base. 


Greed is a shimmering yellow gold shade which can be used on it's own or accompanied with a wide range eyeshadows. I personally love using Greed under black eyeshadow, as the shimmering gold particles show slightly through the black to create a beautiful Kardashian Smokey eye with hints of golden sparkles. Greed has a beautiful metallic finished which reflects lots of light to the eyes which is perfect is your wanting to create a more dramatic eye look.


Sin is a beautiful Champagne Shimmer shade that can be used on its own as it is highly pigmented and as a primer under shimmery eyeshadows. It also has the ability to transform more matte and natural eyeshadows into more shimmery shades. This is one of my favorites as i do love creating neutral smokey eye looks and this creates the perfect base. Sin and the Original primer potion are very similar in texture where as they are slightly thinner in consistency compared to Eden and Greed, even though this is the case Sin is still extremely shimmery and pigmented. Not only is Sin an amazing eyeshadow primer but also works beautifully as a cream highlighter, i have personally used this as a highlighter and can say it looks stunning on the cheek bones. The sin range throughout Urban Decay is one of my favorites and i enjoy using them together to create the ultimate sultry bronzed smokey look. 

Overall these eyshadows primers are amazing at making your eyeshadows last longer, prevent creasing and makes blending much smoother. Even more so now that the packaging is now a squeeze tube with a more precise needle nose make the primer potions even more better value for money as you are in control of the amounts you are applying. The staying power of these primer potions are absolutely astonishing. After I swatched them on my arm  i simply waited a few minutes and then rubbed them to determine the staying power of the formulas and  they did not budge one bit. To remove the swatches off my arm was a pretty intense process haha 

I hope you enjoyed this post, i'd love to know your thoughts on the Urban Decay Primer Potions, if you have used them yourself and which is your favorite :) If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below, i loveee hearing from you all and i read every single comment and i will try to answer any questions the best that i can. 

Lots of Love


  1. Fab post!! Ive used the original primer potion and loved it, so I would love to try the others!! I love how the primer makes eyeshadows pop!! :) xx

  2. ohhh I only have the original right now but I love the look of Greed and Sin! I didn't even know they came in so many variations :) great post xx

  3. k I always use the original one and think it is amazing! Didn't realise there were different versions!

    Alice ♥

  4. I have used original before but NYX makes an awesome dupe for $5.99, so I haven't went back. Lovely swatches!

  5. I remember trying the original one of these out years ago back when the packaging was different and as far as I remember I wasn't keen on it. However, as I said that was many years ago and I'm a bit more experienced now so I would definitely consider giving them a try again, especially as I want to try and start wearing eye shadow a bit more as I hardly ever wear it xx

  6. Ohhh these all look amazing. I love Urban Decay! Great post x

  7. I've only used the original primer potion, but you've made me want to try Sin now!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  8. Aweome post Sophia! I think I've used all of these except for Eden, and I really want that one! I love the way Sin looks under Stila's 'Kitten', if you have that color or a similar, I'd recommend you give it a try :) It's a great combo!

    xo aly

  9. I've used Original & Eden. Eden is a fave of mine. It pairs perfectly with the Naked Basics palette. xx

  10. love this review! ud primer potion is awesome, one of my favourites for sure! I've only used the original on myself but i used eden on one of my clients and love how it tones down the shimmer and sort of mattifies it. really nice! i'm having a giveaway for some bath & body works products over at my blog if you'd like to have a peek! :)

    -ariel* xoxo

  11. I actually had no idea there were different versions of this available, I thought there was only one! I also didn't know you were on Youtube but have somehow just stumbled across your channel, watching your latest haul vid :)
    Mel xx

  12. AMAZING post, I had no idea UD has 4 variations of the eye primer! :) Now I know which one to go for! X

  13. I've only ever used the original but I think I would have to get the Eden one and give it a whirl. Great review! x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

  14. love these too- eden is my favourite- it almost acts like a concealer & primer in one! :) xx

  15. I've never seen swatches of all the different primers in one post, so never really understood the difference - until now :-) Love the look of sin! I tried the original years ago but I didn't wear eyeshadow as much then, so don't think I fully appreciated it! xx

  16. I've only used the original but I have always wanted to try Sin...just never got around to it! I'll have to now that I've seen the swatches

  17. so excited to buy the original primer after this swatch :)



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